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Texas: Order affects FLDS women, kids

Published: Monday, April 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I say we identify each and every religious or ethnic group that has a higher-than-average incidence of adults having sex with minors, and make all their kids wards of the state.

Granted, there'd be large parts of California virtually depopulated of everyone under 18, but nothing ought to stand in the way of keeping the children safe.

Too "Lynn @ 3:51"

What kids did they find hidden in tunnels and Temples?

News reports state they found no one in the Temple when they broke in.

I've heard the rumors about hiding kids in tunnels, but I've never heard a report in this case that they found these kids hiding in tunnels.

This is how these rumors get started. All it takes is one commenter like Lynn and off we go with another whole set of un-truths that many people will now consider to be documented facts (becasue they saw them in writing in the DMN comments).


What's with all the feel sorry for the polygamists on here? And the pictures on DN. Come on folks! This abuse has been going on for decades! i KNOW BECAUSE i am a polygamy escapee. You LDS knuckle cases need to learn more what's really going on inside these sick abusive communes before you think to rescue. Evil is evil.


Im neither LDS nor FLDS, and frankly do not support the opinions of either sect.

In a Republic of laws, the state cannot deprive innocent citizens of liberty, property, or contact with family (or lawyers - their real fear).

Of course carnal knowledge is a crime - no defense offered for unspeakable offenses - but if thats the reason for the invasion, why didn't they arrest the MALES??

Have these women and children been "arrested"? If not, why the removal? If so, what's the charge - generally Law Enforcement has 48 hours to charge or release...and if charged, what's the bail? Cant anyone in Texas who suffered a public education still spell Habeas Corpus?

C'mon, CPS...what are you hiding?

C'mon, Judge...how many lies and distortions are you covering for?

The real issue here is that the state and judiciary are corrupt. Somebody has it in for these people and this was the excuse to destroy them all for being different.

I pray that the news is right, that the tip was a hoax, and that the resulting lawsuit bankrupts Texas. They deserve it.

Because it was never about the alleged crime - its obviously about the ability to destroy.


sex with a little kid is mean and hateful. It warps the minds of innocent children. To have sex with an old man must be a total horrible nightmare. I won't go into detail about it on here.. SAVE THE CHILDREN!


>>What you don't hear is

"I was married at 15 . . . my husband was 34 years older than me . . . I've been pregnant ever since . . . I lived under a messed up, weirdo cult leader . . . my kids grow up by looking the other way when my husband beats me . . ."<<

They are looking in diapers for cell phones... Are 15 year olds still wearing diapers?


**The women in "custody" by Texas authorities are free to leave the shelters at any time. This has been made quite clear as well. So many ignorant posters who claim to love freedom have this situation backwards.**

Why would a woman want to leave her toddler baby behind and flee custody?


Seems that many of you just dont get it..
These woman are not HELD against there will
they can leave anytime they wish, they just cannot return.. these children are in protective custody they are not under arrest.. The State could have denied these mothers to come onlng for this ride
but allowed them to accompnay their children..
Those chose to go with them now they are complaining they are victims GIVE ME A BREAK
If the judge finds that there is ground to keep these children they the judge wil act according to LAW.. If they dont have grounds the children will be returned and the state will suffer whatever becomes of them.. I dont care about multiple marriages.. I do however care about young girls possibly being forced into marriage and having children so very young and god help that state if they didnt investigate it.. you all would be screaming at the tops of your lungs if they had proof and did nothing.. Let Texas face what it will
and just pray that these children are cared for and treated properly

Extreme or Necessary?

Well, if you people are offended by the governments abuse you do have options. You have the right to bear arms still, right? You also have the right to gather in protest right?
Has the government so frightend you that this method seems extreme?
It is the government who has become extreme and they need to be put in check.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing

Step up good men or just keep talking...

Hung by the Thread

Well, I don't believe you take a village to find one person (who Texas and Utah and Colorado officials knew was living in Utah and residing in Utah and Is Still residing in Utah after his interview)

So, .. all of you Officials who claim to be aiding the Texas Rangers.... Knew full well (the falsified phone call... uhh.. to a ??? Domestic Violence Shelter??? yeah, like one of the plygs would call their before calling 911, as IF they would even have a DM Shelter phone number with them.

I hope there are MANY groups that step up and file against the State of Texas for violating religious Constitutionaly protected status.

You wanna see the Constitution hang by a Thread, and, according to the verbatim of Joseph Smith... IF the Constitution is to be saved at all, it Will be by the Elders of this Church.


Try not to forget about all the sex abuse going on at that ranch. The media can persuade our thoughts in a different direction on any given day.
The phones should have been taken on the day they removed the children. If a family in you neighborhood was suspected of child abuse, the child would be removed from the home with no contact by the family whatsoever, until it was determined it was ok. These families are lucky that their moms have been allowed to stay with them.

Matt Connelly

I'm no lawyer, but unless the media is purposefully excluding information there seems to be plenty of civil rights violations going in this Texas polygamists fiasco. The police ought to be ashamed of the way this is being handled. These people are humans, not animals. Besides, they have what is known in the constitution as civil rights. Please start obeying the law in the way you are handling these so-called dangerous people. Do the misdeeds of a few justify the abuse of an entire people. I think not.


I think that they are trying to do what is right for these people who are already emotionally and maybe physically scarred. I think that this sect should have thought and discovered that Texas law is different than that of other states. You think the national government or anyone has the power to sue a Republic which is Texas; Texas could survive on its own without the rest of the U.S. I am a believer in Jesus Christ and the Father God, who I find everything. its not a question on religion but in Texas we believe in taking care of business when people report those kinds of things to our law enforcement. I pray for the people of the world to find salvation in what is right. thats all I have to say.

Moms kicked out

Someone please, stop this insanity. These are the MOM's. At least, if you think you have a 'case', arrest the MEN.

I hope the state of texas has to seriously raise taxes, in order to pay for this one.

Due Process?

It seems many of the people making comments here want to simply ignore what our constitution requires because they are disgusted by the FLDS practice of polygamy and underage marriage. While Americans are right be outraged and angry about any sexual or physical abuse of children, they should still be extremely careful that legal protections are equally applied. "Equal justice under the law" is a sacred and fundamental ideal that underpins all of our freedoms. If we start to become selective about this group or that situation, we are, as a nation, stepping onto a very slippery slope.

Should we look forward to the day when the government is so zealous about child sex abuse that they go into the inner city and pull all the children in a six block area because some are deemed "at risk" because of one phone call? Wholesale incarceration of almost an entire community is an atrocity and will in the long run be repudiated by the American people. At least I hope it will.

Will we extend constitutional protections to common murderers but not to an unpopular religious sect? I always thought the law applied to individuals, not communities.


I just have to weigh in on this. I was born in SLC but left Utah as a baby. I have been LDS but not now. I find it really sad that anyone would find it ok for a 16 yr old girl to have 4 kids??? They are saying there are 13, 14, 15 yr old pregnant girls. Believe me when I say these girls did not get pregnant from a teenage boy. They were sexually assaulted in the "temple" in a bed specifically there for the "wedding night" when these perverts "marry" these children. How disgusting that you all think this is anything less than sexual abuse of children! Are you really that ignorant? Joseph Smith did the same thing ( child brides) so maybe your attorney general and some of the posters here are just reaching back to your "roots" in support of this behavior. I say good for Texas for protecting these children.


I say have the baby daddies come claim their kids. Then have the welfare dept standing by to collect child support. These people have perverted the LDS religion. Why you people in Utah would support that perversion is beyond me.

Ronald A. Young

I am not all that pleased with the way the Texas Police went in, but I am so glad that they did. It seemed to be organized and well planned. Not a Shot was fired and No One was killed. I know that the Victims will not think that they where Rescued but they where. Those that think that Texas CPS should be sued are wrong. Sued for what?

These girls where being Raped and given into Marriage (that is of question as the marriages are not legal) It is against State and Federal law to have more then 1 wife, spiritual or not. The Law Trumps Religion, Declaration 1 and 3 statements by Wilford Woodruff. Also Article of Faith #12.

These males where so called Marrying and then Raping girls as young as 13 or 14. These girls lost both their Virtue and their Childhood. The idea being not to love and cherish and care for them. But to impregnate them by force. This was not Marital Sex this was Rape sometimes with Violence. The Mothers sometimes took part or at least did nothing. As long as he is raping her, he is not raping me.


NOBODY on this thread has supported the sexual abuse of minors. Without exception, it has been stated that if sexual abuse or other child abuse has occurred, it should be prosecuted, so quit setting up that straw man.

What has been stated is that there is not adequate proof that all of these children have been abused, that probable cause has not been established or proven, that the FLDS people are being tried by rumor and innuendo in the media in stories worthy of the National Enquirer, and that the victims are being punished rather than the supposed perpetrators. Please quit confusing a concern for protection of fundamental constitutional rights with support for child abuse. Everyone on this thread wants the children to be safe - they disagree that this is the way to go about achieving that goal.


To: Moms Kicked Out. The so called Moms are under the control of the Males. They did not protect their Daughters. They can't just arrest the Males, they have to have proof they did something. Which means people are going to half to talk if not by talking then by exam. A lot of things are going to have to be looked into. Discoveries made and actions taken. Wrongs righted and People put in Jail. Services given, Truth told, Books Written and Movies made. Perhaps lives where saved. Perhaps at some point in the future lives can be led that are mostly normal.

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