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Texas: Order affects FLDS women, kids

Published: Monday, April 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Matt in Tucson

I will condemn any Gestapo action by any government against any minority religion. But, I will especially condemn it when it happens on US soil. It is high time that the Baptist-led Texas government take a chill pill.

Not in my house

To the LDS mom who would not take in these children, I am not surprised at your attitude. Perhaps you should read your Book of Mormon. Polygamy was something Mormons practiced for at least 40 yrs. To say you do not want your children tainted by the FLDS children is to be a hypocrit. Where is the compassion. I agree, LDS families should be fostering those Texas kids. Your families are the closest to their own beliefs. I am not surprised by your snobiness, it is exactly why I left the church.

Eye wittness

Hey people, I just happened to be in on this thing. I witnessed what still seems like a nightmare. This thing is just plain wrong and stupid. I am very ashamed I ever took part in such a fiasco, and I am can say for many other who have been brought in from all over the state of Texas, by the way I am not to proud to be a texan anymore, but I can say that the CPS has got way more controll over this thing than they should. As I saw those women and children huging there Fathers and Husbands I saw a relationship of pure virtue. If there was abuse than why would these children love there fathers like they do. We, as people have a right to our opinon, but those people should be left alone and given the rights they deserve. How would you feel if everything you have hoped, fought, swet, bled, yearned, and prayed for was splattered to piecess right before your very eys at gunpoint. We cannot just sit by and watch this thing go on, we have got to stand up and fight. THESE PEOPLE AR INOCENT

Blemish on Society

Kudos to the Deseret News for covering this story in detail. I'm one who thinks that polygamy is wrong and, because it's illegal, laws against it should be enforced. Not only should abuse against children be prosecuted but also forcing children to live in a polygamous family or compound should be considered child abuse.

LizM in Va.

First of all, anyone who prays, should be praying that this all gets resolved and the whole truth is exposed. I am sure that there is some abuse in some families, just like ALL people across the world. The only law that the FLDS are breaking is that they are marring more than one wife. Underage people are allowed to marry with consent of a parent. It doesn't mean that all the parents who agree to this are in my moral eyes doing the right thing, but that is their right. Plenty of underage people are married that are NOT FLDS.
As far as how this has been handled by the police and CPS, they should have been upfront and honest with everyone. If the cps would have handled this like it was anyone else, they would have found out that most of the rumors were indeed just rumors. Then they would have handled those that needed to be removed from a terrible situation. One family at a time.

I am LDS

I am LDS and I would take in these children ( I think I would qualify for 4+ children according to space and time availiable) or as many as I am allowed. I am sure the children are frightened. In my home I would allow them time to adjust to "normal" society. They could dress just as they do now until they decide they want change.
In my home polygamy is NOT taught and I will never willingly be a polygamist so the children would be safe in our home.


Well said Blaine.
I hear many posts saying "Where are the guilty men?". Why would Texas DFS let themselves be bothered with the hassle of building an actual case based on real evidence. Even if there are prosecutable cases of child brides in Texas (which seems doubtful at this point) this whole thing is a joke. Do you think the good people of Utah would understand the legality's of this case a little bit better if all the kids in the Lehi 5th ward were rounded up because of a phone call from one unidentified girl in the ward claiming she was raped. Our objection ought to have nothing to do with our opinions of polygamy or child abuse. United we must stand up and demand that Texas officials return to the rule of law, and that charges be brought against each family or insist their children be returned to them. I don't want my family to suffer for the behavior of my neighbor and it is absurd that we are even debating whether these people should be made to suffer for the transgressions of their neghbors.

To: Kyle @8:31

All of the people in "Lehi 5th ward" do not live on the same peice of property. They do not share houses. They would not play the "shell game" with their children trying to hide them from people who want to ask them how old they are and who their bio parents really are. They would not lie (I am guessing) and claim the children being abused were their's when they were not.

To those insisting on due process...
The men were not arrested BECAUSE of due process.
The children are in PROTECTIVE custody.

Would any of you really want to wait to "help" until a child dies because she was "married" too young?


I am stunned that people are so concerned with the fact that the group on the ranch should sue Texas. Havent they already had enough money from the USA by "bleeding the beast". Why are people defending people that activley want to bring down a system i have read alot on this over the past few weeks. America has so much good, but this thinking of "bleeding the beast" and having sex with teeneages is not now nor will ever be right. Dont let these things happen in your great country "14 year old girls should be worried about music and boys and enjoying their lives not if they are going to be beaten by their 50 year old husbands". Everyone has a right to practise religion but not like this. Your soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan in part to fight for freedom. What freedom do the women and children of the ranch have???






People need to be mor carful

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