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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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This sounds like a Nazi Germany. Lets also get it right they took all the kids people not just this 16 year old who supposedly called. So take all the pregnant ones leave the rest!
Does anyone really think they are better off at a foster home? These parents have a God given right to their children. And they are INNOCENT until proven guilty. Well that was I guess long past. We shoot first and ask questions later. If I was one of those mothers I would be sitting in jail right now because they would not have taken my kids w/o fight!
Oh the ones judging why they live the way they do...hmm do you also judge those with alt lifestyles. Live your life the way you want in the end God will be the judge. I believe in right and wrong. These people are not perfect but they have a right to live in peace. So what if they want to be separated from society. Sometimes I do to there are a lot of behaviors I do not want my kids immitating. Good thing I know my rights!


commonsense1 | 4:24 p.m. Apr. 13, 2008
The inability of the FLDS to be honest and upright US citizens with something as simple as who their family members are, is indicative of the secretive, illegal practices and beliefs they espouse. The police evidence will show the abuses are more numerous than a few underage marriages.

It's time to turn on the lights and expose the injustices committed against the women and children of this closed community. The weak and cowardly male members (improper to call them men) of the FLDS group need to be rounded-up and prosecuted for their pedophilia.


Spot on.

These people are not "honest" at all!

They cannot even answer, in a straightforward manner, a simple question about who their family members are.

And the best their defenders can do is say: "Other people abuse too!"

Is that any justification?!! Are they serious!?

The difference between this and sexual abuse outside the ranch is that most people wouldn't come online to vehemently argue that sexual abuse outside the ranch is a "peaceful" activity.


Wake up people. Texas was already funding this "self reliant" home. These folks were receiving hundreds and thousands of dollars in welfare, WIC, etc. There is proof. And as to the Fathers and Mothers, they are laminting the loss of their children. Maybe when the officials said "whose children are these", they should have stepped forward. Instead they are "pleading" thier case in the media. And thier high powered expensive lawyers are now spinning "freedom of religion" garbage. Worship of God is not the issue. Making 16 year old girls and younger, marry 50 year old men is illegal, period. Having multiple wives is also illegal. Teaching your wives that it is okay to cheat the government because it is evil. Not the real issue of as a man...I have too many wives and children and I can't provide for them...that is just wrong on many levels... I feel for the children and for the many 14, 15 & 16 year old girls (not women) that are pregnant - it isn't good when you find out your parents lied to you, no matter how many mothers and fathers you have....


My heart goes out to these mothers, and all I can say is God have mercy on the souls of the beasts who did this dastardly act! They WILL get their reward!


It is abusive to force a young girl to marry a middle aged man who has a bunch of other wives. How could any mother want that for her daughter unless she has been brainwashed to believe that is what God wants. This whole religion is just a hoax to give men the pleasure of having sex with multiple women, and in many cases practically children. I think they should have taken the men away and locked them up, and left the mothers and children together. Then had counselors come in and educate them about what rights they have and whether or not they really want to live this way - especially the young girls who haven't been married off yet. They also ought to teach these mothers that it is not exactly loving to have your sons sent away or deprived of a normal life just so that some middle aged pig can do what he wants without competition or so that the girls have no other option than to give their young lives to a selfish, sadistic egomaniac. This is America - where all people are supposed to have a right to the pursuit of happiness.

Read the Book!

Those who scream 'Religious Persecution' need to read Carolyn Jessop's book "Escape" (then Jon Krakuer's "Under the Banner of Heaven"). Carolyn gives her personal story of what it was like to grow up in this 'cult' (as she calls it). After reading it, it sounds like the FLDS men (especially the self-proclaimed prophet, etc) have the perfect scam going. Scare the hell out of everyone (namingly the women & children) into a future of eternal damnation if they are not 'perfectly obedient' to their husbands/the prophet. These men have truly lost focus (if God really was it to start with)...they seem to worship the Almighty Dollar. This sect has millions...the women & children are forced to hand over anything they receive (welfare), live in poverty, therefore ensuring their EVIL leaders' pockets remain fat. The men, especially those 'in charge' should be the ones punished. I believe these women and children will definitely have a place in Heaven for all that they have endured and their abiding faith in God. I think that most of these men (Warren Jeffs and Merril Jessop, etc) deserve the opposite. They have truly perverted what it means to have faith in God.


Why are men so controlled by sex that they would go to this length to get a constant access to the youngest of our girls? Makes me want to slap every man I see.


I just hope the judge that issued the search warrent has credible grounds for it and did not do it as a favor or on pure hearsay evidence.
If you cannot trust a judge to follow the law then no one in government can be trusted.

joe a

This article by Nancy & Brian is way off base. I have been in San Anglo a lot the last week. The people of Texas are taking very good care of the women and children. The men of this group are nothing but pediophiles. Nazi Germany my left foot.


wrz - 'I'm sure there are dirty old men lurking in perhaps Dallas, Houston, or Fort Worth. Do you see Texas law enforcement emptying those communities of all their children?'

I would hope in Texas and any other state the law enforcement would step in when 'fathers' and others are abusing women and children.

Read Escape by Carolyn Jessop.


It's another Waco Texas, Ruby Ridge, or countless other crimes perpetrated upon innocent people who are deemed "different" by the federal, state, school, local and county governments .. The problem is the folks in the FLDS compound took hold of their valises and boarded the boxcars without complaint. Didn't something similar happen maybe sixty years ago in Europe somewhere? Oh, I should have known--- the raid was for the good of the c-h-i-l-d-r-e-n. Now that the children are under direct government ownership, they'll never be abused ever again.. poor things...

Remember Jane Reno

Interesting.. remember Janet Reno using the fbi to grab the boy from Cuba so he could be sent back to be with his father, and essentally brainwashed for life. Our government did this with no knowledge of his home in Cuba, yet our government breaks up American families?? While polygamy is wrong, it is also wrong to strip children from their parents. This must be investigated by all sides and the children who were not abused need to be returned to their natural parents NOW.


I see where terms of common law marriage, polygamy, spiritual marriage. When these women/child brides go to apply for social services/welfare and 'free' subsidies, how are they labeled? Single mothers. How honorable of these male abusers. Not only do they abuse, but they committ fraud and from the reading of these posts, apparently have gotten away with it with many tax payers blessings!


It's outrageous. It's only because these people live outside the society that is controlled and monitored by our police state.

I don't agree with this lifestyle, but I don't agree with the gangbanger lifestyle, the slacker lifestyle, the surfer lifestyle, the city-slicker lifestyle etc. But as long as people live within reasonable laws, they should be left alone. Polygamy is a choice between consenting adults.

NOW, in cases like the single one reported, yes, law enforcement should intervene. But this blanket attack on a community should not be tolerated by a just nation.

Michael R

King Soloman, who God favored, had 700 wifes. What's the problem? What ever happened to freedom and independence for God fearing, quiet people in this land of the free? If a teenager got raped then arrest the perp. Why do jack booted Texas thugs arrest innocent women and children who weren't hurting anybody? Taking babies away from their mothers? What is this? Nazi Germany?


At least the Government Storm troops did not burn these women and children out like Janet Reno did in Waco. Who's next. Maybe the authorities might not like what the catholics are doing, or maybe it will be the Baptists. Maybe it will be you.


How about the sixteen year old who called authorities back in March, does anyone know where she is? Doesn't this worry anyone? This outfit sounds more like a mafia operation all the time.


There is something not right with what the Texas authorities did. I spent may years in Arabia they also take many wives. Ive heard not griping about that. We get our oil from them and the government deals with them everyday. Maybe we should insist that our goverment not deal with Arabs.
Where were the warrants of particulars? Something really stinks. Didnt they learn from Waco, or are we really slaves serving at the whims of authority. The great American experiment seems over. With lies being bantered about as truth, and elitists seeking to control all others, with the excuse of socialism. I do not like what these cops did at all, I hope someone sues the pants off them.

kitty hogan

Oh good grief....come into the year 2008. Stop making little girls get married and have 8 kids! Let these kids have a normal life with FREEDOM...the men who run this phony church all seem to be perverts...........do what's right for your babies and stop believing the nonsense this "church" preaches.............


It was very telling that they took away the children in Baptist Church vehicles.

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