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Texas: Order affects FLDS women, kids

Published: Monday, April 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I am a former law enforcement liason with Texas CPS. I have been following this situation and it appears that something is terribly amiss.
CPS has a directive to make every attempt to keep the family together.
If things are as they are claimed to be in the press, then the 16 year old who allegedly made outcry as to ongoing abuse should have been the only child to be removed pending investigation.
The removal of more than 400 children at one time is unprecedented. These children are being forced to undergo intimate physical examinations without cause, other than a fishing expedition by the state of Texas.
The conditions described that these people are being confined in would be deemed to be unsuitable for criminal detainees.
This has the appearence of being a complete travesty of justice.
I am not a Mormon, but my prayers are with these people.


These women and children are in a *shelter* correct? I ask because this is sounding more and more like an internment camp to me.


Give me a break about the religious freedom. Good for Texas! Unlike Utah, Arizona and Nevada, at least they have no tolerance for this religous group that continually breaks the law. This is NOT an issue of religious freedom. This is an issue of illegal activity. At the very least, the FLDS has a history of tax evasion and working the welfare system, and practicing polygamy. They are continually suspected of having "spiritual marriages" to underage girls which in the USA is considered sexual child abuse. Good grief, the Texas authorities have in custody a 16 year old who has had four babies with mostly likely a much older man!! Whoever supports this group is criminal themselves.


No communications? Not allowed contact with Moms or Dads? I have had foster kids beaten to an inch of their little lives, and even they got to see thier kids (supervised) until the courts severed parental rights. Put the abusers in Jail; not the abused. This is NOT protecting children, but making sure they cannot and will not practice their religion. Polygamy may be wrong, but so is hearing 400 plus kids into sub-liveable conditions like sheep, and then taking away their rights, one by one by one. They are treated as prisoners, when the real abusers are running free. Texas Justice at it's best.


"First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist. Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me." -- Lutheran Pastor Martin Niemller


This isn't about religion, this is about having sex with children, it is illegal.


Where are the men? Why aren't they asking for help from the Governor?

I have no doubt that they were in contact with the women inside, conspiring to make the CPS look as bad as possible.

Where are the men? Why do we not see them on TV asking for their children?

Why doesn't the Deseret News ask the women they talked to some questions like how old were you when you were 'married'?

Do you know any of the women who had babies at the age of 14 or 15?

Would you let you daughter be married to a 50 year old man at the age of 15?

Could we get some real questions instead of this tugging at the heartstrings stuff? That is easy. But in the end the welfare and rights of the children are the most important.

Big Youth

The Attorneys for the children requested the order, and it was granted. The moms have to contend with the fact that these Attorneys are not there to represent their interest, but just the interest of the child. They need to have their own attorneys. Its a three-way match.

Its all proper and correct


Amen! Texas Justice? Not. The Texas justice system is in disarray.


What about the 13th amendment: "Neither slavery nor involuntay servitude...shall exist within the United States..." And that includes the great state of Texas. Wake up, Utah and free the flds child-bride slaves in your own state.

Freedom Lover

CPS are now the real abusers. Can you imagine being a sheltered religious young girl who has never been seen naked, now being forced to undergo an OB/GYN exam, and not even having the right to consent or have your mother present, now that is abuse! CPS and Warren Jeffs are essentially equally evil.


Where is the ACLU?

Is the fact they aren't standing up for these people's rights telling?


Right or Wrong should not be what you are looking at right now. It seems to me that know matter what the state is intent on not returning the children to the families until they figure everything out. That means Foster Care, and with children raised in that fasion you can't just put them into a normal foster home and expect them to adapt. They are going to need homes from as close of an environment as posibble. Otherwise more damage will have been done to innocent children. The Members from LDS Church can give them that. The question is, is enough people from the church willing to step up to the plate for these children and take them in when the time comes for the State to place them.


The women making these statements cannot be trusted to describe the situation truthfully. They take welfare money as 2nd and 3rd wives. They KNOW how to work the system. Lying comes naturally to them as well as their husband(s)when they feel the situation merits it.

I applaud the state of TX for having the guts to do something about the abuse taking place under the facade of a religion. This is not a freedom of religion case it is about whether or not we are going to continue to allow the FLDS to practice sexual abuse against minors. I agree with Aztec...do we allow child sacrifice if it is part of our religion?

Don't let these women yank your emotional chain. It is what they are counting on.


Let me get this straight. They can't identify the accuser or the perp. Based on that non-information, from a non-accuser, Texas storms the compound,
and relocates all the women and children, separating the families and not allowing some women to have any contact with their own children. They then smash through the prayer circle to crash their sacred site and tantalize us with suggestions of ritual sex. Then, to make sure there's no contact with the outside (for their own protection, of course), they confiscate all the phones of the non-accused. Meantime, the unidentified dirty old men disappear into the Texas badlands or back to polygamy-friendly Utah and Arizona. This gets worse every day. I'm waiting for the report that it may have been a prank call and Texas has no case -- and has to pay millions in reparations.

Doug S

Frankly, considering that the Deseret News more or less threw the FLDS under the bus during Short Creek, I'm glad to see them taking a more nuanced view this time around.

It's one thing after another.

Texas has a "tiger by the tail" and I don't think any of them fully understood the magnitude and issues a raid like this would cause at the time the decided to go in. I feel that they are struggling to keep control of the situation, and the publicity, size and scope of case is killing them. The fact that they as yet have failed to identify the original caller who set off this whole thing is going to put all of evidence obtained from the search in question. The cell phone confications is just one more sign that this is getting away from them.

It is raids like this that caused the FLDS to become a closed society in the first place. They have become well pracitced at evading the authorities. Good luck to Texas they have a long way to go in proving their cases, all 416 of them.

History repeated

People in favor of the authorities are letting allegations of child abuse cloud their judgement. Child abuse has not been proven and is only heresay. The call was bogus and was staged for faked. In America you are innocent until proven guilty. Likewise for texas authorities to take these actions they better back it up with very compelling evidence. However they have none. This is what is called probable cause, it was not sufficiently proven. Thus this raid was unconstitutional.

Set aside the child rape and look at the other things for a minute. Ask yourself, is this the America you want to live in? Is this just and right. As does Lady Justice, put on a blind fold, look at the facts presented then weigh the options. Was this justified.

The Germans were tricked into condoning the actions against the Jews because they "make all the money." Hatred was built. America imprisoned the Japanese Americans because they were a threat to national security. Only problem is, these are circumstances of the government lying to its people. History looks back on these events with shame. Open a book, learn or repeat the mistakes of the past.

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I abhor abuse and believe what has happened within the FLDS Church is wrong in regards to its treatment of women and children. If there is probable cause, round up the abusers. This is one more example where victims are blamed for their abuse. At least they are being punished and having more rights taken away.

Of course they suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome within their compound and the women don't know a better way. Good thing Texas Child Protective Services is going to show them how wonderful their lives could be on the "outside."

These officials are playing right into the hands of the abusive men who tell the women that if they leave the outsiders will hurt them. By comparison their life was safer in the compound and the women and children will believe the men even more now.

Right - the women can leave and are "free" but if they do they cannot come back. Those who were missed in the raid can't come in.

Texas thinks they are a country unto themselves. No matter what, these women deserve their constitutional rights. The abusers and lawbreakers deserve to be detained, questioned and arrested; not the victims.

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