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Published: Friday, April 18 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Thanks Larry Miller, for continuing to give Jazz fans everywhere a quality team to root for! Let's hope the Jazz go deep into the playoffs, and as each home playoff game helps team finances, all the better! Through many years of hard work, he/they have built a strong organization. If it's synergistic with his other ventures, I say good for him and the many people he employs over the years. Look at the value which the Jazz (and I suppose some of his other businesses) have brought to Utah's economy. No, I have no vested interest in any of those ventures... just an appreciative fan of many years that loves the Jazz, and respects skilled and hardworking businesspeople.

Agree with Vegas...

I couldn't agree more with VegasJazzfan. I hear people complaining about LHM and just don't get it. It must be because he's on top and people like to pull people down. They say that while eating at his restaraunts and movie theaters and claiming to be a Jazz fan.

Thank you Larry!

Give Me A Break!

Cry me a river about LHM's Jazz losing money. I don't buy that idea for one minute. There are several pockets being lined with cash, lots of it, and more than just the overpaid players. They wouldn't be in business if they weren't making money.

And ticket prices continue to go up. When Rigby says "It becomes a diversion for people and their personal challenges" he's certainly not talking about the average person. Only the elite with big $$ are able to take their kids to a Jazz game and afford it...unless you sit in the rafters where you can't see anything. Wow, great diversion for personal challenges!

Give me a break. Don't plan on sympathy any time soon when LHM starts bawling (literally) about his poor Jazz not making money.

I have a money saving idea for LHM...dock Boozer's pay every time he does his "matador" defense, aka steps to the side and lets the opposition drive down the lane uncontested. That'll increase your profits!


I heard early this year LHM bought the Jazz for 10 million. Now it is Worth 345 million. why didn't Rigby talk about that. Jazz in 6

Be Happy

Jazz fans need to be so happy with Miller. I live in Seattle, and it is a crying shame what is happening with the Sonics. 41 years of history is going down the toilet. Up here, its all about the greedy pigs who only think about themselves. Be grateful for what you have!


I also congatulate LHM for his total overall succeeses. He has acomplished this the old way--on his own. But lets not forget who pays all of the bills and investments. The FANS and all US CITIZENS. Total or almost total employment by working america pays all of these bills. The ESA, Delta Center and the old Salt Palace have been near or complete sellouts for years and years. That is 1st amd foremost to success, then the other fans come in to play and lastly every citizen in the state and U.S. pay for these expenses. Local media and most importantly the national media play into bottom line with the HUGE -multi year broadcast contracts that are divided up per team. NBA clothing and other related items make up more. Basically who pays for all of this--Advertisers. Who pays the advertisers--THE CITIZENS(even non sports followers). Everything we use day to day, consume ect, is marked up to include cost of doing business to have bottom line profit. There are many other bottom line items but I'm out of room, so I say Go Jazz and Good Luck men in closing.


Thank you LHM for changing the Jazz colors to navy/powder blue from teal/copper/purple. I feel that this has made Jazz merchandise more appealing to buyers. I personally have bought more Jazz merchandise since you made the change. More revenue for you. GO JAZZ!!!!!


I think Larry Miller is a master at crying poverty. THe Jazz are not losing money. It is one way for him to position himself as Mr. Nice guy with his front office and players. "See, I lose money so I can pay you so much." THen when contract renewals come he has bargaining chips. Very sly.


I love the Jazz and are glad they are here. It's ok
for Miller to make money, he took the risk and it's paid off. That's America and it's great. As far as loosing money, the team's worth 345 million, nobody with that type of money makes big loosing business vetures and banks wouldn't loan it unless it made big bucks. If there weren't busness men willing to pay it then the Jazz wouldn't be worth that much. It's ok for Larry to make big money he took the risks and did the work, he shouldn't have to be shy that he's now getting his reward. Go Jazz!!!


Thank you Mr. Miller for having the guts to go out on the line personally to keep the team here in the first place, and for building a team that is competitive but done with players who for the most part we can all be proud to cheer for. You deserve all the money you make on this team, nobody else stepped up to the plate!

Larry Lover

I love Larry Miller, he has been great to our state.
GO LARRY you are the best owner in the world.I also
love hearing you talk on Thursdays David Locke show
its a real infomative hour of talk radio.


There is a difference between The JAZZ not making money and LHM not making money. Remember his salery is part of the reason the Jazz loose money. Anyone who thinks that LHM isn't as please as can be and making money is Crazy.
Thats big Bussiness, and I aplaude him, he is good for this franchise.
Go Jazz, in 6. I look forward to them Beeting the Lakers next!

Moto X

We ought to be happy with LHM spending the cash to have a decent team.

Hollinger--ESPN--todays says:
The Jazz played extremely well down the stretch. Even with the meltdown in San Antonio included, over the last quarter of the season the Jazz had an offensive efficiency rating of 116.0 -- that dwarfs the Suns' league-leading mark of 111.2. To put that into context, if they had done it for a full season, the Jazz would have been by far the best offensive team of all time. Utah went 37-12 after Jan. 1, and the number of blowout wins over quality teams is staggering. The Jazz beat the Celtics by 18 in Boston the Celtics' worst loss of the season. The Jazz beat New Orleans by 28, and then again by 22 two of the Hornets' three worst defeats of the year. They beat San Antonio by 26 and the Lakers by 24 for each, their worst loss of the season. They beat Phoenix by 22 and beat Denver by 27. Overall, Utah won an astounding 18 games by more than 20 points. The Jazz didn't lose a game by more than 20 until the Spurs!!

Re:Give me a break & Others

The Jazz really do lose money every year when you just look at the opporations of the Jazz alone. But they are not alone as many NBA teams lose money. The reason LHM and others continue to operate a team is for several reasons. First, the franchise value goes up and at some point LHM can sell the Jazz if he wants and cash in for millions. Second, it creates a brand for larry. People know who LHM is and buy cars, movies, baseball tickets, and burritos because it has his name on it.

People just hate LHM because he is rich. But I think he deserves props. He put his neck on the line with the Jazz. It has paid off and his is wealthy. What is wrong with that? At least we have a pro team in Utah. I don't hate other people for being rich, so I see no reason to hate Larry.

Go Jazz and I am glad they aren't moving to Oklahoma or somewhere else.


Jazz in 5!

The Jazz don't lose money. They only compare salaries to ticket sales/tv deals. The concessions and merchandise sales, as well as in arena advertising more than make up the difference. Has anybody ever seen a short line for beer sales? While the league takes a larger percent of the playoff tickets, the cost for each ticket goes way up for each round. LHM would never keep any business that wasn't at least breaking even.

Better for everyone

While you (Larry)may make more money with more home games, had utah beat the Spurs we likely would have played them in the first round WITH home court adv. Translation: One more "home" game and then a first round exit. This matchup with the Rockets provides a more realistic opportunity to have atleast 6 home playoff games (through 2 series). Better for Larry's pocketbook, better for the fans and the franchise! Go Jazz


@ Moto X

I read that article as well, lets hope Hollinger is right this year like he was last year!

re:moto X

Hollinger said "To put that into context, if they had done it for a full season, the Jazz would have been by far the best offensive team of all time"

This is according to his own statistical anaylis. This is not a standard the NBA uses. To say the jazz could have the best offense in the history of the NBA is quite a stretch. They scored less than 100 the past 2 games alone.

One point that I agree 100% with is Hollinger's anaylis that the jazz foul way too much. The most in the league over the past 10 years. He was on with David Locke the other day, and spent a good deal of time discussing this point. It is a fact that a jerry sloan coached teams fouls more than any team in the league and it isn't a good thing. Jerry needs to coach his team to committ good fouls and timely fouls, but I'm not sure he knows this himself.


The kind of money NBA players make is ridiculus. Hope JAZZ go deep into the playoffs. I think Larry Miller makes money or he wouldn`t keep the team.Still would like to see name changed to something that relates to the State of Utah.


Thanks everyone, I agree with most of the posts about LHM and his business interests. SELF MADE-- What an accomplishment. Stay positive everyone we are fortunate to live where we do. Go Jazz.

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