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Published: Friday, April 18 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Paul Mero

What I think is ridiculous are the comments about the validity of the study. It is on the Sutherland web site (meaning the Internet for anyone to read)so go read it. The methodology is impeccable and very conservative (in that cautious, not political, way). Hatuletoh, the self-righteous skeptic, does not seem to understand that while university studies are peer-reviewed, the studies are worthless if the peers are worthless (think global warming science). The fact that Sutherland brought it to the attention of Utahns should be considered a plusespecially for skeptics, because they can now go read the study and examine the methodology.

This study focuses on one factor only: female-headed households in poverty. And it says only this: if every one of those female got married today, 60% of them and their children would be lifted out of povertyand that Utah taxpayers would save 34% in taxes they pay to support them right now. The authors of the study purposefully considered and then set aside all of the other variables (like marriages affect on male-headed single family households) that you folks have been saying arent in the study to its detriment.

Paul Mero

Furthermore, what is obviously going on here are a few people who do not know how to separate public policy from personal problems. Im sorry you all went through a bad divorce, or know someone who did. But sound public policy cannot be made on the back of your personal problems. It needs to be made in the clear air of the common good.

And one last thought for the sponsors of this comment board: why not only allow real names and not allow people to hide behind anonymity? I know that the Des News isnt the only situation that suffers from this modern anti-free speech phenomenon (free speech requires accountability and responsibility for our words). But the D-News could be a trend-setter in this respect.


Unfortunately tearing up families makes money; lots of it. Blood money for sure but it's money that certain people make at the expense of all of the rest of us. Divorce attorneys, mediators, "parent-coordinators", custody evaluators, commissioners, judges, DHS, and DCFS all make money and gain job security from divorce. For instance DHS got $26 million in 2006 from federal incentives for "child support" collection and the state's general fund profiteered to the tune of over $5 million from this too. That's money that requires a parent to get chopped out of the kids lives for the state to collect. Commonly ex-wives get your house, alimony, "child-support", and your kids and have the feminist led revengeful satisfaction of rubbing your nose in it too. How any marriage stays together in the face of the money-hungry self-deluded divorce industry is a miracle by itself. For more info about how truly diabolical the divorce industry is, lookup Professor Stephen Baskerville on the Internet and read his book "Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family"

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