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Published: Sunday, April 20 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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An opinion

Living close to a FLDS group, I have seen how they go about, and for the most part...they are very good people. They are kind and hard working.

I think the mistake is that their leaders have taken them to extremes with their religion with things like child marriages and separation from society. I think that generally they feel innocent because they were only following their true beliefs.

But anyone who thinks old men should hook up with teen-agers...in the name of religion needs their eyes opened.

What if you would have gotten pregnant at age 13 from a hairy old pot bellied man? What kind of life is that? It's sick and wrong.

Let those little girls grow up. Let them go out to ice cream with cute young boys, and fall in love the natural way!


Ask the parent's what "breaking them" means?

I can not believe you people on here taking up for these child and woman abusers !!!!!!!!!
Is this the way you treat your kids and wife?
Beat the living daylights out of them? Tiny little babies, do you beat them and make them cry, then hold their little face under a water faucet until they can't breath or cry anymore, over and over and over again?

You are a sorry bunch of humans, that upholds domestic violence.


To Matt: Good post!
There are 19 homes in that FLDS community, and your example of this being like everyone on the block having their children removed is accurate.

All of you CPS supporters need to go read the Affidavits instead of forming opinions based on media reports because some of your comments have no basis in fact.

john b

re sokol no one knows who the parents are.
re G you are right it is individual opinion and their opinion is that child rapr and abanment sorry cant spell is all right ,
i have tryed to ask this three times now dont know if this will be ran or not.
1how can the state return children to parents when mothers wont say who belongs to them and the childern dont know?
2 part of the abuse is teaching wrong princapals
how old does a child have to be before you can teach it?
3how meny of you would want your children out there and if not why?
I am not flds and dont know any one that is so don't know how much of what i read in the news is
true but if if one half of it is true i would not want anybodys child out there
if i get answered thank if it dont run ill just stay in the dark JOHN


It is possible that one of the mothers or children is a Canadian, swapped from the FLDS community in Bountiful, British Columbia, we have heard from our Attorney-General. So, there might be cross-border DNA-testing as well. I am very supportive of the way this very difficult situation is being handled by the Texas authorities so far. A lot of sensitivity is being accorded to the childrens' needs and rights, while actually doing something to intervene in alleged cases of sexual abuse and neglectful education etc. The support from the communities of Eldorado, San Angelo and the ranch where the older boys are currently residing is impressive as well.

West Texan

Go Texas.

Finally a State with some guts. That Utah and Arizona had the same.


"Place" the children? How absurd. Those children already have a place. Send them back where they belong --- home again.

lynn in TN

I believe every state allows minors to marry with parental consent. Perhaps this is the case here.

To: jww


To: An opinion

I don't know if you're a genius. But in this crowd you sure sound like one!


To john B:

1. Texas should've considered this before they conducted this illegal seizure--but I trust they remember where the compound is.

2. Who gets to decide what children should be taught by their parents? Do you trust the government to do that? I don't. The First Amendment says it doesn't matter what the children were taught, what matters is whether they were physically abused. Some probably were, but you'll find that in any high school in the country. Why take ALL the kids?

3. I'm not a member of FLDS so I would not. But if I believed what FLDS believes, I would probably feel differently. To answer your question, the mothers want their children back NOW, and Texas doesn't care. So I don't see the purpose of your question.

These posts are all screened by D-News before posting. That's why it takes a long time to get through. Most of mine have though. Be polite, be patient, and they'll get through.

Re; Todd

Hey Todd, wasn't Jim Jones one of those bible-thumping evangelical preachers like many found in texas?

Dumb Cajun

I'm just a dumb cajun so can someone explain to me what happens when the CPS has all the DNA tested on these children from Eldorado and on as many "parents" as present themselves for testing, and then tests for fumarase deficiency and fragile X syndrome and other genetic disorders caused by all the inbreeding this FLDS group has been doing? Do you think that this incestuous bunch is going to agree to "genetic counseling" or to voluntary sterilization?

It seems pretty obvious that a few men (Rulon Jeffs, Warren Jeffs, Willie Jessop, etc.) have gotten very rich by breeding a compliant labor force. Anybody who showed any intelligence or initiative was run off. The male followers have been used for manual labor in agriculture or construction, while the females have been used for breeding and collecting welfare payments. Some religion!


This is tragic but needs to be done. Polygamy is against the law and can't be continued. Especially the way these people practice it with the inbreeding and taking young girls and tossing out young boys.

Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end to it. It needs to be done in Utah and Arizona and wherever these religious cults are.

I would think the best homes for these children to go to would be LDS. Typical foster homes are not going to be good for them.

Jones Jeffs

To: Re; Todd

Actually Jim Jones was from Indiana then he moved to California before moving to a banana republic. It's actually very interesting how Jeffs mirrors not only Jones but most other, well, no need to say more ....


If you look at the statistics of child abuse, death and sexual abuse in foster care, it would make a lot more sense to return these mothers and all of the children back to their homes. Remove all of the men if needed until this is sorted out. Even if Texas had to feed them, and yes they are meager, and do not ask for any 'designer clothing' it would be far less expensive than this. Now, if they are forced to go to public schools, they will also be exposed to the new heroin, for only the price of school lunch. Every day more damage will come to these children. To those that believe they are not being educated; where do you get your ideas? Do they dress different? Well, maybe the girls will now learn to dress like little public hookers by kindergarten. Society has a lot of ills of its own. Also, if you are only basing your opinion on those who have left the FLDS, that is like talking to an ex-Mormon about what they think of their church. Watch the documentary "BIBLE CAMP" if you want to see severe psychological abuse in religious name.


Just pray...and pray long and hard for these children to whatever higher power you believe in. Pray for protection, pray for the ability to trust again, pray for health, and pray that any caretaker will love them as much as the mothers who they have been stolen from. But, pray in private, and watch who is listening. This country was based on religious freedom, but our Judicial system, as predicted early on, has destroyed and re-written the laws to create nothing but a mockery of the Constitution.Again, those at the ranch are to be commended for their calm demeanor and shunning of violence. How many United States citizens could behave this way if children were rounded up and taken on a mass basis? We may not agree with their lifestyle, but being citizens, they do have certain rights.

Phil Hinson

Hi, i play football for Highland High. I enjoy following this story and i hope you all will listen to my advice. I think we should all love each other and cherish the moments we have with each other. Love one another, as my grandad used to tell me. Thank you.


There is a HUGE difference between society's 16 year old pregnant girls and 16 year old pregnant girls in the FLDS cult. The ones from the FLDS cult were told they have to become pregnant by their parents. Society's girls went behind their parents backs and became pregnant. BIG DIFFERENCE. LETS GET THIS STRAIGHT. YOU CANNOT COMPARE THE TWO AT ALL.

Eye Dee Ten Tee

'Sigh'. I have not read a single comment in here promoting plural marriage, teenage weddings nor condoning the behavior of the FLDS Cult. Yet still many condone any act of the government to stop it. If you don't see anything wrong with how the Texan government's behavior here, why not ask them to just bomb the FLDS ranch?

The main complaint of most commentors here is not with why Texas acted, but how. They have had 5 years to investigate and find a legitimate reason to prosecute individuals. Now they are using an excuse to persecute a community. If you can't see the difference, or are proud of their behavior, just go back to watching Oprah and enjoy your ignorance.

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