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Published: Tuesday, April 15 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Those wacky Amish

Of course, the Amish don't trade their 14 and 15 year old daughters around and kick their sons out of the village when they get old enough to be a threat to the status quo, do they?


First, from a legal standpoint, it doesn't matter if they found the girl who called. That was reason for a search warrant and they could then act on whatever evidence they found of wrongdoing. But dang, people! You think they should just be allowed to keep on impregnating teen-agers, marrying them off to men four times their age? Do you really?


To Jack Triump (7:08 pm) and Anonymous (8:02 pm), it looks like you're okay with the raiding of your home based on a trumped up charge. Great. Give us your personal info and we'll get it done.

You both (and I'm sure others) still believe there was a call. You also believe in the tooth fairy.

Think (I know it's hard). Authorities were ready to raid the camp, but just needed a phone call? Right.

There was no phone call. That will never be proven just like the 16 year-old girl will never appear because she's not real.

But you'll believe anything since all polygamists are evil child abusers and wife beaters.


WOW, what a bunch of whacked out people on here. Are you certain you people are law abiding citizens or just law breaking sympathizers and polygamists. What's be coming of these two cults? It all looks pretty fishy to many of us. Good work D_N.


Just an interesting note: The CPS claim that by taking the moms away, these kids will be more "truthful". Truth is, they realize there's no abuse... they had to isolate COMPLETELY these little kids who don't have the ability to tell the world the truth so they (CPS) can make up their own story. They also realize the initial "phone call" that prompted this raid has no credit. Else why would they take one of the captured moms aside and threaten her to tell the world she was the alleged victim or they would take her own child away and she would never see it again? Of course she would not, cause the call was bogus! And whoever threw the thought that the men involved are not crying, sounds like you haven't been reading much... I also pray, return these children to their families.


The state of Texas should be able to reconstitute families with DNA. They can probably use DNA also to prove paternity and statutory rape of minors. But the state had better come up with legally unimpeachable justification for this raid, or this is going to make the Duke Lacrosse travesty look elementary. No one is immune from religious bigotry, but Texas and the Bible Belt is especially ripe with it. Our legal system has a serious weakness when it comes to balancing the rights of adults with the need to protect children. Just look at the Wikipedia entry for "Day care sex abuse hysteria" and see the numerous lives destroyed by baseless accusations.


I knew something was off about this raid when they hauled them off in baptist buses. Baptist organized to bring Romneys Presidential hopes down leaving us without a conservative candidate, only because he was Mormon. These guys in the compound were Mormon apostates. I don't think they should have purged the compound. You prosecute individuals. No one in California is planning a raid on Hugh Heffner. I guess baptist hate everybody.


I have seen the goodness and humility of people that have been persecuted and reviled for their faith, always having to flee danger. No one loves their family more than these gentle children of God.

The question about the phone call can be answered if the authorities will reveal the "E911" information that will pinpoint the call's origination.

Why were the detailed records that the church made during the arrests confiscated?
We need a full investigation of the government's actions, also, but let us blame no one and try to heal these wounds.

Come on!

I am so sick of hearing people say there is no "girl", it is all an excuse for the FBI to go in-whatever. She is not going to stand up and say "Hi, it's me"-especially now. Give me a break! I wouldn't be surprised if she used a false name when she called. If she were caught who knows what would of happened to her and do you think she would speak up now after all of this. Come on!

Chris MacAskill

> But dang, people! You think they should just be allowed to
> keep on impregnating teen-agers, marrying them off to men
> four times their age?

Reading the accounts of the people who escaped makes you recoil. How about the lost boys who are driven out of the community so the older men can marry a dozen teens? Of the 419 children, only about 50 are boys. They are completely unprepared for life on the outside.

It's a tough situation for everyone but the one thing that's clear and right about U.S. law is child abuse has to trump all.


There was not due process. What can we do to help the families who had their children ripped away from them.
Can any of you imagine that a neighbor who did not like you - could call CPS...and without any proof - CPS - came and took all your children? How would you feel? How about they don't like your religion - would that be grounds to take your kids?
There has not yet been any proof of a girl under age being pregnant.
I hope a really smart, powerful lawyer - goes to their defense.


It doesn't sit well with me when these mothers talk about being lied to. I know they were lied to, and I know why they were lied to. Somehow though, their complaints don't hold any weight when this sect has withheld names, ages, biological relationships, and anything pertinent to this whole process.

Their secrecy is what's hurting them. They won't get their children back by withholding necessary information. It's absurd.

I wonder about the six women who chose safehavens instead of returning to the compound. I would love to know their motives.

Can't wait to see how it unfolds, Thursday.


Is an anonymous accusation from a single teenager sufficient justification for breaking up an entire community, including forcibly separating parents from small children? Does the abundance of wild rumors alone empower the state to systematically attack a religious minority? To what extend does weirdness justify persecution? What should the public conclude if the facts ultimately show the state failed to follow due process in depriving minorities of their liberties? I have no interest in promoting polygamy or child-rape. But all Americans should have a strong interest in freedom of religion, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, and freedom from the unbridled power of the state. Texas had better come up with legally unimpeachable justification for this military-style invasion.

Jen Shostak

Photo caption: "A Midland County Sheriff's Department armored vehicle is seen during the raid on the Yearning For Zion ranch in Eldorado, Texas, April 4."

The photograph of the armored vehicle says it all.

Armored vehicles used against people exercising their right of free speech in Tianamen Square. Armored vehicles used against Buddist monks protesting for the right of Tibetan people to exercise their right of religion in China.

Armored vehicles running down crowds of Poles as the Nazis advanced towards Warsaw.

The armored vehicle says it all.

Women and children are enemies of the state.

I am glad I am old and going to die soon because I cannot live under a government which feels the need to use armored vehicles against people who are U.S. citizens.


To BMar: you may be right that the authorities found evidence of abuse once they got there. However, to take 416 innocent children away from their parents makes them now a victim of the abuse perpetrated by the government as well (especially in their own minds, do you think for a minute that they want the state's protection at this point?) Rather than just pile all the kids into some Baptist church bus and haul them off in a terrified mess, they should take the "evidence of abuse" that they found and go after the men that are impregnating those teenagers. These kids are now victims from both sides.


I think it is interesting that dfs in any state operates outside the foundation of the rest of our legal system which is you are guilty until your innocence is proven. i have talked to many workers in 3 different states I have lived in
who took intake calls and they freely admit that as many as 80% of the calls they receive are false and motivated by
grudges and discord with the families involved and have no basis in fact. It seems to me that far more damage can be done emotionally and psychologicly to these families to separate them from each other on such flimsy evidence. My view has nothing to do with supporting a polygamist lifestyle which I personally feel is wrong but with our constutional rights. There is a big difference between potential and actual abuse and it should be handled on a case by case not enmasse.


To: Come on! @10:19

The accuser might be bogus and probably is. But for sure the accusation is bogus. The accused was interviewed by the police and let go. He has a water-tight, verifiable alibi. That leaves the Texas authorities with a bit of egg on their collective faces. As it does the accuser as well.


How could anyone compare this group of pedophiles with the Amish?


It is unthinkable that the Amish would sexually abuse their children or would engage in plural marriage.

Send more to Texas!!!!

As a TAX paying Arizona resident and a resident of Mohave County (yeah the same county as whacked out Colorado City)- I say send them ALL to Texas. There has been numerous outcrys from Colorado City of Abuse, Neglect, Rape, Sodomy, Molestation,etc....but since this flipping state is so Mormon then everyone looks the other way. The last statistics coming from our county office was that 79% of the population in Colorado City was getting welfare, Medicaid, WIC, Food Stamps, HUD, etc- while over 400 million in assests was in the hands of their "church" (and I use that term loosely as this cult has Nothing to do with religion). The few of use Tax-Paying Arizonians was tickled pink when Warren decided that God was returing to them near the Gulf Of Mexico...ie, anywhere but here. I for one have "paid" for this cult long enough. Someone else can have a turn now. Our old County Commisioner said he couldn't fix the problem but that maybe the cult would inbreed so much that they would eventually kill themselves all off. Instead of stopping this HUGE problem- everyone here looks the other way (praying they'll die)- Don't mess with Texas!

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