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Published: Sunday, April 20 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Oh, how beautiful is a witch hunt? It is most common to find what you anticipate!

to jim

Yes jim, the world has plenty of teenage girls that are pregnant. It's because of teenage boys (with rampant hormones) not adult men in some society that condones child marriages. Geesh, get a brain and a spell checker.


Cookie and "To Cookie" (who doesn't even have his own name), You both sound like state CPS agents who made up your minds about the folks at YFZ without needing any facts beforehand. Or even now, for that matter. Are you feeling really powerful now that you have so many people under your control? Sad!!

Larry from Ohio

These FLDS mothers are just as guilty as the crusty old men they gave their young daughters to. Keep it up Texas.

Archaea Cougarguard

As a practicing family law attorney in Henderson, NV, I am shocked to see the comments in support of returning these kids to the FLDS compound. Folks, polygamy is illegal. It is that black and white. This is necessary to break a vicious cycle. Texas is doing the job that the Utah AG is afraid to do.

no name

Larry King Live April 16th, go read the full interview. Larry King talking with Winston Blackmore, a Canadian polygamist leader with ties to the FLDS...

KING: Are you a friend of Warren Jeffs?

BLACKMORE: I knew Warren very well.

KING: Was he bad rapped?

BLACKMORE: I think if he had followed the instructions and advice of his father, he would have made a very fine leader.

KING: What didn't he follow?

BLACKMORE: His father told us in 1998, before his stroke, he plainly told us all, in Utah that there was -- it was the age difference between marriages, plural marriages. He said we're going to follow this law. We're going to let these people grow up. It was also the advice of our legal counsel at the time. They told us, you guys need to distance yourself from underage marriage.

Warren heard it. I heard it. The rest of the people heard it. After his father had a stroke, he chose to do something different.

What's happening in Texas is a direct result of the society's own doing. One leader is not responsible for this mess. Many men are to blame and the women are not totally exempt.


There hasn't been anything like this since the Salem Witch Hunt by another bunch of lying witnesses.Good Christians all.
For all you people that believe the accusers, May you find your fate.
Remember the Lord said "Judge ye not least ye be Judged"
If one child is harmed while in the care of the Do-Gooders, May the Lord apply his wrath upon you.
I am not LDS or FLDS but I am a good Christian that follows the bible. I do not judge you but pity you for your Judgement.

Sad people

If those kids get returned to the compound, the vicious cycle is going to continue. The inbreeding is going to continue, the young girls getting pregnant will continue. Some of you so called defenders need to do your research on this cult.

And It astounds me that people here are excusing the child brides and teen girls getting pregnant. Why are some of you comparing your average teenage girl getting pregnant from your hometown to an FLDS teenage girl getting pregnant? There is no comparision! Your average teen that got pregnant wasn't forced into marriage to someone 3 times their age and forced to have children. FLDS girls have no options, no choices - only option to them is to breed and submit to their husbands.

to Floyd

Hmmmm Floyd, doesn't the bible say something about a millstone about your neck if you harm the little ones???? I'm ok judging something along this line.

Do you have a problem making right and wrong decisions? The Bible clearly gives us a choice to choose and judging right from wrong is pretty clear in applying a law isn't it?

Is sitting on the fence or not choosing to make a decision a decision. Get your head out of the sand!


Has everyone forgoten Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple? The organization (Mr Jones) owned all the property of it's members. The organization (Mr Jones) told it's members what to do and demanded complete obedience. The organization (Mr Jones) prevented people from leaving. The organization (Mr Jones) ultimately turned to raping it's underage members with the consent of the parents. In the end, the organization (Mr Jones) instructed it's members to commit suicide, which they did, en mass. The type of mind control practiced by these types of 'churches' is frightening. Substitute Mr Jones for Mr Jeffs. How can people condone the practices of this 'church' and condemn the state for trying to protect the children? The state cannot return the children to the parents, because the state doesn't even know who the parents are. Are those that think this is such a travesty of justice pro child abuse and pro rape? These people, especially the children, are not free!


This is the worst constitutional abuse in the history of the United States. The state has yet to identify the 16 year old girl who called; so what do they do? they launch a military assault on a peaceful community and arrest everyone there. There was no armed resistance by the FLDS. If the government even thought of doing this with any other group, say gay/lesbian families, the ACLU would be all over it and the state would get nowhere. By the way, where is the ACLU? why aren't they doing their sworn duty to defend civil rights. This is the worst abuse of civil rights ever.


when the ACLU stays away, what does that tell you, they'll usually defend the most fringe of the fringe groups. Even the ACLU has to draw the line somewhere ...


"Foster homes will be a traumatic experience, but maybe it will show these kids a picture of a normal, functional family."

Does that sound like an oxymoron anyone? Traumatic experiences will not be pleasurable or read anything equaling normal or functional. That is like saying going down in a airplane crash is traumatic but it will show you a picture of a normal and functional crash... Gee... Perhaps you will jump on the next airplane after that?


re: Sugar Momma

I agree with Sugar Momma... ripping the nursing babies who are not in any immediate harm from their mother's milk and put on formula (or even switching the children's healthy diet to cheap food) will result in more sickness and even from a psychological side--the babies and toddlers are unaware of the child bride issue and not in danger in the next 60 days to a year and this separation will cause more harm than living in the ranch over the next 60 days. Permanent psychological scarring WILL occur and is more serious than what the little ones would have been exposed to with their mamas. Fine, separate the children from the ranch..haul the daddies to jail while the parantage is being sorted out and the teenagers being married off but don't emotionally and psychologically abuse them this way. Two wrongs do not make a right to these children. I am praying daily for them.


TX Comptroller,Carole Keeton-Strayhor, in 2004, found CPS foster care kids--raped, murdered, poisoned.

"When I called on Gov. Perry in October 2004 to create a Crisis Management Team, I said the crisis was minute-by-minute and child-by-child.

"In Fiscal 2004, four-year old twin boys living in the same foster home received medical treatment in the hospital for rape.

"A five-year old boy in the same foster home received medical treatment in the hospital for rape two days later.

"A 15-year old girl who was not pregnant when she entered our state's foster care system in May 2002 gave birth in February 2004.

"The state is supposed to be protecting our forgotten children, but in all too many cases these children are taken from one abusive situation and placed in another abusive situation. Many children are in more abusive situations now than they were before the state intervened. Children are being neglected and abused and are dying.

Google for Strayhand's full report.

re: Cookie

"The children do not know how to use a crayola"

Don't fly off the handle Cookie. I saw sweet smiley faced pictures done in Crayons in the school on YFZ on the media's tour.

You guys who are accusing the mothers of being equally guilty--the state cannot hold a child during this time unless there is immediate danger of abuse within the next 60 days. This does not seem likely to occur in two months with the younger children, especially 6 and under. Texas went too heavy handed. You can not justify that without dangerously overlooking the individual and their case.

Southern Utah Resident

These perverts have been raping young girls and brainwashing them for decades. THE PARTY IS OVER!! WE DON'T WANT YOU IN UTAH EITHER.

Time that Utah's Attorney General Mark Shurtleff and the Washington County Sheriff Kirk Smith take similar action and stop the rape of these children in our own area.

Take it to the bank

that the Texas CPS will play this one as CAREFULLY as they possibly can. These kids no matter what their age MUST be removed from a cult-ure that practices child-briding of the girls and expulsion of enough boys to have the arithmetic work out for the 3-bride criterion. Kids are *socialized* into a society from a pretty young age.


The correct spelling for the post above, on the TX comptroller in 2004-06 is Carole Keeton Strayhorn.

You can google for her CPS report shoing details of rape, murder, and poisonings, within TX CPS.


If abuse has not been proven, then how can the state
inconclusively assume the right to take these children. They are now the 'chattel' of the state.
Of course, federal money and state money will come
flying in, as funds will be given to them based on
the 'number of cases' Yes, people will make money
off these broken hearts.
Lastly, if they purport that there is abuse, then
that falls along a criminal line. As such, why then
do these people, and in fact all parents accused of
abuse not being given jury trials on their alledged
Why can't these children be with grandparents?
the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.
Yes, these people look very melancholie on television, but if you had your kids stolen, you would too.

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