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Published: Tuesday, April 15 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Dooce is wonderful!

Mommy on the Edge

I love starting my day with Dooce! She's my inspiration to keep blogging.


She really is the best, though. There isn't a single other blog that I enjoy as much as hers. I wish we knew each other in real life because she's pretty much the coolest person I "know"


Dooce is my favorite too...both she and Pioneer Woman are stellar.


I am a total dooce addict. If I could only look at one web page per day it would be hers. She's totally deserving of all the props.


I've been reading Dooce for about 7 years now and absolutely love it. FWIW - 31yo married male.

Enter Name

I don't know what's so neat about them. They are poster children for bad parenting.


That would be me, refreshing obsessively...WHERE IS TODAY'S ENTRY??

There it is!

I'm glad you run over the hater's mail Heather. They are ALL sooo jealous of you.

I am so happy for (both) of your success!


Chuck for President!


I'm a 26 yo married man and I read her stuff religiously. Her honesty and humor transcends social boundaries.


I am an under 30, no kids, no pets, Canadian gal and yet I relate to Dooce like one of my good friends. Plus? She's so hot!


Heather, I hope you come read these comments.

You are my idol in every way, and I am not even kidding. Thanks for doing what you do.


What the heck are you talking about No Name Person?

"I don't know what's so neat about them. They are poster children for bad parenting."

Obviously you don't read her blog or you would think otherwise.


Heather, long time reader and admirer. But I have to say this to you. And this might be hard for you to hear.

You must switch those pictures around.

It just doesn't look right.


Those page view stats don't even take into account all of the readers, like me, who read her in an RSS reader without visiting the site very often.

Heather is a treat, and I'm glad she pushes through the days when she feels like she wants her life back. (Also glad she has learned deal with the awful -- and totally bizarre -- hate mail.) We certainly don't deserve all the access she has granted us, which is why I really appreciate her bravery, humor and honesty.


Yay for DOOCE!


I read Heather's blog daily, if not more so! Her writing is some of the best and most entertaining of any blogs I've come across, and her photography is beautiful. Dooce.com is an excellent example of what personal blogs can become.


Dooce is my hero. It's so nice to hear that somebody else swears about life as much as I do.


I've read her on and off for over four years. There have been a few times when I've felt that her profanity and/or sometimes "out there" subject matter were in poor taste and those times I've removed her from my Bloglines account. You know what? I always come back. She really is a very talented writer and there's just *something* about her writing that is addictive.


I know I'm going to say the same thing that others have, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dooce. My husband and I read her blog daily.

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