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Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Ben M.

"Boo-hooo-hoooo. The mean old state of Texas is trying to stop us from abusing our daughters." Geez, people! These people brought all this on themselves. Do you really feel sorry for a "father" who worships Warren Jeffs. Go read some of the vile things Jeffs preached. Jeffs and now the new "prophet" have the right to take a family from one man or woman and assign it to another. Girls marry who they are told to marry shortly after puberty. Boys are competition for the old men, so they are kicked out. This bunch is about one thing: Domination and control of women. Nothing else. To even use the term religion in association with these people is a joke. Not one of those kids should ever be sent back to that place.

To Derrick

The reason Eldorado didn't use city buses is because they don't have any. School buses would be small, or very few. Eldorado is a tiny town, that's why buses from the church were used, as well as other buses. Do FLDS people believe they are Christians? If so, why do they fear other Christians? Nothing has been mentioned about the group of women who are sewing a quilt for each child, so they can cover up, snuggle up, or whatever they want to do with it. The women aren't FLDS women, so perhaps the quilts won't be wanted. This whole thing is sad.





Human Females and Human Males


NOTHING printed in any paper indicates that Richard impregnated a just pubescent girl. Nothing at all. In fact, we have nothing that says he individually did any misdeed whatsoever.

Just because he lives next door to, or even in the same house as someone else who is alleged to have committed the crime, HE is not a suspect until some specific evidence is found that is related to HIM, individually, as a single person.

In America, we disallowed legal guilt by association long long ago.

Now, would you like to search for the probable cause that is specifically related to Richard? If you can not find it in a nano-second, regular American justice demands one re-united him with his family.

leave them alone

you people need to leave the flds alone. our god will see them through this and texas will have to come up with some answers.and no child abuse is wrong and i will not support it one bit......


I'm amazing anyone thinks the State's case will "unravel". Fact is, unlike the FLDS, they have an unlimited source of income they don't even have to work for: the taxpayer dollar. The State can keep spending resources and money on this case until they win, no matter the cost. No matter how many real rapes are reported and ignored. No matter how many llegals cross over and blend into society and get on the welfare dole. No matter what other crimes are being committed by others. They want to set presedence, so that they can do this later to whatever group they want. What was illegal is made legal through force and the idea of "well, we did it before, so we can do it again".

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