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Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Mike Richards

And what is to be done for those parents who do not subscribe to that local newspaper? Are they to have their children taken away simply because they were not informed of a pending court case?

Are these human beings worth no more than cattle who can be driven as a herd by someone carrying a stick or a gun?

It's time that every American gets out of his easy-chair and demand that the Government abide by the Constitution - popular opinion be damned.


translation: we stole all your kids, because we have been apprehensive about having you as neighbors, but its really expensive housing all the kids we stole, so give us all your money.


These fundy mormons should have all gone to mexico and parts south so they could grease a few palms and avoid the rule of law. Big miscalculation just moving to texas.

Fire Power

Instead of "Remember The Alamo" it might be more like "Remember The Guantanamo Of Texas". How does one take all those women who went their children, "voluntarily", tell them you are going to help them, then publish a notice that you are attempting to sever their parental rights? How about some military tribunals to make it all look good?

Lay on the artillery and look for the family pieces later.

I'm not certain how declaring a default end of parents rights could be more personal. It would seem that if this is legitimate, then a counter-suits could also be served by simply publishing a notice to all would-be Foster Parents and involved officials that they are being sued by he FLDS and individual groups(makes it more expensive to defend)- the details coming later, after each infraction is discovered.


Thank you Texas for doing what Arizona and Utah won't.


How are these parents supposed to know when the hearing for their child is being held if the names of the children are not even listed? And when the parents show up, will they be questioned on whether or not they really are the parents as has been the case with some of the women?


These children have admitted to sexual, mental and physical abuse from the ANIMALS who are the older people in the compound. If it weren't for the Texas law enforcement officials, they would still be in their so called "TEMPLE" being abused by old dirty men who act on their desires under the guise of RELIGION. Come on, give Law Enforcement a break. They are upholding the LAW. It is ILLEGAL to have more than one wife, and is illegal to have sex with a minor. Get a life, people.


I'm still confused. Who is in charge of this ordeal. The State of Texas, FBI, or really good baptist.
Don't get me wrong the FLDS should be stoped from marrying off little girls. But the way Texas is going about this is wrong.


I'm certain the sheriff made sure the accused parents and their high priced criminal defense lawyers all received copies.


I dont believe that every single one of those children were abused or neglected, but if these mothers and fathers dont step up to the plate, cooperate and identify themselves and their children, then the State is going to consider that the children have been abandoned and take permanent custody. The FLDS are foolish if they dont cooperate with the investigation. Those among them who have not committed or contributed to these terrible acts will be able to get their children back. It is never worth sacrificing your own family just to protect those who are guilty.

Seems to me

It seems to me that all posters so far have forgotten that crimes have taken place. Warren Jeffs is already in prison for his crimes. If Jeffs as their leader allowed for child abuse and child rape and incest, it is not outrageous to believe that his followers will commit the same crime even if they profess religious freedom as the excuse.

Quit your delusions that this is about polygamy. It is not. This is about crimes against children including, rape, abuse and in the case of boys (polyg males don't like competition) abandonment.

To repeat myself. This is not about polygamy but about child abuse and rape. These same mothers allowed their daughters to be raped....RAPED.

Seems to Me II

Seems to me like you have listened to the media spin, and ex-FLDS who have an agenda, how many of these people do you personally know? How many have personally told you they were abused? How many of those stories are corroborated? You go on and on and on about what you think happened in there, yet, not one bit of it has been proved, not one bit of it has been justified!! You take such an holier than thou approach you make me sick. If you judge, then I want to know who gave you that right? The phone call is going to be proved a hoax, and then tell me, what are you going to do?


How I wish that the Deseret Morning News would not get involved in any way covering any aspect of this bizarre story. It contributes to the confusion. It is hard enough for the general public to realize this story is not about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, without the Deseret News adding to the confusion.... Leave the story alone, please!!!!!!

Man Fraid

Seems to me that Texas intends to challenge these mothers on their own true age and paternity to the children they claim.

If some of these women are now so concerned about the children's care, they should have being outrage about girls going up into the white tower at 13-14. They're in this with the adult men. Probably telling the girls 'be sweet'...shame


Well, that is the end of the calls to DNews reporters from the FLDS moms. The Trib reports that the women were told to turn in their cell phones under court order to avoid witness tampering, and if they refused the FLDS women could leave Fort Concho.


"And what is to be done for those parents who do not subscribe to that local newspaper? Are they to have their children taken away simply because they were not informed of a pending court case?"

Hi there, Mike Richards, you don't seriously think the parents aren't going to get the word on this, do you?

These people thought they'd be cute, committing crimes against children with impunity by playing dumb. Guess again, child abusers.

Seems to Me III

I agree with II, no evidence has been released to the public, just spins and expectations. Jane, where is the evidence for those claims that the FLDS are just animals(the treatment they are getting)?

We all think something wrong may have happened, but have seen no documents to verify it. Few would try to destroy or label an entire culture on the basis of unproven or minority allegations. We all live in some CULT(ure). Lets give it time and the truth will come to the surface.

The phone calls that supposedly started it all appear to be fabricated, either by design, or, hoax. It appears the man involved hasn't been in Texas since 1977. Not a good indication for the thoroughness or honesty of the investigation.


Its all to interesting how so many in utah want to throw out the baby with the bath water! The abuse is rampant! I was the FKS Child Abuse rep for utah & arizona 1996-2001 and had clients who were apostate FLDS. I lived then in Hurricane Utah 26 miles away. I have spent nights with friends up there and I have most of their doctrine in Text and on Audio.

Then in blogs mostly in Utah, the apologist and constitutionalist are crying foul, thowing very little about what goes on inside!

Seems to me

Warren Jeffs was CONVICTED in the event that you do not pay attention. Did he have crimes of which he was proven guilty? YES. Did Jeffs command that underage girls marry relatives (fumerase deficiency is the end result)? Yes. Oh geez, I must be nuts to believe that such would happen again and again when the leader leads in such criminal actions. The parents that allow it are just as guilty.

And yes, I have corresponded with former polygamist women. While you can ignore the abuse they experienced, I cannot nor will not.

I hold no holier than thou approach, but base this new situation on track record of the group. God gives all the right to judge in righteousness. Try reading your bible. I don't see any commandments stating that children should be forced to marry while children giving birth to children either.

Again, it's about abuse. Perhaps you believe your prophet enough to sacrifice your children to him, but I refuse to check my brain at the door. Again, it is in the track record of the group.


The proof is in the pudding, if these mothers care enough about their children, and most of them are with the children and about three are at the ranch, these mothers will take ownership. If they really want to claim their child, they need to have the courage, especially if they are under 16, to stand up and say, this is my child. The 16 year old mother is not at fault, if they find out that her child was fathered by someone older than 18, then the law is broken. If these young mothers will not step forward to claim and to prove they are the mothers, then they can consider these children abandoned in my opinion and put them in foster care and up for adoption. The only people at this point who need to sweat are the adult fathers and parents that placed their young daughters into these marriages. If they find nothing happened, then there is egg on the face, but based on the past in this group and others in Utah, I would be very surprised if they didn't find sexual abuse.

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