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Published: Friday, April 18 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Daren C

Utah is very fortunate to have the Jazz. Larry H could have sold the Jazz many times and has kept his business in Utah. Thank you very much LHM.

Jazz in 5

Dick of the NW

At the bottom line in accounting terms, it may show a loss. However, one of the deductions allowed is the depreciation of the value of a players contract. It is like the depreciation of a building. It is a deduction but not a "real" out lay other than the cost of the building. It is called cash flow. Thus the amount of the depreciation is LHM's cash flow. So in true accounting terms, there may be a loss but it won't actually be a money loss. It is just accounting. To the Jazz, let's hope for the best and expect the best. GO JAZZ. GO JAZZ. GO JAZZ.

Moto x

The Jazz foul the most but even Hollinger acknowledges that they get the most "thefts"/steals of any team. So they do get their moneys worth so to speak.

As far as the other poster contradicting Hollinger on his offensive analysis--you criticize him for his critique of the Jazz awesome offense but all of a sudden he is a genius by saying the Jazz foul to much? Either he knows what he is talking about or he doesn't, which is it?

Much of this is about philosphy--Jerrys is different than Hollingers on fouling--big deal. My guess if anyone really believed Hollinger knew more about coaching than Sloan, he would have a coaching job--not Sloan. Case closed.

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