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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Boo hoo,

If she wanted to keep her children she should have answered the police officers.

These people have no qualms in using the "police" in Colorado City/Hildale to do their nasty bidding; yet now they can't cooperate with a simple police question.

Inbreeding and teen marriages, lost boys and all this under the watch of Merril Jessop, the villain of the true-life story "Escape!" (by his ex-"wife").

I have no sympathy for these people.

These children deserve to be taken away and brought up in homes where they will learn that black people are not "monkeys" (gasp!), education is not a sin, and that the purpose of life is not to accumulate a many sex partners as possible.

David Mittelstadt

How interesting that the government is so concerned for 400 children that it would remove them from their mothers, while looking the other way for decades as over 30 million children were murdered in a wave of genocide in this "free" country.


Merrill Jessop is a liar... Just pick up the book ESCAPE written by one of his wives who did just that... The women undoubtedly love their children but they have no voice and must allow their daughters to be 'wedded' to these men old enough to be their grandfathers. (And what about the Hundreds of lost boys that get sent packing every year because they are competition to the old bulls?) These "husbands" have all the power... It's sad that it has come to this. I'm glad something is happening for these women and children who have no voice or a voice that speaks only what they have been taught to say.
Carolyn I'm praying for Betsy...


Do Texans always shoot first and think later? They screwed up with Waco to... And child protective services has NEVER been a champion for children :-(


Have they found the 16 year old girl? What if they don't find her or it is proven to be a hoax?

Does the government pay for the mistake? Why did they take all the children if they were just looking forr a 16 year old?


Lucy, somebody got a whole lot a 'splainin' to do!

Due Process

Usually, when a crime is alleged; a search warrant is served. When probable cause is found, the search warrant is expanded to match the new evidence. After the guilty are identified, they are arrested and the rest go about their lives.

In this case, we have a 'phantom' accuser. Now, there is this irritating little scrap of paper called the US Constitution that says that we have a 'right' to face our accuser. We are also living under the "innocent until proved guilty" type of law - except if you are FLDS.

If you are FLDS, you can have an unsubstantiated phone call cause 400+ people to be rounded up like animals, and forcibly separated. The parallel to Nazi Germany is uncanny. Instead of Jews being rounded up and shipped off, their property seized without charge or trial, we have the FLDS group.

Why bother with a trial? The papers have found them guilty, as have some people here. Is Warren Jeffs a criminal? Yup. But, he got his day in trial.

What ever they do to the FLDS, they can also do to YOU. I'd suggest we follow our Constitution, it's served us well for 200+ years.


One reader wondered how much government assistance these people were receiving. Likely no more than those living in New Orleans. As much as I disagree with their FLDS religious social practices they are known to be hardworking and independent. I would like to see how many Muslims in this country with multiple wives have their doors crashed in searching for evidence of child and spousal abuse. The law should be applied equally to all.


Read Escape by Carolyn Jessop. Published last year. Merril Jessop is a madman.


These saints are just the newest victims of the New World Order. They are lucky that Janet Reno is not in charge, or they would have been burned alive as in Waco. These are moral people seeking privacy and peace. I don't share all of their beliefs, and you don't share mine. But I still believe in "due process of law." What we have here is the Iron Heel of Tyranny. These Mormons don't advocate gay marriage or serial divorces -- they advocate marriage, committment and family values. I have met polygamists and their happy wives. Although I myself wouldn't want to have multiple mothers-in-law, that is their business and not mine. I have seen more wholesomeness in polygamous households than I have in what passes for marriage in contemporary America. THOSE WHO LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES ------------------ SHOULDN'T THROW STONES!!!!


Buggery, prostitution, porn, adultery and other deviant behaviors are legal but POLYGAMY now that is a REAL crime.


Religion is destroying civilization.. Anyone who defends polygamist practices must either be a woman who thinks little of her sex or a man. You may have the "right" to follow religious practices, but that doesn't give you the "right" to degrade women or abuse children.


The one thing that has confused me about this story from the start is how the grown women (not the girls) would continually tolerate the abusive system portrayed in the press. It just seems impossible to believe that in a community this large, some women wouldn't come forward and demand an end to it. Maybe the reason is, the allegations aren't true, or that we aren't being told the whole story.
At this point, I really don't know who to believe. The mistake the government made at Waco was that, instead of simply arresting Koresh (which they had every opportunity to do), they forced a showdown with an entire community. I hope maybe they learned something from that.


the last time there was a raid in Texas of a religious camp the government burned women and children alive. At least the Dems were not in charge of this illegal raid.


It is sad to see how many people are fooled by this groups play for sympathy. FLDS is not a religion. It is a criminal organization that traffics young girls and women into sexual slavery. When the children involved reach adulthood they deserve the same right to freedom and self determination that every other American has.


Polygamists are all pedophiles


Hellloooooo -- Earth to FLDS -- polygamy is ILLEGAL!! It isn't fair to the women or their children but I'm sure the men love it since they created it. These poor women are brainwashed from birth; they are not responsible for this travesty of a religion. It's always the men who have to have plenty of backups -- women know better. Remember, "gentlemen", what you sow is what you will reap. You should all pray that God is merciful because you men are all violating His will.


Hal | 12:32 p.m. Apr. 13, 2008
===What I don't understand is why the FLDS were so secretive about their lifestyle?===

My guess is that they wanted to live apart so as not have their children influenced by the immoral world that we see around us.

===If it was so wholesome and God-fearing and honest and wonderful, why not just live in mainstream society and just practice your religion like the rest of the Christians do?===

Maybe for the same reason the Amish, Mennonites, etc., want to live apart.

1. If the mothers had answered the police, they would have been left with "their" children.

They refused to answer (as did the children).

It is their fault.

2. Don't even try to compare these people with the Amish. There are two reasons to hide: to beark the law or to stay pure. They sure as heck weren't the latter.


Define the difference between a cult and a religion. A cult takes away human rights...if these leaders hadn't been so busy getting rid of the young men, abusing & brainwashing the women and children they wouldn't be a situation as now. These 'men' stole these peoples human rights! The people worked in the leaders 'businesses' without pay to proser the leaders and did not have a say in the matter. Read Carolyn Jessop's book, Escape. Then those of you who want to still say 'leave them to their own lifesytle' should have to go and live in it for awhile. Read Carolyn Jessop's book, she testified in the Warren Jeffs case...a tip of the iceberg.

Marie Mrow

Sooo surprised that the state government is shocked, shocked that 15 year old girls are having sex and getting pregnant. Go into any city and any rural area and find untold numbers of teenage girls, victims of state-sponsored sex education and in-school birth control clinics, pregnant, caring for babies, no thought of a husband, no one supporting these girls or their children but the state. Who had more "choice" regarding their lifestyle -- the compound girls married off at young ages, or the young girls on the outside using their sex appeal for male attention?? Funny how one is intolerable to the state, where the other is heavily funded, and therefore, encouraged.

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