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Published: Tuesday, April 15 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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These govt officials have no idea how wrong they are because they are sure they're right. You can justify almost anything to protect the children but they are just wrong to go to extreme measures so they can get out of the children the kind of responses they are looking for. This is just Wrong.


WRONG....you are sooooo right.

Where is Truth?

The truth will be told.
"Don't Mess With Texas" You're too big for your boots! Remember Texas - Pride Goeth Before the Fall. Heaven help the people of the United States who have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the truth. From Napoleon Hill "No accurate thinker will judge another person by that which the other person's enemies say about him."


My son was abused while in someone elses care. I took him to an interview with CPS. They took him to a room without me. This is the best way to get the real story out of children. My son would have been guarded with his story even in my presence. It was difficult for me to just wait, but I did. I was not under investigation, I had already been cleared.

This seperation from home and family is normal and has been done for years.


So the right thing to do would be do nothing while children are being sexually abused by 50-plus-year-old men? Unbelievable. This isn't about religion. This isn't about polygamy. It's about rampant child abuse. Lord willing, those children will never have to go back.


Texas authorities did absolutely the right thing to protect the children abuse. To say that Texas authorities "orchestrated" 13-16 y/o girls to be pregnant and/or mothers in forced marriages is beyond ludicrous. It's about time someone did something to stop the abuse.

Robert Allen

If the Texas officials suspect that the children are not safe with the men at the ranch, why didn't they remove the men instead of the mothers and children?


I just wonder - do you have MORE facts about this case than the rest of us who only know what we hear on TV or read in the paper? I just wonder how many facts you have that even the "govt officials" don't have that could make you KNOW that they are so wrong.
I certainly don't think all of the facts are being given out.

re: wrong

The only thing wrong here is the systematice abuse and rape of young girls and disowning and neglecting young boys.

To Anonymous

That's the way it's supposed to be done.

Hard, wasn't it?

CPS is doing it the correct way. Some people on here need to get a reality check.

To Wrong and Right

There are rules CPS has to go by. They're following the rules and you say they're wrong. WRONG, you're wrong.

To Where Is Truth? It's where you find it as you amply have demonstrated. Don't Mess with Texas is on all the garbage cans for a reason. Don't come here with your mess. The FLDS brought a mess. These people are their own worst enemies, Napoleon. Now the courts will have to sort out what they neglected to do. Is that so hard to understand?


You know what was wrong, to let these mothers go with the children, I was very surprised about this, this community's existence is based on brain washing and constant promptings when out in society. You know what was right, that the authorities finally got the mothers out of there, and they are doing a heck of a job trying to sabotage the safety of theirs or someone else's children. These children need to have a safe voice, and if facts start to come out, then these parents could lose "ownership" of these children. Children will adapt to a loving family, we have a family in our ward with six adopted children, their last one was six when they got him, he is so happy. I am sorry for the mothers to be separated from their children, but if they didn't protect them, they do not deserve to keep those children. People do not understand that there is a lot of twisted and cruel things that this group will do, ask the father's who were kicked out and their wives and children were taken away from them.


Texas was 100% right to do what it did do and what it is doing. It's too bad we have those in society who tie the hands of law enforcement and government to the point they have to wait for bodies before they can act.

Texas CPS and DPS are the finest.


How long before allegations of interviewers misleading children during the interviews? How long before someone mentions that the children aren't getting the best legal representation since some of the lawyers don't specialize in family law (and none in polygamy)? Not long in my opinion.

How long before other minority groups or the ACLU etc. speaks out against this treatment? If history is any guide, very long.


It appears Texas continues to try and do the right thing.

I am wondering how many of these anti-Texas posts come from the same individuals, supporters of the FLDS community, who are trying to influence public perceptions.

It is not working.


There are too many conspiracy buffs on here with all the wild stories of things that never happened.

This is an abuse investigation. Let it run it's course. Stop entering wild, unproven, comments that are not helpful to either side.

Like it or not the government does function in spite of those who do everything in their power to make it hard and impossible to function.

To Mike

The questions will be very blunt and to the point. The only question is will the children reply or will they be afraid to reply.

Your scenario lacks credability. You sound like an ACLU poster boy.

Lawyers representing the child?

SO... the lawyers are there to represent the child (not CPS). So before they even get to speak to their client (the child) they have to be briefed by CPS? What's up with that?

Maybe the Lawyers should try meeting with their clients BEFORE meeting with CPS to see what their clients wants/needs are. Or is what CPS wants the first and only priority in this case?


We all keep rehashing the same things day after day. It all boils down to: What is best for the children. Stay in the life style they are used to! ie: Under age sex/marriages! Mental and physical crultey or: Puting an end to it now while there is still hope for a normal life. "The lawful thing to do"!
The children may be suffering now but in the long run, it is the best thing that could be happening to them.

Mike Las Vegas

I'm sure that the CPS people have real concern for the children as do I and everyone else that is normal, but, has anyone ask if they share the same concern for the children living in the bad neighborhoods in Houston and Dallas who face real day to day physical danger and who's mother's live with "Uncle" so an so who do the girls on a regualar basis??????? I think not.... Taking similar action in such neighborhoods whould not be so "P.C."....The Gastapo only picks on the weak....

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