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Texas: Order affects FLDS women, kids

Published: Monday, April 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Matt in Tucson

Texas has "Jim Crow" laws still on the books. What would happen if they would try to enforce them? No court would uphold them because Supreme Court rulings would take precedence. The same is true for polygamy -- the laws are on the books, but Supreme Court rulings have made them essentially invalid. So, the illegality of polygamy is a red-herring in this debate.

Child abuse should be punished, but so should unreasonable search and seizure, violation of due process, and false accusation. The ACLU should be much more worried about these gross and far-reaching constitutional violations than the rather trivial violations they are currently attacking.

Ted Clayton

Taking the telephones after allowing them for a week, the exotic search & seizure operation (peering in baby diapers), aggravates the challenges Texas faces, and probably does not forestall any so-called "witness tampering", particularly not after the women had the phones for so long.
The action serves mainly to make Texas look heavy-handed to outsiders, and further supports the FLDS impression that Texas is using excuses to go after their Church, rather than tackling the problem of underage sex.


Comments? How about a snow storm of pedophile defenders?


How can a woman who is supposedly enslaved have a cell phone? What crime have these people committed that would cause them to be "interred" by the State of Texas? Where is the person who called CPS alleging abuse? There are some serious problems here for the State of Texas. It looks like they have violated the civil rights of these people. To save face, they will have to "find" some reason to justify what they have done.


I applaud Texas for taking a stand. These women have been used by men in the name of religion. Everything about this is wrong. The children are suffering and that is my main concern. Return the children to their mothers and to the compound. Arrest the men...

Of course you wont

They are kids, not men, Johnson

pathetic women

Give me a break. These women refused to claim and identify their children. They have aided and abetted rapists. They are conspirators to heinous crimes.

I dont think they should be allowed to be with the victims and communicate information about the victims with the main perpetrators.

The only error Texas made was in allowing these so called 'mothers' to accompany the children.

Thanks to Texas DFS?

I thank Texas DFS for trying to protect the kids, but I think they are going way out of bounds, and I wonder what is REALLY motivating them to do this.

In an interview Friday, the Sherrif said... "Until the phone call came in, we didn't have any actionable evidence against the FLDS (even after having an inside informer for 4 years). Now the phone call has been proven to be bogus. So they need to be carefull or all the information they gather in this raid will be thrown out of any legal proceedings.

I think it's obvious taking the familie's cell phone shows these children are "Prisoners" and not being "Protected" by DFS. How does taking their only means of communication from them "Protect" them? All that protects is their case, and that reveals what is important to Texas officials, the case? or the kids? I think it's obviously "The case".

After 2 weeks of questioning and confinement under stressfull conditions... I think Texas DFS is going to eventually be able to get all the confessions they want (from kids willing to do anything to get out).

Texas Justice?

The phone call from one of the mothers with the captive children said... The kids are being "Interviewed" by lawyers, but they don't know if the lawyers are there for their defense (so they can confide in them and trust they will "HELP" them and the lawyer-client-privacy will be respected, or if the Lawyers are there to prosecute them (so they are incriminating themselvs and whatever they tell them will be used against them and their parents in court).

This is NOT the way the Justice system is SUPPOSED to be used.

Praise Layola!

at least some people here have common sense . . .

Look, guys, what you are hearing is not the full story. What you hear is

"I can't see my kids . . . they took my phone . . . we're not treated too well . . . I miss my kids . . ."

What you don't hear is

"I was married at 15 . . . my husband was 34 years older than me . . . I've been pregnant ever since . . . I lived under a messed up, weirdo cult leader . . . my kids grow up by looking the other way when my husband beats me . . ."

Shocking difference.

Layola is right. Where are those supposed spiritual husbands? If those husbands are loyal and loving, then why aren't they pleading their wives' cases?

This is all so brilliantly obvious.

Prison camp

The FLDS compound was a prison to their women and children. Clear so. The women in "custody" by Texas authorities are free to leave the shelters at any time. This has been made quite clear as well. So many ignorant posters who claim to love freedom have this situation backwards.


This is a child abuse case, not a religious test. Tose phones should have been removed since day one. The men are calling and telling the women and children what to do and say. The women won't identify the kids on the advice of the men. I hope Texas sends those kids to foster care ASAP.

disgusted mother

a man could have sex with a 13 year old child (who then gives birth) but an exam would make her uncomfortable!!! I say it's about time someone stopped the wackos of the world. Adults should not be having sex with young teens period.


A) If a man abused my children, I expect law enforcement to put him in jail, NOT let him continue to roam free.

B) If my children were harmed, I expect my children to be cared for, NOT locked up.

C) If my husband breaks the law, I expect him to be confined and dealt with appropriately and according to the laws, NOT me and my children to be detained for his actions.

Nothing about this makes any sense.

Men broke laws? Then why are there women and children being detained? Are the men being investigated? Questioned? Having to get lawyers and arranging bail hearings to get out of the county jails? Are the men being poked, prodded, and searched as per the normal routine of entering jail facilities? It seems the women and children are experiencing those sorts of things.

This just all seems backwards to me. Couldn't they have removed the men from the ranch and questioned the women and children in the comforts of their own homes until they determined their homes were unsafe? And if the men were locked up or under protective orders, aren't the children safe in their homes?


Here is my concern. The government of Texas trampled the constitutional rights of all of these people. The fathers, mothers, and children. But by being concerned about that, somehow I am to be labled in favor of the abuse of the young ones. What in the world is happening. I always thought that you we innocent until proven guilty in this country, but I guess now everyone is guilty by association. To be clear I think people who abuse children need to be punished. But I also think that the government getting the green light to "rescue" kids from their families because receive an "annonomys tip" that there is the potential "they may be abused" is a dangerous place to be.



Johny Fairplay

Have to laugh at the people posting here who are suddenly concerned about the constitutional rights of the FLDS child rapists and their enablers. Where have you been the last 7 years as the Bush administration, states and their law enforcement minions systematically undermined your constitutional rights to privacy, unreasonable search and seizures etc. What, hitting a little close to home now that it is an affinity group of yours? Wake up suckas.

open your eyes...

Texas isn't at fault here. It's not about religion either. It's about child abuse. It is Illegal no matter what state you're in. If these mothers cared about their kids they wouldn't have stood by letting things happen. But, maybe they became mothers when they were just kids themselves and just don't know how to protect their kids cause they weren't protected, brainwashed maybe but not protected. One ques. I thought FLDS didn't like things of the world, aren't cell phones of the world?


What is wrong with a person who thinks the LDS church should foster these children. I certainly dont want polygamy introduced to my children or daughters. We have a set of standards and morals in our family that we live by, and I am not changing them for any hair brain crazy idea. These comments are getting stranger by the minute. Perhaps if we let polygamists into our homes our daughters can learn how to be concubines to old men. Give me a break! What kind of foolish statement is that? Are we only dealing with idiots on this post or what on here? If the church expected this I would have my kids out of the church promptly!!
I feel sorry for the kids involved, but Im not a sympathizer of polygamy and never will be. Morals are morals!!! I am getting tired of the propaganda.



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