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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I believe that there was probable cause to search. However I also agree that the men should have been removed and not the women and children from the compound. The authorities found evidence of under age mothers. So there was child abuse going on. Let the justice system take it's course.



The issue is not the long history of Polygamy as you say it is, but what has happened in Eldorado Tx, over the past ten days. Your bias shows brother or sister. The issue is how CPS handled this matter, and how or if they violated citizens of the U.S. Civil Liberty's. I agree there's abuses, but again, the focus should be on what is unfolding in Texas.


(sloop)John B.

Your comments are unsubstantiated and vague at best. There is no proof of abuse yet. You've heard the media talk about 16 yr old girls being pregnant. That's not against Texas law buddy.


Hal: please don't drag the Amish and the Mennonites into this cat fight. They don't do what the FLDS has been practicing: polygamy, and based on convictions in court, child abuse. We have Mennonites live in our area and they mingle with us, etc. They even, forbid, hold scientific research positions at the university. They are my neighbors. They send their children out into the world to do good.

The Mennonites are not like the FLDS.


First and foremost, the children must be safe. Kudos to Texas for stepping in. FLDS member states "How can this happen in America?" The polygamists can't choose which laws they want to obey and which to ignore.

These pedophiles (men and women)are brainwashing children and raising their own little sex slaves.


The inability of the FLDS to be honest and upright US citizens with something as simple as who their family members are, is indicative of the secretive, illegal practices and beliefs they espouse. The police evidence will show the abuses are more numerous than a few underage marriages.

It's time to turn on the lights and expose the injustices committed against the women and children of this closed community. The weak and cowardly male members (improper to call them men) of the FLDS group need to be rounded-up and prosecuted for their pedophilia.


It is hard to feel sorry for these women. They live in a society where sexual abuse is so accepted that they don't even seem to realize it's wrong.

Don't mess with Texas

I agree, the men should have been extracted instead of women and children, but once CPS was called in, the choice was made to extract all possible victims.

Where are these men now? Why do we not hear anything about them?

Raising girls to have babies as soon as they reach puberty, what barbarism under the guise of religion!

the Ogre

"Instead of justifying the lifestyle, the mainstream LDS members would be better served to break up these compounds where abuse is systemic. They will tarnish the image of the church in the way the Islamic fundamentalists have tarnished mainstream Islam. It's really in your best interest to denounce these groups."

Yeah, right!!! the LDS church has the ability to project its whims upon any other person or organization. These folks have not been a part of the LDS church for over a hundred years. Church discipline would never work.

These folks are also not in the same vein as Wahabists or other Islamic fundies. They are not murderbombing anyone. They seem fairly peaceful.

There are allocations of abuse. I think Texas will work it out, but to expect the LDS church to is silly and exceptionally immature.


"And marrying girls who are underage is against the law there..."

Whoa friend. They are not married. By the law of the land anyway. Their marriages are spiritual... in their temple.


"If you think that is what CPS does when they remove children from potentially abusive environments, then you scare me."

And what scares me is conduct that you would typically find in Nazi Germany.


===DNA will prove who the mother's and father's are.
Then charges can be filed.=== Joice

They are all related. Their DNA all matches.


>>If a judge thought that guns were harmful and considered a potential for abuse - does that give the courts and police the right to go into the homes of everyone they think "might" have a gun and take the children from them "for their protection". What type of "counseling" would their be to make sure the children could transition away from the harmful and evil side of guns?<<

Don't put ideas into their heads.


**noun 1. the practice or condition of having more than one spouse, esp. wife, at one time.
Does it say *by the laws of the state???**

Then, of course, you'd want Hollywood raided. Or perhaps the Bunny Ranch.

Texas Ute

It's called slavery.


>>If these women love their children SO much, why are they not with them? Other women left with the children. <<

One woman came back from a trip to found her kids gone... stolen.. kidnapped... By the government no less.


If they "love" their children so much...why do they allow them to be abused. Read some of the stories, of which there are many, about people women and the lost boys who are kicked out...read their stories there are many. And explain this...a 16 year old was taken who already had 4 kids...YOU DO THE MATH! It is sexual/rape abuse of kids.
I agree it might have been a much better idea to take the men away instead...but hindsite is always better.
My question is how do you claim to love your children but yet allow them to be sexually abused by the gross old men...pretators. Does not matter which religion it is...catholic, Baptist, Morman whatever....ABUSE IS ABUSE...any way you look at it.


The FLDS are secretive because a raid just like this one happened in 1953 in Shortcreek.

They want to be apart, which is THEIR RIGHT.

The Constitution is DEAD.

It was killed in action by the Texas Rangers on orders from the Texas law enforcement.

If you want to see the FLDS open up, then stop using Nazi tactics and strategy.


This whole news thing is separating L-D-S members. MOST PEOPLE IN OUR WARD TODAY WERE APPALLED with the dumb feel sorry for polygamy routine going on within the news of Utah. IT'S ALL EXTREMELY SMELLY HOG WASH!
Come on guys! This is nothing but pure old CHILD ABUSE with adulterers, porn pevies, slavery and fornication. There is nothing religious going on in those polygamist cults. Some of us know this.

Tex transplant

These men are just perverts, having sex with underage girls, which yes, is statutory rape, and now stand silent?
We have a term for that that can't be published here.
I don't give a whit about what their religious practices are, it's about whether it's proven they broke the law and damaged the innocent. The complaints are about rape and abuse. They have to investigate that. We'll see what happens in court. And let it play out before all the anti government ranting continues. I can't imagine the logistical nightmare of who the mothers are, what the names are, how many children, who are the fathers, etc etc.

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