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Published: Tuesday, April 15 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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She is fantastic!


I've been reading dooce since just before Leta was born, and it gave me the courage to ask for extra support and observation when I had my child, since I knew I was at risk for PPD.

To those who complain about featuring Leta (brooklynmama and "Crazy You" (Crazy Us? hmmm)), what do you say to child stars in film and television? They are legally too young to choose or give consent for their appearance - should we ban child actors?


My only concern about Heather is that she likes taking shots at the church. Why can't people who leave the church leave it alone?

The Rock

Thanks for the warning. I do not support profanity and will not reward anyone who uses it.

I will not ever visit her blog.


About a year ago my sister forwarded to me the blog where Leta was taking a fit because the dog was "looking at meeeeee" and Heather said her brain popped right out of her head and bounced across the floor like a tennis ball! I've been hooked and faithful reader ever since.


I can honestly say that Dooce Rocks! Heather says the things about parenting that we all think but are not willing to say out loud!


Also take into consideration those readers like me who "ghost" her blog everyday like me. I love her blog and she is one of only a handful of writers that never seem to write a useless word. Many times I have laughed out loud. She is the world's greatest and best friend. The one who will get you drunk, clean up your tears, share hers, and hide the bodies in the morning!!!


Heather's a rockstar! Also, check out Chuck's pose in the photo - he's such a pro. Dooce for president!


Excellent article - thanks for the background on this very interesting woman. Dooce and Heather are great! I've enjoyed reading this site since 2001 and simply must have my daily dose of dooce! I remember reading avidly about the life-changing event of having her baby at a time when I was hoping to have one. Then, when I got pregnant and now that I have a baby, I check back and read her archives for confirmation and comiseration. I really love her writing style - she has such a way with words, that I'm often either nodding my head or laughing out loud. Furthermore, as an expat overseas, I love reading her witty take on modern American life and feel it keeps me connected with home in a way. Heather, what you have done with your life really is an inspiration and a shining example of making the best out of tough situations. Thank you and keep it up!


I've been reading Dooce for years...since she was single and wild. We've all been through her marriage, her pregnancy, her daughter Leta's young life. Prayed when Leta had problems and medical tests done, when Heather wasn't well and on and on. Her writing has made me laugh and cry, often on the same day. I've watched her little daughter grow, worried about her, laughed at her antics and I honestly love her...more personality in that kid than 6 of any others!
Of course it is odd when you think of it...it's like one of your favorite friends and her family lives in your computer LOL. I know it will probably have to end someday and as much as I want her to be happy, it will be a very sad day for me when Heather has to take her private life back. I can't even imagine it!


I've been reading Dooce for nearly 4 years... LOVE it. Glad she's doing so well so I can keep reading.


I read Heather every day and of course I follow the antics of Chuck and Coco religiously. But, I really look forward to her monthly 'Love Letters' to her daughter Leta. They tug at my heart strings and make me wish I had done the same for my 2 children. It's a wonderful way for Leta to know her mother !!

Heather , thank you for letting us share your life.

This is it?

Just looked at the blog. Her bio was enough for me. The people that read this crap must be the same crowd that thinks Paris Hilton is a good role model.


I fail to see what there is to admire about her. I can't believe people look up to her as a role model for wives and mothers. My wife is a much better role model and is smart enough to express herself without degrading language. I guess some people think that is clever though. Must be the same crowd that thinks Paris Hilton is a good role model for our daughers.


She's the only stranger on my family list. (Can you call someone like Heather a stranger?)


"I bet most of the readers of this particular blog are women. I visit lots of blogs about important subjects."
Wow. How incredibly sexist. Your implication is that women don't read blogs about "important stuff"? We just go for the trivia, apparently.
I'm a 25 year old single female with no children. I read cnn every day-- notice that's real news, not blogger-spin-news, and check dooce at least every couple of days. I greatly enjoy her profanity, honesty, and fresh take on motherhood. And I love Chuck and Leta.


She is a very sick woman, as most people are, she makes a living at it. She is waking up to the fact that just because she's pretty doesn't mean she is not going to suffer just like everyone else. She couldn't make it through child birth without falling apart, now she thinks the world owes her a living for her disgusting few of life. Next time you admire someone for there looks, think of her and be thankful your not headed for the same delusional state she has reached. It can get alot worse just watch.


Dear "Sick"
their, you're, a lot. disgusting few of life?
i think you meant disgusting VIEW of life.
if you're going to write negative emails about people,
(especially the person named 59th blogger on the internet)
you should at least make sure everything is spelled correctly.
i think heather is great. her blog is true to life and i read it everyday.
if you don't like it, don't read it.

from the uk

i have been following the blog for about 4 years now and heather has always been a delight to read. she obviously has a writing skill and not everything has to sound as if it has been written by an oxford don. she is real, honest and certainly been a light in my darkness more than once.


I have been reading Dooce for almost a year. She is hilarious, insightful, real, down-to-Earth, and a wonderful mother. It is obvious that Leta is her heart and soul. So shame on you, No Name, for saying she's a bad mother. What do you know?

We love you, Heather.

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