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Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The last paragraph says that she interviewed a woman/girl that said she was 18 and her husband says she is 18 but the CPS worker thought she looked 16. (I have a 17 year old that everyone thinks looks 12, that doesn't make her 12)
on page 3 by paragraph-first paragraph is continuation of page 2 (1)woman birthdate 12/9/89 - with a son born 8/1/2006
(2)woman 9/16/1988 two children 8/19/2005 8/12/2004
(3)girl alleges she knows a 16 year old married to a 40 year old (again this could be talking about the same 16 year old mentioned above)
(4) girl alleges she knows a 16 year old pregnant girl due in June that is married (possibly the same 16 year old yet again)
(5)interviewed girl who does not know her exact age but has a 2 year old and is pregnant. The eight year old child from first paragraph's allegations are again stated here, that there is a girl that is is 16 and has 4 children.

God Bless Texas

It would appear from this article that parents who have birth records can claim their children.

Others who refuse to produce such documentation in order to shield abuse because a mother was underage when the child was conceived, or because a "father" (physical sire) does not want to be unidentified, stand to loose custody of minor children. Is this not evidence of criminal activity?

If Utah and Arizona had done this years ago, millions of dollars in welfare payments could have been avoided.


Layola | 6:32 p.m. Apr. 13, 2008
I suspect the mothers are lying about who is their child, in order to protect the man.
They lie if they were legally too young to have a baby, without it being rape.
Lying for the Lord. Its been done before. Anonymous | 6:37 p.m. Apr. 13, 2008

So, Layola...is the man the same as Lord?


These poor women who have been born into this incestuous slavery need help. Is the LDS in Salt Lake City going to send missionaries to help to re-educate them? It seems to me that mainstream Mormons would have the best chance of conversing with these women and convincing them that what their men have been doing is wrong.

Robert Allen

I have taken the time to read all these comments because I think the story is a very important one, and the actions taken in Texas will certainly determine what action Utah and Arizona authorities take in the coming months with respect to the FLDS. My view is that Canadian and Sheila Peterson have put forth the best thoughts. The bond between mothers and their children should be of primary concern, with specific allegations, or suspicions, of abuse in individual cases being only secondary.


1)For those concerned about the newspaper posting of the legal actions: its been over a week since many of the children were taken from the compound. If their parents werent aware of what was going on at that time (unlikely, since the community was so close-knit), they should have gone looking for the kids the moment they got home to find them missing. If any caring parents children suddenly disappeared, wouldnt they have found them and been camped out in front of the civic center long before now, not just waiting--sans newspaper--at the compound with no idea whats going on?
2)As for whether or not the emergency call was legitimate, I say its better to be safe than sorry when a teenage girl calls with a terrified plea for rescue from rape. Its on the heads of investigators to be honest about whether they truly acted on belief of imminent danger to the girl. Id venture to say most of you with comments supporting the YFZ Ranch community are the same people who felt President Bush was fully justified in entering into a war with Iraq based on less evidence than the emergency response teams in Texas had.


I disagree, I think what is inhumane is that these mothers allowed their children to be married to older men and abused by them.


I agree that these women may need help and the LDS church may be the key on helping them. However; Do you really think they would listen to the leaders or the missionaries of the LDS church? If I thought it would help I would be the first to go to Texas and talk with the women and children and teach them the all that they would want to learn.


Canada, You sound more sensible and intelligent than anyone else posting!


If the children are taught to lie, don't know who their real parents are, or are afraid to tell the truth, it is the parents' fault. Any parent worthy of a child would be at the doorstep of where their child is held, identifying themself, their child, their child's other parent, the birth dates and ages, photos, etc.

Instead, these cowards are depending on lies, lack of cooperation, silence, changing stories, scripted testimony to "journalists," and whining about the accommodations my blood, sweat and tears has provided for their children while I struggle to pay the bills for my own child!

If they were so innocent, they would not have to resort to lies, hiding, tricks and scripted "testimonials." They would just be open and truthful, cooperative and transparent.

I have no pity on dads who have several wives, starting from when the women are not yet women, dozens of children they can only barely know, welfare checks coming in monthly and out of my wallet, and a different woman every night. Gee, how are they handling it?

I don't feel sorry for the dads. The moms need to be deprogrammed to be adults who can think for themselves.


Pretty presumptuous EP in comparing "supporters" of YFZ Ranch to President Bush supporters. From the reading of the comments I've done, I have not seen a lot of supporters, mostly people concerned with the rights of other citizens of the USA. There is not a 'cut and dried' solution to this terrible problem. Child abuse or adult abuse cannot be tolerated. Parental rights of citizens being taken away without just cause cannot be tolerted either. I agree that there are better ways of working with this solution. Prejudice regarding polygamy is evident in this situation. I do not like polygamy. I do not like a lot of things, but taking children away from parents to 'de-program' them is not the right of the government! Polygamy is illegal. So is illegal immigration. There are a lot less polygamists than illegal immigrants. Why aren't the same government officials rounding up children of illegal immigrants because their children need to be 'de-programmed'? Living off the government, collecting welfare, free education, free emergency room visits so the rest of us pay more, etc. hmmmm... let's have a witch hunt on everyone or no one!

RE: Curious

"Other than phone calls from an unidentified person, what is the evidence of mass abuse."


Hello? Other than newspaper interviews from unidentified people with no last names, what evidence is there that the children taken by Texas child service advocates is there of discontent? If we only take accounts from fully identified people with a full name and full identity, then we have no stories saying this raid has caused any issues.

How are the female sources the Deseret News is quoting any different from this unidentified teenage source? Answer: THERE IS NONE! No female FLDS member has yet acquiesced to allowing her full name being disclosed in a news story. Why believe them anymore than a secretive phone call? Any questions?


How about we find the 16 year old girl and help her. Then, let us figure out what it is that we have heard about religious freedom? Is it only if we all agree on the religion? Obviously the little children are not the girl that called. Why have they been taken away from their mothers? There should have been a better plan. I can't agree with the polygamist's religion or way of life, however, that does not mean they can't believe it. Children yanked from their home and mothers? That should not be tolerated. I don't know what really happens in their homes. Some former FLDS members have told about terrible things they experienced, but I don't know if I believe everything they have told. Former members of other churches have also reported or testifed what has turned out to be blatant lies about their former religion. Some people through a disagreement or something else, feel they have to tell lies about their former church. Church-bashing, I feel, has no place in a free America. Get the facts about child abuse, if any, prosecute harshly the abuser, then move on. Innocent should not be made to suffer.

obedience vs Bull Elk Syndrome

When the Lord's annointed Prophet abandoned polygamy as a practice in the late 1800's and forbid it, a few outlaws disobeyed and were excommunicated from their faith. Look what has happened as these fringe cults continued, and different groups led by the "Bull Elk " syndrome fought with one another commiting murder and other crimes. If they had followd their prophet in 1890 life would have been totally different for them. Obedience is the key to a blessed life. "Where there is no Prophet the people perish"... Women and children included.

Take of your blinders!

Many hours of investigation has happened here. If you think that officials could just waltz into this compound and take 416 minors away without just cause, you're on another planet. These people have been led and taught and commanded by Warren Jeffs, (even while he has been behind bars), on how to do everything! He was convicted on the very issues that are in question here and he admitted to these acts! Educate, yes, but, if you try to educated a drug addict while they are surrounded by drug users you aren't going to be very successful. You have to put a drug user in an isolated place and then get the drug out of their system, then you can begin trying to educate them. Then after lots of effort on everyones part, the drug addict might be able to slowly make their way back into society, but, rarely can they go back into the same home or situation without a relapse. Why would it be different in this situation. This cycle has needed to be broken for so long. I do hope the mothers and children who can be, are reunited soon, but safely!


parkcity | 4:26 p.m. Apr. 13, 2008
translation: we stole all your kids, because we have been apprehensive about having you as neighbors, but its really expensive housing all the kids we stole, so give us all your money.

i laughed. a lot. thank you.


I don't know Ms. Jessop and I can't say her book is true or false. Warren Jeffs is in jail, good! Anyone doing what he did should be in jail. He had a trial and a judge, I believe in a fair trial. What about all the things Ms. Jessop has told and accussed? They have not had a trial. Haven't we all read true and false things? How do we know the truth is in the book? Sometimes we humans want to believe outlandish things because they make us feel so bad and mad! We want to be outraged, lash out, help make a change. Sometimes we are told lies. I am not saying we are or are not being told lies. I am just hoping we are alert and can figure out the truth without 'believing blindly'. (book, polygamists, etc.)


Are you people serious? This is nothing but a example of a police state. CPS walked in and kidnapped these children under the umbrella of a court order. CPS is no better then the nazi's. None of you know what actually went down in that complex, so before you speak out in support of commen criminals, make sure you have your facts. All they have done is gone in and taken these kids. No criminal charges have been filed against the parents. yet they have lost there children due to speculation. So plz tell me when did the government decide they could burn the constitution? Is that not what they are doing here? This is wrong, and I pray to god a judge has the courage to step in and put a end to it, before these children's lives are ruined.


It's actually very compassionate of the state authorities to allow the mothers to stay with the children, given that the mothers are probably cautioning the kids not to say anything. And yes, it's all legal. They have the leader of the community convicted of the alleged abuse and they have an additional allegation of continuing abuse. That constitutes probable risk to children, and a judge has agreed. No one else will see the evidence obtained until the documents are filed in court; at that point they become public. So until then, why not just keep the hysteria down a notch?


If your child was missing, that would be a good clue, that you need to approach the authorities and report a missing child. Suggesting that parents will not be notified, accepts the premisis that these are bad parents, unaware that their kids MAY be missing.

Then you have 15 mothers who were missing durring a RAID that lasted most of the night and the next 5 days. This is rural Texas, where were they? Sleep'n around? Not likely, but on another compound. They had left their children there, that doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out.

Then someone here has figured it out! To claim a child will require DNA testing. They have reassigned so many families, that taking the word of the FLDS is SQUAT! Once claimed, you will ID mothers & those men who impregnated them. Also girls that concieved after April 2007 will be those married by Warren while he was on the Lam pursued by the FBI. More charges for Warren Jeffs & conspiracy charges for those who participated on the Texas Compound! There is much, much, more! The Faithful will have to chose between more charges against Warren or What they tell Texas.

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