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Published: Monday, April 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Pondering the Past

Oh for the days that we went to "Derks Field" to watch the Bees play.


Shouldn't the name be "The Beehive"?

We humans are so weird.


"There are major 15 sports venues between Provo and Logan..."
Does anyone proof-read anymore?

How about

Why not have Larry H. Miller persuade some of the big boys at a profitable retail auto dealer to buy the naming rights to the stadium. It's intended to raise awareness of the brand and help consumers remain aware of the products offered by the sponsor. It could become the Miller Auto Group Ballfield and Park, or MAGBAP. A name, too, that the radio guys would undoubtedly love to say. Because sportscasters tend to be lazy and stupid, they would shorten it to "The MAG."

So what?

It's just a corporate sponsorship. Who really cares what it's named?


Let's rename it Dirk's Field and leave it alone forever.

@How about

That sounds like Raggmopp!

M-A-G-G B-A-P-P Magbap!

If you don't know what that is, you're way to young!


Energy Solutions...


I hope Franklin Covey keeps their name on it. For some reason I just think it has a nice ring to it.


The name should be THE HOUSE THAT BERNARDO BRITO BUILT ... too bad he ended up going over to Japan to play for the Ham Fighters; he really mashed the ball when he was playing in Franklin Covey.


How about something snappy like Radiation Storage Center of the Universe?


"Beehive" makes sense. But it is not egotistical enough for men with money to spend on their toys.

Utah is known as the...

you got it right class!!!


Beehive? Russ, you must have passed the 4th grade up or out test.

Marketing tool: Come to the Beehive for a Honey of a Deal

Too easy. I think the rich are still playing games with us. Name the park the Beehive and the public will think, at least briefly, that you actually care about Utah and our history and emblems.


I have a VERY hard time with modern sports. And I'm not even that old (31). I can't abide some of these names they come up with these days, changing every year. Gone are the legacies and tradition. Very sad. The ball field will probably end up being called some like Weinerschnitzel Park and then the next year it will be Convergys or Devry Field... Whatever it is, it will be hollow and lame and it won't last... just like everything in sports these days. Very sad.

Ronald A. Young

Can anyone say Gordon B. Hinckley Memorial Field.

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