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Published: Sunday, April 20 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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"Teenage kids having sex in every city in this country is their choice."

Actually the law says that any underage teenager is unable to give consent, therefore FLDS is on equal footing with everywhere else underage pregnancy occurs. "Choice" can't enter the discussion when the law has determined that the minor lacks the maturity to make that choice. It's kind of silly to claim that those girls made "their own decision" when their inability to do so is the basis of the law to begin with.

Further, if you were to research underage pregnancy in the US, you would find that the age difference is usually quite large most of the time. We can't post URLs here but if you are willing to do the research you'll find it yourself, numerous studies have been done on the issue.

No, this is all political. They won't raid abortion clinics, they have good lawyers.


If 13 year old girls and boys are not safe with their parents, why should I believe that they are safe when they are 3? That flat personality that the women have certainly wasn't taught overnight. It seems that all the FLDS women are overdosed on Valium on every interview including old interviews not related to this case. I am sure this is taught with a bit of a rod that is not spared.

If fathers force the child abuse, child sexual abuse, and incest the mothers are guilty of collusion.


Re: Grow Brains

Polygamy is not legal in the United States. It is impossible to legally marry more than one person. The FLDS only legally marry one person, the others are "spiritual marriages" that are not recognized by the government. Unless you want to start prosecuting adultery you can't prosecute polygamy.

Your comment that polygamy equals child abuse makes no sense. Polygamy does not have to involve the marriage of children. I haven't seen any comments defending pedophillia. But I have read many comments saying that we should disregard the constitution and start prosecuting an entire religious group based on the actions of some individuals. What is wrong with saying that prosecutions should be done individually. If your neighbor commits statutory rape, do you think that everybody that lives on the same block should have their children taken away. I agree that some people need to GROW BRAINS. The people who need to GROW BRAINS are those who can't recognize the difference between defending the constitution and defending pedophiles.

re: Its about Choice

You sound like Communist China... Your thinking scares me.


I am appalled at the naivete of the comments with the exception of a few of you. Some of you are as vigilant in your own way as the FLDS and like the FLDS women, do not recognize abuse for what it is.
Before making any blatant judgment about this
horrific situation, I looked at many other websites
and saw the videos and read stories from former FLDS
members who escaped and are working through a lifelong process of recovering from the damaging
effects of abuse, mind control, and abandonment of
THEIR MOTHERS! Read up and then you'll GET SMART!!!
If you have lived in AZ., Utah , Idaho, S. Dakota,
but mostly AZ. and Utah, your hard-earned tax dollars(welfare fraud) have paid out millions to support polygamous lifestyles in the name of a twisted religion led by men who have predatory appetites and call it"sacred". THAT IS WHAT MAKES THEIR SICKNESS SO DANGEROUS!!!
Yes, do watch Larry King and Nancy Grace. Todd,
right on, bud; No more Waco or Janet Reno!
GOOGLE Fumerase Deficiency!
Then you will praise God that the State of Texas
has the guts to protect children from sexual deviants and abusive, vulnerable mothers.


"Choice is removed when indoctrination is present since birth."

Parents have a right to "indoctrinate" their children as they see fit. It's how culture is transmitted from one generation to the next. Whether or not indoctrination is "bad" depends on the information being transferred. And most of the time, what is "bad" and what isn't is an individual opinion.

CPS's Witness

When is CPS going to take the advice of their own witness-Psychiatrist Perry? What about the reunification of mothers with small children and the ability of the mother's with younger children to stay? Why are they not even taking their own advice? More trauma is about to happen if something does not change, but I don't know what the average person can do...

Mad in Portland

What is with some of you Utah folks? Texas is merely acting to protect these innocent children from more abuse. These mothers are actually worse than the fathers - they allow their daughters to be abused, and then lie to protect the abusers. And they teach their children to lie.

The kids need to break free from this perverted way of life where they have no choice but to be raped as well as brainwashed. I can't believe anyone would defend these "mothers" and "fathers". They DON'T have their own children's best interest at heart. The men should all be jailed and the women should lose their children until they agree to be appropriate mothers.


To "Big Al"...great posts but I don't think anyone is listening.

To: Archaea Cougarguard: If you are really an attorney then you know the law requires children to be in "immediate danger" before CPS can remove them from the home.

For all the self rightous Christians; won't it be great for all these innocent children to be introduced to the sewer our society has become? The 10 year old girls will be taught how to have safe sex with a boy their own age, and how to recognize an STD.

Correction on generalizations: According to a CSP Affidavit there are 4 dirty old men at the ranch, ages 30,37 and two that are 40. No 60 year olds!

re: Matt

GROW BRAINS has it correctly. Your allegory of a single party on the block committing rape and the entier block being raided doesn't make sense. In this particular case, it appears clear the community at large supports and condones the marriage of multiple underage females as part of indoctrination; which is why the state of Texas raided the compound. GROW BRAINS logic has merit; you're is faulty, sir- you may be a nice person, but no legal scholar. Grow a brain.


The vast majority of these people are completely innocent: the kids, the mothers, and probably most of the men. Ripping their families apart is awful -- and wrong.
While the government should go after any abusers, what the Texas government is doing qualifies as religious terrorism.


FLoyd: AMEN !!!


To all you Utahins on this blog defending the FLDS and up in arms over Texas doing the right thing; is so easy for you to sit back and jump on Texas cps. If you think the FLDS group does not need to be broken up, then why dont you sent your 14 year old daughters down there to live. Ohhh!!! no way you say. Hmmmm


children should be with their moms and dads. It saddens me to know what texas law is doing. Return the children to their parents. DNA takes years not weeks or days. Foster homes is not the answer
their own parents is the answer. Texas shame shame.


I wonder why about 300 lawyers have taken residence near San Angelo at their own expense and are willing to as serve as advocates for the children of the RLDS. My guess is that the state of Texas will be sued for false arrest and the lawyers will make a bundle. The men should be arrested if there a legitimet complaint but the accuser can't even be found!


does anyone know if some of these children have both parents in other states? By some reports these were hand picked individuals coming to the ranch in Texas, could some of these minors DNA show that their parent is not in Texas at all, and would this change the states position on custody/foster care for these children??


Mon. FLDS men will speak on CBS This Morning!
One OLDER man said, "It is my understanding that until a couple of years ago, it was legal for a 14-year old girl to get married in Texas." GET THE PICTURE?

Grow a brain

I wish it were that easy!


All of you complaining of a 50yo man marrying a 14yo need to pay more attention! The original caller made this up. It was a lie! A complete fabrication! There was NO MARRIAGE between a 50yo and 14yo! Your outrage is misplaced!

It appears that ALL of the pregnant women found so far among the FLDS are of LEGAL marriagable age (16 and up). If marriage with underage children is so predominant among the FLDS, then why weren't any of the 13, 14, or 15 year old girls pregnant? Wouldn't at least some of them be further along and showing? This wouldn't require a pregancy test to see the obvious.

CPS has admitted that they can't "magically" determine the age of the girls. They also have ignored at least one birth certificate that proved the young woman to be an adult. What good is DNA testing going to do when they don't believe the birth certificates?

I'm all for punishing child abusers. However, it MUST be proven, just as any other crime. Otherwise, innocent parents and their children are the ones to suffer, not the real abusers.

The party is over !!

The Texas authorities had to move , they knew there was trouble brewing at the compund and one phone call is all it took. Whether the phone call was legitimate or not at least the Rangers and child protective services were able to see what was going on inside the compund and thankfully they took action. I am sure as more is discovered there will be charges filed against the polygamists and hopefully everyone in the compound who is guilty of these crimes against the children will be led off to jail and this miserable blight will finally be extinguished.
Hopefully they can deprograme some of the wives and get them to talk and help reveal the attrocoties that have been commited and condoned

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