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Published: Tuesday, April 15 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Boise Leon

No one in law enforcement in Utah and Arizona can explain how Warren Jeffs was put on the FBI 10 Most Wanted list. Both Attorney Generals have tried to dodge stirring up a hornets nest like the 1953 Arizona raid on Shortcreek. It is like the Wizard of OZ. Someone pulled additional strings to add up to $100,000 of reward money for Jeffs capture in increments and timing to coincide with the presidential election. Jeffs was held for about 16 months in solitary confinement in Purgatory Jail before he could face his accuser. Arizona had 61 complaints like the Texas complaint and found 50 of them bogus with no victim to be found. The Texas sheriff fell for it on the third nibble, just in time to coincide with the rumor of Mitt Romney becoming a VP candidate. The Texas sheriff has a snitch advising him of what to do, but I would lay a big bet that she and all the other string pullers are connected to the Democratic National Committee. All this trouble is not about what you think it is. Yes, there are bad characters, but there is someone else pulling strings to achieve a different end.

Boise Leon

It all started when Mitt Romney let it out that he was going to be candidate for President in the spring of 2006. Then someone in Washington convinced the FBI to add Jeffs to the 10 most wanted list along with Osama and a string of murders and bank robbers. Then the reward was raised twice to $100,000 with press releases throughout the USA. Finally an unknown snitch whispered in the Sheriffs ear that there were beds in the temple, attack now! At the same time the No Mitt for VP ad was released. Sheriff, check the phone records of your snitch. She probably has disappeared by now. No use looking for the 16 year old. Look for the snitch. Sometimes there really is a conspiracy. Texans, remember the Alamo, the Texas book depository, Waco and the FLDS "compound"
This is not about child abuse, religion or polygamy, it's politics at its ugliest. Follow the $100,000 reward money.

Rule of Law anyone?

BMar (9:49pm) stated, "from a legal standpoint, it doesn't matter if they found the girl who called."

Hello? Do we still live in the United States?

I am not excusing the FLDS people for any acts they may have committed. That is not the point.

The laws of this country must be followed. If the laws have devolved to the point where anyone with a
Walmart pre-paid phone can cause someone else to loose their children, our country, the country I have loved and pledged allegiance to, has truely fallen.

Is there a neighbor on your street who hates you? Maybe you called the "dog catcher" when his Springer Spanial got into your garbage.

"911 what is your emergency?"
"I just saw a man at 401 Cliffside Lane beating his son in their back yard! The man was screaming and kicking the boy! The poor child couldn't have been older than 10!"

Do I hope all the pedophiles are thrown in prison? Oh yeah. I also hope that BMar kissed his kids goodbye this morning before leaving for work, because if he has ever called a "dog catcher" his kids may not be there when he gets home.

False statement

The girls phone call alleged that a specific person was sexually abusing her in the compound, they tracked down the accused man and he doesn't even live in Texas and he hasn't for several years, the call was obviously a hoax.

Have a Brain

Do you think it takes a plig to think these people are descent?? Texas?? Turn on the TV look at us! Look at your self. Most 12 13 year old kids in school are having sex, Getting pregnant, killing there babies. We the usa are all about SEX. Thats wat we,you teach your kids on TV every day. We should look at are morals, and if are morals are Better then theres.(FLDS) If you like the way we, the us are, then so be it. But to come in and say that these people are morally wrong.. Well huh thats not the reason for this raid. You better start by defending your own Rights.. Thers not many people that can see past there nose. But those of you that want to see the REAL PICTURE just look a little farther and you will be astonished.


It is amazing that there are so many comments here effectively supporting rape and abuse of children. This is 2008, and it should have been dealt with long ago.

It is also surprising that excuses are being made for the adult women of the sect, who have supported the rape of their own children. Yet, as is becoming apparent, they are not being charged.

There's way too much confusion on the parameters around "religion" and what is should entail or be allowed.


duh....pacific...where is the evidence?


The difference between these young ladies and thier counterparts in society is choice. They have very limited choices, and an even more limited education with which to make those choices.
Think about this if they choose to participate with the government they will lose their families, due to reassignment, and if they choose not to go along with the government they will lose thier families due to abuse.

Frances Wright

Go back and read about Branch Davidians and read about Randy Weaver. Read about the persecution of Mormons in the 1800's, about the murder of Joseph Smith. Is our government allowed to use Gestapo tactics on citizens whose religion they disagree with. How is the kids on drugs who become addicts and hookers (but have freedom) better off than these young people.?


Open your eyes, America!!! What CPS did do the FLDS is happening to individual families on a daily basis all across America. Look up "fight CPS" on a search engine. It will open your eyes. As one of the FLDS mothers said, it can happen to you. If someone has a vendetta against you, they can destroy your family. For those of you who have had their children removed or may at some point in the future, remember: At the Adversary Hearing, you must oppose to your children being in custody and you must ask for a court-appointed attorney if you cannot afford one. Contact your local, state, and federal lawmakers to stop this insane violation of our Constitutional rights. Go to your state's website to find your representatives. Write to them as well as all of the representatives. If they get a ton of e-mails, letters, & phone calls, maybe they will create the necessary legislation to end this abuse of power. Remember, we put these people in office to represent us. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!!


Look at the enlarged photo of that vehicle. You can see the kill marks. 2 people and a car.

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