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Published: Sunday, April 20 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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It's about time someone did something about that pedophile group. Go, Texas!
CPS can't return the kids to their parents since they can't figure out who the parents are- a problem caused by the FLDS repeatedly lying to officials.
I wouldn't return a lost puppy to someone who couldn't/wouldn't identify it AND kept changing their story about it, much less a child. The FLDS'ers brought these problems upon themselves and should have the bright light of day shined on them.

Utah Native

I am LDS also. I wish there didn't have to be so much suffering on the children's part, but I believe that what is being accomplished is a good thing. Raids were done in Utah years ago, it wasn't enough, nor did it make lasting changes. It appears to others that the LDS are supporting the RLDS by not taking action, even though they are very against polygamy. It appears that we sympathize with them when we are so sad for their pain. It always requires pain when a major change takes place in peoples lives, however this change will make monumentally good changes. Thank you, Texas.


Here we go again, defending child molestors. Let's just have one mass wedding, followed by an orgy. Yeah, that will make GOD proud.

SJ Bobkins

Where this is going to become difficult is when the majority of the teen girls in custody show signs of their pregnancy. Non have ever seen a doctor or had normal pre-natal care. They use a mid-wife, and I'm sure she is plenty experienced certainly, but I doubt they have enough mid-wives and female OBG's in this part of Texas to handle all the girls. The results of the DNA tests are going to open up this mess, many men are going to end up in jail for child rape. The policy of silence, confusion, and outright lying in order to make it impossible to note ages, and fathership, will no longer be effective.
Its time we end child rape and let's these kids have choices.
Stay sweet or burn in hell puts an end to the opportunity to think for one's self.
I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for the men, who are fully supportive of taking the families from the men who have been expelled in the past.


>>You have 16 year old girls with two year old children. >That isn't reason enough to break this cult up?<< - Amazed at Utahns

The US Constitution says that "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion (cult as you put it) or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." (Article I) These people are being prosecuted for being in a religion. If Texas authorities feel they must do something, they should go after and prosecute those who broke Texas law, not their children.

CPS run amuck

My sister(here in Salt Lake) was told by CPS that her children belonged to the state and they could take them at any time they pleased. She had a brain injury and was struggling at the time. It is becoming a scary socitey! God Bless those little Children.

The Future

The temporary living arrangements will expose the teen moms and younger children for the first time to an alternative way of living. Givin a choice for the first time, I predict that many will choose to live away from the ranch for good. Until now they have not had a choice. Give them counseling and finally, a good education so they could make it on the outside if they wanted to. Part of the education should include details on the activites of their false "prophet" Warren Jeffs. Once returned to the ranch, they'll require monitoring by CPS. This is the land of the free where the people have made laws against false imprisonment (Carolyn Jessop and others) and statuatory rape.


To AMAZED: What amazes me is that everyone in Utah, Texas and the entire USA isn't up-in-arms about these minor government agencies ripping these innocent children from their obviously loving parents strictly on anti-religious grounds. If Texas CPS has evidence of a specific case of abuse let them bring that evidence forward and punish the guilty. Right now they're punishing only the innocent, and innocent CHILDREN at that, under the guise of protecting them. Whata Crock. Texans, if you leave these tormentors in their current jobs you are as guilty as they are. Speak up!!!!!!!


In court Thursday, Texas state officials presented records they said show 10 women were either married or pregnant as minors.


I am sadden by this whole event. I am a Mother and Grandmother and it would break my heart, literally if my children or grandchildren were taken away from me, especially by force such as this. Leave these children alone, let them live with their parents, no matter what we the world think of their "way of life" this is all they have known. The Texas government should look at their own families and see how it would make them feel. Work out whatever legal matters need to be worked out but for goodness sake, don't make these children and their Mother's and yes Father's suffer for the mistake of the Texas laws that have not been enforced for so many years, Why now start, you have turned your eyes away for so long, now you must fine a way to eradicate this problem without distrubing so many children and their parents. If needs be, start now by not letting this continue but don't punish those who you have already been allowed for this to happen for so many years. I do not condone this behavior but I also do not condone the behavior of the State of Texas!


I can't belive anyone would think it is okay to let children stay with these people. Young girls are not allowed to make any decisions or have any knowledge so they may exercise their own agency. The whole thing is sick. I totally agree with Park City resident and Lone Star. After these mothers have had some education and have learned a bit about the world, then I would think they MIGHT be fit to have their children back. The sick men who have done these crimes should spend the rest of their lives in jail. The women should be given an education appropriate to their age and abilities. This type of lifestyle cannot be permitted. It is against the law. Child rape is just plain evil. It may be hard to place these children, but they'll be better off living in the real world so they can make their own decisions and choose their own lives instead of having them forced to act in a way they probably wouldn't have if they had had any freedom.

Carol in Texas

A man tried to abduct and rape my daughter. He is a pedophile and is now in prison where he belongs. How can a mother look at her 13 year old child and even in her wildest throes of religious fanaticism think is it appropriate to spiritually marry her off and be forced to have sex with a older man? These mothers say they love their children and I believe them. But they are so brainwashed by their so-called (and imprisoned) prophet that it is okay to condone what is considered by the rest of the civilized world (and many third world countries) rape of young girls. I am amazed that mainstream Mormons support these women instead of attempting to reach out and educate them as to the appropriate way to love and cherish their children. I do not always agree with what my state government does, but I applaud this action. These children deserve an opportunity to live without fear of abandonment (the boys) and emotional and physical mistreatment (the girls) if they do not toe the line. And, one doesn't hear of young girls removed from the sect because they commit minor infractions of the rules.


Polygamy is a CRIME. It is CHILD ABUSE. Anyone who has sympathy for these nutjobs is a fool! Only in Utah would people defend pedophilia in the name of some stupid, insidious 'religion.' Texas is doing the RIGHT thing, something Utah should have done YEARS ago. The rest of the planet understands this clearly. You sympathizers are sick. I've never been in favor of a 50 year old pedophile marrying multiple children. Sorry. Sell that 'temple' for scrap, pay back the taxpayers for the fraudulent support and send these idiots to prison. Give their children a real chance to become educated and enter the 21st century. GROW BRAINS. To those of you who say it's better to return the kids to this wacky, criminal pedophilic lifestyle, ARE YOU NUTS??


A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have. - Thomas Jefferson


Big Al, get a grip! You obviously have not researched other websites to understand the problem in its entirety. It's huge. Texas has been on this
for months and months and "the call" opened the door
to get in but even CPS DID NOT KNOW the brevity of the situation. Please, all of you look up Fumerase
Deficiency...search "child brides"...lost boys of
polygamy...these FLDS women,(NOT RLDS), are already
drawing welfare for 2-10+ children; it is organized
FRAUD, by the lustful men, and the women give their
daughters away to older men and cast away their 16-17 sons to the open highways or the streets. The
children do not know how to use a crayola,


If the state was looking for under age girls with babys they could find them in any high school in the state.
After reading the comments, I think the people here except fot one has a good grip on the situation.
I think the state just wants to conflicate the compound for an exutive golf course, under the forfiture laws there.

no name

Did anyone listen to Larry King Live on April 16th?

I think what is happening in Texas is only the beginning for the FLDS. In the interview that Larry King had with Winston Blackmore, a polygamous leader in Canada with ties to the FLDS, a very enlightening statement was made about Warren Jeffs and his obvious decision not to follow his father's counsel about the marrying of underage women.

"BLACKMORE: His father told us in 1998, before his stroke, he plainly told us all, in Utah that there was -- it was the age difference between marriages, plural marriages. He said we're going to follow this law. We're going to let these people grow up. It was also the advice of our legal counsel at the time. They told us, you guys need to distance yourself from underage marriage."

I believe the state of Texas is doing the right thing in regards to the DNA testing. The evidence will come out that shows that underage marriage practices were in effect and illegal. A whole host of things will be revealed in time.

Had Warren and his flock followed their leader this mess wouldn't be happening. Nobody would have cared.

To Cookie


How about the other kids in Houston getting pregnant. What a crock of an ill conceived comparison to systematic child rape.


Here's a question for ya'll.

When the very next child is born to any FLDS woman---will the state of TX be standing there to take it too?

to: no name

"Had Warren and his flock followed their leader this mess wouldn't be happening. Nobody would have cared."


I actually had the opportunity to speak (internet) to a FLDSer last night and i'm pretty sure he was authentic. He seemed like a good man however he continously stressed how virtuous and God-like Uncle Warren is. Jeffs perfected the cult-leader technique over a decades long span and tasted consumate power over people early on. I'm afraid nothing can be done at this point. Sadly, many if not all FLDSers would follow Uncle Warren to their deaths if he so commanded, it seems clear.

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