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Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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To James: An excellent post!
Some of you folks are being very judgemental when you should be concerned about whether the state's actions are constitutional because the next time they may be coming to get YOUR kids!


If children are in jeopardy of being married off at age 14 or 15, the state of Texas certainly was justified in splitting up the families. Only time will tell what evidence will be unearthed. Remember, Jeffs split up families, excommunicating fathers and assigning wives and children to other men, simply because the father had some beliefs that differed from those that Jeffs taught. Not only should Texas take every step necessary to protect children but it also should enforce laws against polygamy, which would be a wise step for Utah and Arizona, too.


Bring forth the victim, without proof, the state or any other agency has no case. Until this person is brought forward all the state has is a trumped up case of hoax. The role of the CPS is in violation of all laws that the constitition repesents.

This is taking on the same grounds as it was with the Alamo. The larger force is out to destroy the smaller (not weaker) force.

The Texan

Gee, I wonder why Texas had to put an article in a paper to "unknown" parents. Could it just possibly be that there are a lot of children who are clueless as to who their parents are and worse yet, the parents won't claim them

You read it right. The FLDS are causing the problem. Gee I wonder what it says on the birth certificate? Maybe, even the FLDS don't know, that possible? Let the Texans sort it out, the FLDS aren't going to do it.

The Texan

"From the very beginning, we have been very careful and considerate to minimize the trauma to these children," said Darrell Azar, spokesman for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. "Yet we will never learn the full truth as long as adults who encourage a code of silence are standing over these children's shoulders."

This is a cult of brainwashed individuals. The truth is going to have to be pried out of them. Their church doctrine is abusive, why not try the church for it's abuse?
You stood and pointed fingers when people went after Catholic Priests. Ask them how this might relate to them, they don't even teach a similiar doctrine, but boy have their paid $$$$

To Jon

Thank you for your question. It fully gives the reason the children were taken. No responsible adult could be found.

Are these your children? Silence.

CPS has the right to take the children. End of story.


What about the need for due process - to show cause - before children are removed? Was this done in all 416 cases? Of course not. Authorities did not even find the person originally of interest. While there may be abuse - even sexual - the constitution for good reason requires due process and cause before a child (or anything) is deprived a person.

I fully support termination of parental rights when cause is shown - I do not support abuse - but we should realize what the government has done in Texas. Government is required to show some cause - even a shred of possible evidence - in every individual case. Depriving any person first and investigating later is prohibited. This is, or should be, a constitutional principle appreciated by everyone - even those of us who find the YFZ group's practices reprehensible.



I mean really now. The lamest of the lame excuses and apologetics for what is well documented. Jeffs is a freak. A convicted and jailed monster and he not only led but leads (documented by letters from the colorado city officals pledging allegiance to him while behind bars) the sheep to this day? ... systmatic shuffling of little girls to much older men. Only FLDSers could possibly be so desperate as to post just unbelieveble and horrible justifications.

To John

"Government is required to show some cause - even a shred of possible evidence"

Dear John, the case involves alot of minors. The state of Texas is not obligated to send you any evidence on your schedule. The public process starts Thursday April 17th. Tune in if you want.

Thus spaketh Warren Jeffs

In other audio clips, Jeffs tells girls that they should not date or seek their own husband, but that instead they should pray that they will prepared and will be given to a husband who will be faithful to the end.

To John

"Due process" Leave the children to be abused or????

Your question smacks of naviety.

Remove the children, resolve the problem. Make a disposition. It's called due process. Definitely not your version.


There is no Sarah and Texas says it does not matter. Such is due process in the state of Texas. Guilt is just assumed. Evidence does not matter. I fear for the FlDS because they are opposed by a ruthless state authority to whom fairness is an unknown quantity.


Possibly there is no Sarah, but here is how the law works. Let's say a car is pulled over for speeding. When the officer approaches the car, the driver acts some way, or the officer sees something in the car, that leads him to believe there is a crime being committed. The officer then has the legal ride to search the car. If he or she then finds, say, narcotics in the trunk, that's admissable evidence.
However, officers can't just pull over cars for no reason and search them. But if they happen to see evidence of crimes while they are conducting other work, they are allowed to act on that evidence.
The phone call from "Sarah" was the basis on which the police entered the ranch. Once inside, they saw other evidence of risk to children. As far as the children still being held, they will have to be identified before being given back to their parents. At this point, it's not known whose kids they actually are - some are children of people who were kicked out of the cult, some are the kids of people in other states.


Where are some of you getting your information. I have not heard on official comment regarding this group in Texas using government as*istance. They would know who the mothers are if that was the case. They would have birth certificates.

One of the fathers said he was 23. That is not a 50 year old man. Just because one woman who left the group married an older man does not mean all of those in Texas married older men. Where is the proof??

I saw lots of boys maybe 25 were put in a group home. They were not kicked out.

Also if I choose not to have disgusting music in my home and I reprimand my teen boy for that and he runs away this does not mean I threw him out.

I do not allow video games in my home not everyone agrees with that but should someone come in and take away all of the children in my neighborhood based on a crank call?

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