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Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Yes, I am from Utah. (This is a UT paper.) I have been watching this unfold and believe that this could have been handled better, differently. But hindsight is 20/20, and I'm glad they decided to error on the side of caution and help the 16 year (mom).

For those folks that want to take pot shots at UT and AZ, you should read up on what they have accomplished over the past few years to try and combat this deplorable group of incestuous men.

Contrats to the three states for sending a consistent message to the FLDS brethren that rape/incest is illegal in UT, AZ, TX, and the rest of the US.

we talking incest

here ...are you guys still trying to defend this group while the whole world watches your sick rendition of LA Law.

Man Fraid

Canadian, you speak as if that ranch is a free place where moms, children can come and go as they wish. If they find evidence of abuse then case workers can and should move to protect the children. Then, let a court review and decide.

The FLDS bunch better be sure to have verifiable records. Not some stuff they created themselves.. They'll be challenged hard in court.

I smell both State and Federal charges coming.

The 'lone star' state has struck a mighty blow against the FLDS.

That compound should be declared off-limits to children!!!!

Yes to Canada

You have made the most sense so far!!!

Grandmother of 10

If not abuse of young girls or even abuse of grown women, why then is there a bed in their temple? I know of no other religion who have a bed in their temple.

Canada is right

Education is better than evacuation. No law suits because the state might require that all children learn of their rights by the time they are 8.


If children are being abused lock up all of the men. Let the mothers stay with their children until this is all sorted out. Why terrorize and punish the innocent children? Family Protective Services is a business and they protect their jobs just like any other business. Children are pawns in the system. More kids mean more employees, more employees means more supervisors and more money, and the beat goes on.
Where are all of the pregnant teens we have been told about? We have pregnant teens all over the U.S.where are the prosecutions of the abusers? There are more questions than answers in this entire mess!!!





I guess they now know that it would have been better to stay clear of the beast rather than try to bleed it. The beast will now turn and bite them in the behind.

I used to do computer forensic work and because of the sloppy and over zealous work that completely ignores our rules of law, there will be no convictions that will stick from this. No initial complaint victim, and a second source that is what looks like the typical unreliable confidential informant; leading to what amounts to a falsified request for the initial warrant, and then the fishing operation. They won't be able to use any evidence they find and the perps everyone hates will get off, saved by double jeopardy, and the dual state/federal jurisdictional ploy with the federal warrant will not work either, just watch.

OH and to all the self righteous souls out there: We do not have statutory rape in Texas, it is sexual assault with a minor; aggregated if they are under 14.

Anonymous II

Abusers should be prosecuted, absolutely. However, to accuse the whole church based on one (or more) allegation seems heavy handed. We know the Catholic church has problems with abuse. Does this mean we should round up the children of all Catholics? Or in the case of public school teachers who abuse their students, do we shut down the entire school? No. We prosecute the offending teacher. Perhaps we should focus on catching the abusers, and let the children go home.


I just hope that the court hearings and sessions are public and not secret so that nothing is hidden.
Those that are guilty of a crime should be punished. Whether it be abuse of another person or abuse of power.


I agree with Canadian.


And how much in public assistance has been paid to this sect each year with 400 children times approximately $200 per child dollars per month?????Is this how the sect maintained and built their compound? All the while committing incest & rape!!!


I've done hundreds of deliveries, and have yet to see CPS question any of my 16 and under moms as to the age of the fathers. How often does the state go after abortion mills who routinely commit abortions on minors to cover up the crimes of pedophiles? In both these situations, CPS could easily pursue the prosecution of pedophiles, but chooses not to. The selective enforcement of the law is extremely troubling.

I see the child victims of the foster system every day. Traumatizing 400 sheltered children in a failed foster system is equally troubling. How many of them will be physically or emotionally abused in that environment?

Keep them with their moms until proof can or can't be found, and put them in decent facilities, not the rudimentary barracks that have been provided. If the state chooses to disrupt a potentially large number of innocent families or family members, then it should pony up to the cost of minimizing the trauma.

Deseret News

Thank you for printing the "opposing" view letters. In the past your letters have skewed heavily in defense of the FLDS way of life. Most of my comments were edited out because of my outrage over the behavior of these cult leaders showing your clear insensitivity toward the victims and blind loyalty toward this renegade offshoot of LDS. Frankly this rallying around the cult mentality has influenced my feelings toward the mainstream LDS in my Arizona community. This defensive attitude does a disservice to the great people of LDS similar to the way the Islamic terrorists desecrate the good will of mainstream Muslims. I'm surprised and pleased in your change of course...


These 'fathers' & 'mothers' can read. They are smart enough to call social services if their children have been removed. They have been smart enough these years to keep this cult intact. The leaders own businesses and property, coerce 'the flock' into working in their business's w/o pay, committe welfare fraud (they collect on the 'single' mothers/children who are their spiritual spouses and children (or is that celestial) They have committed many vile acts and have apparently had the taxpayers blessings! These loving? parents dumping & abandoning their young sons like some would a stray cat or dog.

How long will the 'males'/leaders will stay in a compound w/o women and children to rule over?
How about the women who stayed behind with their man; are cries for children sincere or are they following the leaders orders?

Carolyn Jessop tells in her book & an interview on line that Warren Jeff's sodomized a little boy of five. She testified against him in his case. This is not about religion, it is a mafia/cult. Human rights have been severly abused. People have been brainwashed and lived with fear and didn't even know the difference. Right here in our country.

Moving forward

Simple solution: let the children stay with their moms and keep them the hell away from the dads. A sensible compromise is to let consenting adults stay on the ranch and continue to do their multiple wife thing. I really don't care what consenting adults do --gay, straight or whatever, as long as children are not involved in sexual activities. How about a federal law forbidding children to live in cults such as these where child abuse is a way of life. A pattern of pregnant teen wives on location would qualify as a forbidden child zone.

love it

The State of Texas is not going to hope that their "profit" will get "a revelation" of the legal proceedings and tell the cult, as is seemingly the singular/customary method of enlightenment with these people.

They have given notice the standard way via the paper's legal notices, as it should be. If these dolts are too ignorant/arrogant to keep up with the local news, so be it.


pages 2 and 3 show the findings of the CPS investigators. Read them carefully to see what they actually found that they considered the "most important" out of 416 interviews.
Remember they are being asked specifically if they know a 16 year old pregnant girl.
On the second to last paragraph on page 2, there is a 15 year old that says she "knows" a 16 year old that is married with one child and pregnant with another. (no 16 year old present but a 15 year old that knows a 16 year old)

Sheila Johnson

As a parent of 4 children, speaking from a mother's point of view, I think what you are doing in separating these children from their mothers is inhumane. I agree that the continued practice of polygamy is wrong. That the evidence of child abuse should be investigated and stopped. The state of Texas has gone too far in separating these children from their parents and causing undue pain and suffering. The children are innocent. There are better ways to handle the situtation.

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