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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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---Having sex with another besides your legal lawful wife and telling someone about it and having children by another woman is called, under the law "common law" marriage. You are married to more than one person.---

Let's see... So, if two high school kids had sex, had a child, and told someone (a parent, Priest, or counselor) about it they are married? Is that your point?

---I called it adultery.---

I call it a rather common occurrence.

Former Texan

I've had close friends in Texas falsely accused and then abused by the Texas dept. of child protective services (whatever its exact name). Both families went through tremendous grief and fear because of false accusations.

In one case, their children played barefoot in the front yard of their home, and so a neighbor accused them of neglecting their children, and the agency threatened to take away their children. That was the full extent of the "crime" and the evidence, and they nearly lost their children.

So it comes as no surprise to me (or to Texans) that the state over-reacted so dramatically.

As egregious as polygamy and underage marriage is, Texas took the wrong action. They should have rounded up the men. But instead, child protective services got the call and sent in the cavalry.

Seriously, Deseret News

No more "first name only" stories. For the love!

Perhaps it's all right to use a single-name source sparingly to crack open a story. Day after day, though? You've lost credibility, Deseret News, when you abandon journalistic ethics repeatedly.

Tell your news sources this: Tell me your first and last names, or your comments can't be used in the news. It's as simple as that. If the things they have to say are as important to them as they're saying here, they'll let you use it. If not, then why present this shoddy, ambiguous story to us?

If there are dozens of Monicas, Shannons, Andreas, Virginias with no last name out there clamoring to be hear by your readers, then tell them this, as well: You expect credibility in the public eye by requesting anonymity, yet you're asking us to deny the believability of an anonymous phone call from one of your fellow church members? GIVE ME A BREAK!


I think whatever this eventually costs will be worth it to get a look at what is happening inside these human puppy mills (as someone previously said). And I think it will be worth it to get a good look at the impotence of the LDS as they stand by and point fingers at FLDS while hoping no one will notice that that IS the teaching of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young that's turning the nation's stomach now as it did then.


Listening to thest interviews, religion isn't the issue here. It is a cult, people's human rights are being taken away from them and they are fearful of the 'outsiders'. Young boys and men are chased off to leave the females to the older men. This is atrocious! Action is long overdue. These women and children in the shelters will not be there forever, there is work that needs to be done. As free citizens, we must support our freedom. These people are held by fear, alienation and punishment. If we don't keep citizens rights free, then we will all eventually suffer.


I agree with 4:46. It is hard to feel sorry for these people.

They are perverse and corrupt with their sexual slavery and now they want to whine they are being mistreated by the immoral outsiders, denied of their rights.

I think we traveled that path before - 1861-1865. Sorry FLDS, this war, like the other, is one you are destined to lose. Get in line behind the Confederate flag wavers to complain.

Alf, Fred, others

Having sex with a minor is against the law.
Whether you people think it's "spritual marriage" or not. It's an abuse of power.


Leave it to the government to goof this up. As mentioned by others, why terrorize these children? Find the men clearly identified as abusive and haul them away.

Senior with Wisdom

Since when is forcing 14 year old girl to have sex with men 17 years old or old enough to be her grandfather not a crime? Sure sounds like a lot of conditioning reflex and brain washing went on in this church.
Sure sounds like another Jonestown, right here in the US. Stepford wifes..just plain weird.


Any mother who allows her minor children to be used in ritual sex is complicit in my opinion. I don't think the adult females should automatically get a free ride here. The adult women were not raised here. The news said this place was built in 2004. The grown adult women over the age of 22 have seen life on the outside. They should know better.


Why is our government in love with the idea of taking children away from their parents? Maybe because Marx loved the idea as well. One complaint is made by one child and yet over 400 children are confiscated like animals.
For all of you who are oh so happy that all of these lives have been destoyed, remember; next time it might be your child that is ripped from your arms forever. A Marxist government doesn't play favorites.


If this had been a bunch of eco-warriors or some other left-wing compound, the government wouldn't have touched them with a ten foot pole. Jim Jones operated his nut-house for years and nobody said anything because he was a good Socialist comrade and Christian-hater. Funny the media never talked about that, and yet they apply the Kool-aid cliche' to religious groups now.


I am sure these mothers love their kids but getting them out of this compound is the first step towards letting them live a life of freedom. We live in a society where we value choice, yet those women don't know what other choices they have. Good job law enforcement for finally stepping in!


it is simply astomishing to me that so many people are willing to defend institutionalized pedophilia.


I wonder how many of those folks were getting government assistance. It doesn't look like there was any work going on. In fact the only "work" was probably making babies. Sick.


Few thoughts:

1) I think one lesson we can learn from this is that there should be a NATIONAL Standard that dictates the age of marriage. Its interesting that young kids can get married before they can drink, vote or even drive. I think the national age of marriage should be 18 for both genders.

2) The Federal Government failed horribly in conducting the raid and unless they find the mystery caller...all evidence seized will be held illegal under the "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree" Doctrine.

3) Don't forget that they found a bed inside the temple to consummate the marriage. That's just wrong.

4) There's a HUGE difference between the LDS Church (headquartered in SLC) and the FLDS Church in TX. Please don't mix or confuse the two as being the same denomination.


Whoever heard of a legal warrant being based on an annonynous phone call? This epidsode is a sickening display of abuse of power. The predominant religion of the area provided the buses that hauled the children away. So we have the principle of separation of church and state roundly abused by some very ignorant and ill advised people.


They should ask the men to voluntarily switch places with the women and children until they can investigate matters and proceed accordingly. I can't see how they could arrest the men without an investigation. (Some of the men may not have any wives, or may have only one adult wife.) However, the men might willingly switch places, so that the women and children could return home. The authorities could continue to investigate the women and children on the ranch.

Sue Crisp

Since Polygamy is agaimst the law, Why are the Muslims allowed to practice it? When are the police going to raid their homes & Mosques? To set the record straight. these people are not Mormons. Mormons have not practiced polygamy in 100 years or so.Also, I believe these people have the "RIGHT" to
worship as they please. This is guaranteed by our
Constitution. Or is the Constitution no longer relevant? These Baptist & Evangicals need to leave other Religions alone.They are just a bunch of busy-


I am more amazed at the blind defence of the pedophile, polygamist than I am of the original act. What is going on in FLDS compounds is plainly against the laws of the US, which do apply to the members of this church. Polygamy is a crime in the US and even the LDS church had a convenient revelation to ensure its statehood. It was tough for them, but hey they get to practice polygamy in heaven so it isn't all that bad for them.

No one in the US is above the law (except Mayor Kilpatrick in Detroit), even when they hide behind the warped beliefs of their "religion". Clearly the men of the FLDS should be locked up and if the women turn a blind eye as their daughters are sexually abused by predators at age 13 then they are equally guilty and should be arrested.

Save the children! Give them a chance to live without their innocence stolen by the practices of pedophile polygamists. No sympathy here for the mothers and certainly not for the fathers.

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