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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Maybe since the Texas Rangers are practiced up on raiding Churches they can now ransack the Catholic Churches in Texas and remove all of the altar boys into State custody. I'm sure that would go over well. I don't agree with the FLDS, but if you agre going to raid every Church with a sex scandal be prepared to face a long legal fight with numerous Church/State ethical questions. You'd think after Waco, Texas would have learned a few things.

Fact vs. Assumption?

We jumped into Iraq based on the assumption there were WMD. Texas Ranges ripped children from their parents based on assumptions. Texas seems to generate a mind-set of act first and think second. Clearly abusers needs to be punished and punished harshly. There had better be compelling facts to back-up the actions of ripping all children from their mothers...


I'm just glad that this wasn't in Waco, Janet Reno wasn't involved and there was no fire.


As a God fearing person, I believe Jesus is crying about how these people can call themselves Christians. It sickens me that these people think they are doing God work when they are forcing 13 year old girls to have sex with 50 year old men. All people are evil and you can not escape that by being in a compound and cut off from the rest of the world.

What they are doing is RAPE, and no amount of "understanding" will undo that.

B Young

They should have stayed in Utah, where their polygamist lifestyle is mainstream, legal and approved of.


I just think it is to early to make a judgement. If one little girl was abused the it was worth it. I say wait and see and hold judgement until then.

Alek Hidell

Brainwashed women raising brainwashed children, all the result of a few sexual-perverted men hiding behind the cloak of religion, who want to sleep with teenagers and slap them around from time to time for the fun of it.
And we thought muslims were bad . . .


If there is any chance of children being sexually abused then something has to be done. The parents that voluntarily marry their young daughters to old men are brain washed and not looking out for the best interest of their daughters.


What I'd like to know is: Where is the 16 year old that made the complaint? If they don't have her, then they don't have any legal basis for doing their legal illegal raid. Where is the complainant?

I think in the end Texas will end up paying through the nose for this travesty. Is it just the first of many trials to see how far they, Texas, can go in taking away religious freedom?


America is lost.


Make no mistake. This action was not necessarily to protect the children. It was an excuse for a deeper motive of the Government of Texas. The action, like Waco, was an effort to stretch and test the limits of the Texas constitution and the Constitution of the United States. Also, the first amendment does say that CONGRESS shall MAKE NO LAW, regarding the ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION. I don't believe the government has the right to tell any faith they can't practice polygamy. What it can do is protect prosecute people for hurting others. NO PROOF HAS BEEN BROUGHT FORTH in this case. The FLDS's culture is diffent than the vast majority of the rest of America. That doesn't make their culture bad. Just different. If they are breaking laws concerning rape, statutory rape, physical abuse, incest and or marriage before coming of age, then the State of Texas can do something. Otherwise, leave'em alone. I agree that the men should've been taken off campus, leaving the women and children there.


Oh by the way Pat (7:30 a.m. Apr. 13, 2008);
Polygamy is not a religion; it is a cultural practice where a man has two or more wives.
That fact that this group cloysters and brain-washes their children and then has 13 year old girls marry old men has nothing to do with polygamy.
And another thing; do we see anybody complaining about the atrocities perpetrated on women and children in Islamic countries? These are most horrendous but of course we can't say anything because that might be contrued to be Islam-a-phobic. But it't alright to bash people if they are in anyway identified as christians, however remotely.


The children should be taken away from their mothers as well since the mothers support having their under 16 year old daughters wed older men in a pologamy marriage arrangement. The moms are sex abusers of the girls as much as the older men. Like it or not, none of those kids are going back to their parents.

What do....

these Beautiful Women see in these men? How could they have such strong control over these women? What a sad sad deal...


Outrageous! How can we stand idly by and let this happen in our country! Can we really let this happen in America? I will not, and cannot, think that we can seriously let this go without serious repercussions toward the Texas law officials who actually directed this action. Reprehensible! Who's next? The Amish, the Mennonites, the Mormons, the Jews, the Jehovah's Witnesses? Fear NOW for your country.


Where are the men?? They are the ones who broke the law. Saw a expose' on TV a couple of years ago about these pologimist. The men have 12,14,16 children, from several different wifes, and they are all on welfare. The women won't say who the fathers are, and the state pays welfare. The women are brainwashed by the men and so are the children. I do not want my tax dollars to pay for a mans "right" to have as many children as possible from several wifes. Do you really think that if wefare wasn't there, that they could afford to pro-create these days, like they do?? Not to mention the insest that is rampent amoung the sect,first cousins married to first cousins,etc. and old men marrying young girls. The men have and love the power they have over the women and children, and they love having the power of multiple sexual relationships for themselves. What happens if one of the women decided they want muliple relationships with other men ??


"Don't forget that they found a bed inside the temple to consummate the marriage. That's just wrong."

Then they should have arrested and sequestered the bed for being complicit.


I hope at least some of these kids now have a chance to live a normal life, something they didn't have before...it might be hard on the kids for a while, but children adapt quickly and cope well with change...

BTW- maybe they'll be able to go the movies or play baseball for the first time!


Don says it so well
Reading the vicious comments over the past few days,
it clearly portrays the hatred that sits just under
the surface in peoples hearts. Punish the offending individual, if the facts are there. But to destroy an entire community is beyond the pale.The Native Americans know exactly what is being done in Texas.
In the late 1800's, this same "Program" being used
against these people today, was used to "Deprogram"
the Indians, and break them from the "Old Ways", of
their people. They were ripped from their families,
and sent far from them. They were not allowed to even speak their own language, of worship as they belived. History is repeating itself. Now the story
is coming out, that the purported phone call, may have been a hoax. If this proves true, then what. Will the State of Texas change their story as to why
they conducted themselves in such a tawdry manner, and how will they justify themselves. At least in Waco, Texas and the Feds got to burn up the evidence.

K. Wright

I think the evidence lies in the pregnant bellies of so many minors who are already parenting multiple children at 16 and 17. I am proud that Texas has rescued these children from predatory men and women who look the other way, and/or aid and abet their crimes. Let's not forget the beds in the temple where these little girls were being raped. As one Texas trooper said, when you have a 16 year old girl, pregnant, with 3 other babies, well, you do the math. It is obvious there was a whole community working to groom these girls for their eventual rapes (it is rape in Texas), and then protect their attackers. In such an environment, it is not hard to consider the difficulties a young accuser would face in coming forward at this point. I don't think these complaining mothers will find much sympathy in Texas, and as far as suing the state--bring it on. We don't put up with this kind of crap in these parts. They got their 4 years of due process, and then we got the call that allowed us to move in and free the captives. God bless Texas!

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