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Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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To: Mike Richards

Apparently the FLDS stay in touch with one another quite well. If they do not subscribe to the newspaper posting the legal notices, perhaps they have read about it here as you did.

If not, then by now the concerned parents should have been in contact with authorities to tell them, yes, my child was taken. This is his or her name, and this is who I am and who the child's other parent is. You may contact us at this number.

A major problem with this situation is the apparent reluctance to speak out, be responsible, have your name taken, and work with authorities to have the situation rectified and children returned to their families.

How can a child be returned if the parents are hiding or refusing to give first and last names and documentation proving familial bonds? If it were my child, I'd be assembling every document and photograph, and giving everyone in the legal and child welfare system my name so they knew darned well where to contact me. That doesn't seem to be happening here.


Outrageous stories directed at polygamists... Not much hard evidence to go on... everyone involved has an axe to grind on one side of this issue or another... Is this Texas circa 2008 or Utah circa 1885?

I don't like polygamy and despise child abuse. But I honestly can't see through this haze at this point.

Heaven help us all!


Other than phone calls from an unidentified person, what is the evidence of mass abuse.

If the issue is polygamy, just say so, and prove that, too. Probable cause, arrest, trial, then sentence. Wrong order in El Dora..doh!

root of the problem

It is heartening that Texas authorities are focusing on the child abuse aspects of the case at this point; protecting these young victims must be the overriding concern.

However it will be a mistake to ignore the polygamy aspects. It is living polygamy outside the law that renders groups like FLDS clannish and closed to outsiders. That circumstance leaves the children isolated and at the mercy of the adults. The difficulty of recruiting new women into the group means the predator males will inevitably turn to the female children of the group. Any polygamous cult living outside the law is inevitably going to be an abusive environment for the children, the only question is the degree of abuse.

It is time to quit tiptoeing around the fact that POLYGAMY IS ILLEGAL. No one should apologize for enforcing the laws. No one should shirk from enforcing the laws (are you listening, Utah?)

Groups that insist on living polygamy should find a country that's laws accommodate their beliefs or work to change the laws where they live.

Otherwise the tragedies of Utah and Texas will be repeated.

the publish in the paper

Legal notices like this are place in the paper in addition to serving people in person. I seriously doubt that the women in the shelters and the people in the ranch haven't been served. It's not in the best interest in the state to not make a reasonable effort to serve them.
No one really knows what happened except the people who lived in the yfz ranch. I'd wait before hypothesizing. Everybody has an agenda. many ex-flds have such radical agendas as - not wanting to be raped, not wanting their kids to be beaten, not wanting to commit fraud and volience in the name of their "prophet", not wanting to have their wive(s) and child(ren) "reassigned" to other men. Moreover, regardless of whether or not they find the "girl", as long as the state can show that they had probable cause- all the evidence they are going to find is going to be admissible. 12 year old girls are people two. they have civil rights.

and there's so much rumor. Until the facts come out, wait.


If these old men want to have more than one wife, then so be it, but make sure they are of legal age. Not one that is brain washed from birth. Think of the feelings you would have to know your little daughter was being mulled by some old man? If any of you can't think this happens, take a road trip to Southern, Utah. Go into the Walmarts, grocery stores. Look at these woman and hoards of children buying baskets of food on food stamps. Come and take a look at these little girls with new babies. Do any of them have insurance? Who is paying for these old men to 25 children in one family? Why was Tom Green put in jail? He admitted to having teen brides. Why is Warren Jeffs in jail? Because he ran a stop sign? These woman and children need a voice, not brain washing. Thank You TEXAS!

Joe McManus

RuleOfLaw is absolutely right. This particular polygamous cult has been inbreeding for so long that the IQ of their leaders must be somewhere in the low-mid 50s. They leave Hildale/Colorado City where they were getting some heat after being tolerated for the 50 years since the Short Creek raid. But they move to Texas? They execute people for double-parking in Texas! What were they thinking you ask? Well, years of inbreeding have rendered them incapable of intelligent thought. These poor idiots are now facing extinction due to natural selection brought on by their bizarre lifestyle. What a waste of human lives. God have mercy on them.


I suspect the mothers are lying about who is their child, in order to protect the man.

They lie if they were legally too young to have a baby, without it being rape.

Lying for the Lord. Its been done before.


After working in CPS for overall 14 years, a agency needs a disclosure or evidence before going to court. Texas is no exception

we'll see

Lawyer up!
Every child will have one. The FLDS better step up and cooperate. Some of you may not like it, but there are numerous charges of rape and abuse.
It's not just one phone call.

And to the poster who thinks it's all a hoax, UH, what have you been smoking? Statutory rape is the charge for sex with a minor. Don't care what your religion is, ain't about that.

An observer

Some of the children are pregnant. There is no legal way they should be pregnant so rape has been committed. "Seems to Me II" should get real - Texas is doing the right thing.


Does this remind anyone else of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible"? A young unknown girl makes some allegations and , wow! what a witch hunt has ensued. I really think this is about religious bigotry when there are comments like "we have an entire community to de-program"


and the parents for the money in keeping these kids, it would just be getting back all the welfare they have been collecting anyways with all "the unwed mothers for government aid" but spiritually married. I dont care about the plural marriages but the child abuse and taking welfare while acting like they are above the law they deserve what they get.


By being subject to underage "spiritual marriage" all these children have been abused. Imagine being a 12 or 13 year-old girl knowing that you will shortly be married to some repugnant, 50 year-old male. Shame on the so-called "adults" of this sect.

It's time to expose the injustices committed against the women and children of this community. The weak and cowardly male members (improper to call them men) of the FLDS that hide behind the skirts of religion need to be rounded-up and prosecuted for their pedophilia.


Like I've said before, I hope Texas knows what it's doing. If not then in a year or so from now we''ll be saying "thank you Utah and Arizona for not doing what Texas did and costing us millions of dollars in law suits." Weed out and prosecute the abusers. As far as the polygamy part, were their marraiges sanctioned by the state of Texas or were they 'spiritual marraiges'? Can you prosecute them for polygamy if they were not sactioned by the state? I see this thing going to the Supreme Court.

i have a question?

if this a viable religion...where is it chartered or recognized? I want to contact their missionaries to hear their stance on how holy they are..their temple , garments etc. And where are the minority members? So that I can really feel for them , you know, you see , you know!


I think the best moms for those kids are their moms. The best homes for them are their homes. If you're worried about abuse, don't go in and take the kids. Go in and educate the moms on what abuse is and how to be better mothers. Why take the children from a whole community over one report of abuse?
Texas, you've failed them.


These women are taught to avoid all forms of media. Do the social service people really expect that they will see the newspaper notices?

Yes, I know it's been stated, that "word gets around" in the FLDS community, but, for all their talk of trying to be considerate of the faith/culture of the women involved, this seems rather an oversight.

For the record, I am not for or against polygamy. I am, however, against abuse, of people by their spiritual leaders, AND by their government.


The media is an interesting entity. Generally liberal, they vehemently support homosexuals and scream bloody murder if one of these folks are discriminated against. How is polygamy any different when it comes to an alternative life style? I DO NOT condone children giving birth to children, and if these men are having sex with 14 year olds in their "temple," I think they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But if we are just talking about polygamy among consenting adults, let's leave them alone - otherwise it's a double standard.


If these women are subjecting their children to sexual abuse (and the under-aged pregnant girls would indicate proof they are), then they are just as guilty as the men. May God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit be with these girls, and may they know Him and become saved by His grace.

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