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Published: Tuesday, April 15 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Jack Triump

Looks like the folks in Texas came prepared for anything. Fortunately, the firepowere was not needed. I have wondered how long Texas was going to allow these compound people to break the laws of our state.


It seems to me that the Texas authorities had a well-orchestrated plan for much more than "looking for an abused sixteen year old mother" when they raided that place. This raid was unconstitutional, plain and simple. No one can convince me that all 416 of those children were under current risk of abuse. "Potential risk of abuse" at some future date, yes. But if that argument is used, every catholic church, every mormon ward house, and elementary school in the country is suspect. God help us all. I pray for the safe return of those children to their families, and for legitimate prosecution of perpetrators of an actual crime and not a potential crime.


The logistics of such a huge raid would require weeks to plan and mobilize the huge army of assets, both human and physical. It would be interesting to know if the phone call from the purported FLDS member came a week prior or within a few hours of the raid.


This runs much deeper then the unfortunate conidtions at the ranch which could have been addressed more diplomatically. What really concerns me is that this is clearly another case of the 'storm trooper" mentality in which our constitutional rights have been trampled. Of course they have not located the "girl" who phoned in the abuse - because no such call took place. We might as well be living in Russia or China. I would wager that if the compound was a mosque, no such raid would have taken place (whether or not there was abuse or terrorists inside). If there was, the NY Times and the rest of the media elite would be outraged. By way of contrast, in Iraq and Afghanistan, no GI can enter a mosque even if he is being shot at. However, the polygamous sect in Texas was Christian. Therefore, no harm/no foul and no outrage at the additional loss of our precious consitutional rights and privileges. Don't be surprised when they burst through your front door under false prestenses becasue you are a Jew, Black, Christian or heaven forbid, spank your child. All it takes apparently, is one phone call, unsubstantiated or not.


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For other uses, see Genocide (disambiguation).

Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group.

While precise definition varies among genocide scholars, a legal definition is found in the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. Article 2 of this convention defines genocide as "any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group."[1]


How exactly was the search unconstitutional? If you just read the news, you'll see that the call came in 3/4 days before the raid. You'll also see that local authorities had been watching the compound but was not able to actually go in and investigate until they received that call. CPS is required to investigate every allegation of abuse or neglect that is received. Thank God they did!

Big Show

We've seen quite a few women turn on the tears but so far only 3 men have spoken out and none of them are crying.


If the sheriff had an informant on the property and was receiving information for the last four years, wouldn't they know that the FLDS were not armed and that all the weaponry they went in with was not necessary?


There was NO informant on the property. Those reports are false. If you read what was in the affidavit he had an informant that was from the group. The informant was not on the compound...doubt he/she ever was. From what I understand...the informant isn't a part of the group any more. People need to read the actual information.


Also...to add to my last comment. There is no actual church at the compound. They pay taxes on all the property. The State does not recognize any part of that compound as a church...temple or otherwise.

Answer to Jodi

Not if the "informant" wanted to paint the FLDS members in as bad a light as possible. The informant (aka TN) knew absolutely these people are non violent and would not resist in a confrontational manner. But he has a major grudge to bear and is putting a determined effort to destroy a way of life he once enjoyed by spewing forth outlandish lies and exaggerations. Misery loves company is his new motto.

Hedley LaMarr

Come to think of it, where are the men of this outfit? The one registered sex offender that showed up in St. George we know of, and of course the other well armed one with a good squad picked up with wads of cash near Vegas...Not much concern about the herd of breeding stock on their part, is there?


The more I read on how the Texas authorities handled/are handling this it makes it look a lot less like "protect the children" and a whole lot more like "lets purge the FLDS".

What Happens if....

Wilford Woodruff (Manifesto denouncing Plural Marriage Practice): " I saw that if we continued the practice... that it would mean the destruction of the Church and the confiscation (past past tense) of Church property, and their would be no Temple work performed for the living or the dead. (hence, D&C 2:3 would be fulfilled, (you can look that one up too).


The Amish don't go to jail in mass numbers ('course they're not livin' in Texas) if they were there, umm, yup, they would have ended up the same way..

The Wacoites... I mean, the Branch Davidians of the Seventh Day Adventist Church got pummeled by the Texas and Fed authorities..

I saw Terry Nicholes standing outside the Compound in Waco as that occurred.

The results of that raid are obvious. The former Wacoites (branch Davidians) like Terry Nichols took out those that issued the warrants for the arrest... oh, and their entire building they were housed in.

Do children need protected. Yes. Do the Amish children need protected, or the Quakers, or the Hudderites? (you can look that one up).
Yes, but, in the cases where abuse occurs in other States, they prosecute individually.

Same here, the Baptistites should have followed other States examples, and ... prosecute only those they finid guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. DCFS, CPS and the like are opposites to the Constitution, they do not follow it... alas

Anne Marie

"Land of the free"? I think not. The whole affair si horrendous. Abuse? By the Texas authorities, maybe. Separating children from their mothers? I remember these things only back in nazi Germany and stalinist Russia. I never lived in China but heard that there too these things have been going on. Today FLDS, tomorrow...? I pity the poor children and I pity us. I do not, for one minute, believe the purpose of all this was to save them from an abuse. I do not believe there was a phone call from a sixteen year old. I do not agree with polygamy but my heart goes to these poor people and I hope the children will be allowed to go home soon. We pray for them.


I originally thought this was a good thing going in to save girls who were being forced into marriages and sex at such a young age. The more I hear about it the more I feel it violates our constitutional rights. If something is happening with someone underage go in there and arrest the suspect. These people aren't armed, you don't need to roll in and tear an entire society apart. Serve the search warrant, search for the suspect(s) and take them into custody. End of story.

Heaven on Earth

Is what the FLDS thought they had. Turns out they have hell in Texas. They are the modern day victims of a nazi-like government organizing and conducting a gestapo-like raid and kidnapping of all their children. This amounts to genocide for those poor families. Texas authorities are criminals. The good Christian citizens of Schleicher County are criminal conspirators. Imagine the First Baptist Church of Eldorado providing buses to haul off the children, the church building to initially house them in and the upstanding Baptist Men's Organization making filthy lucre to feed the stolen people.

to ExTexan

Great post!

About the Amish

The FLDS has had and will always have a PR problem. Unlike the Amish who are generally respected and beloved in their region and around the country. They don't have to worry about persecution, since their customs don't offend the general public in the way the FLDS clearly does. The worse you could say about the Amish is they shun those who leave the community, but will accept them back if they choose to return.

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