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Published: Tuesday, April 15 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Cascade Blogger

I love dooce, even though I am a middleaged, childless, currently unmarried person. But I totally get it about the dogs!


I read DOOCE Daily and am a big fan of her witty approach to life!
Lisa from Woodland, CA


Dooce is awesome! I love reading her posts and her writing as well as her honesty are what keep pulling people in. I can't wait for her book and hope it is a best seller.

Archaea Cougarguard

TMI, I worry about you and your sort. Heather writes with considerable restraint about the Church. Not everything that happens in the Church is 100% positive. Remember, none of us is infallible. Meanwhile, don't judge the rest of us who love dooce for the lighthearted joy Heather brings.


I feel really sorry for her kid. She has no say on whether or not her life gets to be broadcast on the internet. It's like sharing embarrassing baby pictures and anecdotes with the entire country.


Can't stand the stupid letters to her daughter. Its simply too much. Enough already.

Sarah G

Heather, I've read your blog every day for the past 3 year's, and I have to admit that there have been days that only you have made me laugh. You have such a genuine quality to your writings that I feel like you're one of my close friends- I know, kinda creepy. Thank you for your humor, whit and most of all your honesty. You make my day!


Brooklynmama you obviously don't have a sense of humour or you would understand. Pooce don't like it don't read it. I love Heathers work all the way from Australia


To all those who have expressed there need fot
dooce.....I say GET a Life!!!!

You probably watch TV soaps too.


You found your calling. Relax now. It will all come. It is like being in the zone in sports. It will just flow. Relax.


i've been reading dooce.com off and on for a year now. she's genuine, funny, and an excellent writer. i've just read all 70+ comments left so far. i think it's important to note that the loving, supportive comments left here in this article about her (and those left on her blog) far, far outweigh whatever comments negative, judgmental, hateful people with bottom-feeder mentalities have to say about heather, how she lives her life, and what she does. that tells me that what she's doing is good and positive.

but that's what makes the internet so fascinating: people are certainly entitled to give their opinions, and so often choose to do so in nasty ways that always, always leave them looking very silly and immature (and, quite often, guilty of exactly the thing they are pointing fingers at). and so, yay! heather wins (again)!



I love Dooce! Heather inspires me in every way. And despite what "pooce" said above, the letters to Leta are my favorite part of the blog. What a wonderful thing to do for your child - to write them a letter every month, so they'll be able to share the memories they were too small to remember themselves someday. And I feel honored that she shares them with her readers.

Reading Heather's blog is an important part of my day. Thank you so much, Heather.


her writing is witty and entertaining. i don't have kids and even her writings about parenting are interesting because IT IS JUST GREAT WRITING! hers is actually only 1 of 3 blogs i actually make time to read. i hope she makes a million dollars a year.


i read dooce everyday and feel connected, inspired, and happier. she makes me laugh, she is a great writer and very witty, and she supports women and artists. love her.


if i could only read one person's blog it would be heather's dooce blog. i can't get enough of it! she knows how to tell a good story.

Reader from L.A.

I stumbled across the site when I Googled (verb)"hate job" 4 years ago, after quitting my job in advertising. I have been reading it every since. My husband thinks her photos of animals, children and scenery are brilliant. I go back for the writing, though. She's got this great angle on life that comes through in every post. I would call it irreverence "lite".

Crazy You

I find Heather and Jon to be the poster children for WHAT not to do in life. She said she had postpartum in 2004, so how do you explain all the mean things she's said and shared about Leta up till now? Trust me you dooclings if your mother rejected you, shared all your personal shortcomings or failures you wouldn't be so happy either. When will you doocelings get a brain and think for yourselves when Leta tries to off herself from all the torture she'll receive because he mother wanted a new house and wouldn't keep quite? Nice, it takes a village to raise a child that's unless you're a blog celeb then everything is forgivable.


It's one of the only blogs I check daily. It's amusing and I envy her for her creative writing and upkeep of this blog. Go Dooce Go!


FYI... 30 yr old male reading for about 3 yrs and always wanted to blog about my life too... Everyone has a story... How about an adopted Korean growing up on a farm in Pa'Tucky with Evangelicals and excommunicated for coming out?

I check daily too...
Where else can you find a candid letter to your daughter each month you can cherish and laugh about later in life together?

She does the work for me to find interesting videos, shopping/home stuff, humor, and uplifting words to keep going.

The Chuck pictures and calendar (gotta get one).

Talking about religion and issues that come of it (good and bad).

What's so bad about that?

Only Me

Dooce.com is the only blog I check daily.
I'm disappointed when there are no new posts, but almost excited when there are.
Keep up the great work Heather!

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