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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I agree that they should have removed the men to shelters and questioned them there and left the women and children in familiar surroundings. It would have been far more humane to leave the children with familiar caretakers in their own homes. However, there is a double standard operating in the comments. If this was a Muslim compound, how would America react? There would be no comments of "innocent until proven guilty" or "two sides to every story." America would have assumed that they were guilty, deviant and evil, simply because they were Muslims. As long as they are white and Christian (even perverted Christians), we are willing to see them as sweet, innocent and polite.


I think the the State needs to destroy the ranch, and takes the children away. These children have been abused and should be away from their parents. I was on the ranch today and climbed the fence to get a better look. If you saw waht I saw then you know that all the women and grown men should be in prison


Homskewl, the children weren't removed from the encampment because their mothers were dressed conservatively. And yes, if he calls the woman his wife, technically, he is a criminal. You only get one (at a time).
Maybe do a little research next time. More than half a dozen girls 16 and under with kids or pregnant? Children who won't/can't name their parents? Women who won't name their children? Men who say . . oh yeah, NOTHING. Something is awry.
What these children are subjected to is not only ethically perverse, it's illegal. The CPS did its job. Have no doubt - if they did it wrong, they'll get theirs as well. Expand your mind. Come out of the box . . . it's ok.


I don't feel sorry for these mothers at all. Abuse comes in many forms. Turning a blind eye at what is going on is ABUSE. Not protecting your child is ABUSE. Handing over your young daughters and turning out your sons is ABUSE. We are not interested in what's in the best welfare for the mothers; just the children. I am sad to say that it is probably too late to reform a lot of the mothers in this case. But hopefully, the children can be "reprogrammed" to live a happy, healthy, and prosperous life. Oh, yea...and I am sick and tired of "PICKING UP THE TAB" for "child support" in the form of welfare! Get a job lady.


I can't fathom how anyone could be so cruel and so stupid as to think the FLDS raid was justified, and that those poor children and babies should be separated even from their mothers. It's sickening to think that there are people who are cheering on this kind of vicious totalitarianism. What will they do when the police come for their children, all because of a fake phone call. Surrogate bullies, hoping to ingratiate themselves into the good graces of the police state - check out what happened with Stalin's flunkies - your fate will be the same.

This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector. -Plato


First of all the girls were never forced to marry at a young age. They were encouraged to wait but these girls wanted families. FLDS revolves around raising principled god fearing children above replacement levels unlike the fruitless immoral stubbleizing west. How ironic, if there was ever a time in history when polygamy might be considered it is now.


The YFZ Ranch religion seems to be designed purely to promote racism and to allow old men to have sex with underage girls.

Hopefully all of the adults will go straight to prison.


Yes, they used to attend public schools and started out as good people with good intentions. During the former "prophet", Rulon Jeffs' rule over the community, his son, Warren saw the opportunity to step in and take over and completely control every aspect of their lives. The women and children ARE abused, neglected, starved, beaten, sexually harassed and abused, and they have NO say over their own lives,or even their bodies. Among other things, Warren Jeffs outlawed the color red and the word "fun". What does this tell you. Wake up, people. Al Quaida killed thousands in the name of religion. Just because they operate under the guise of a church, does not make them God-fearing people. These children need out of there and the women need to be counseled. Most of them have never known anything different, and aren't allowed to investigate other means of living.


The religious beliefs of the FLDS are the reason most mainstream Christians feel bad about what has happened. Imagine this: a cult of satan worshippers was living on a secluded ranch in texas in which polygamy was openly practiced.
How many people would then be upset about the children being removed? We would all be convinced they were better off in foster care than with the "devil worshippers" who practice polygamy.
Despite this group's profession of Christian faith, the practice of polygamy is the dangerous part of this socity. This teaches the daughters to believe they are less worthy of God's love than their brothers. This is the most dangerous aspect of this situation and has such long reaching consequences that the removal of this generation will not effectively solve the problem.


After just reading the book "Escape" by Carolyn Jessup, I wouldn't believe a word of any flds members. They are all brainwashed and know nothing else. It incenses me to think about all the abuses going on in that fanatical religious sect..and the people trapped in it.


I agree with Carol's comment. One thing people forget when they read these distraught interviews is how very flexible the concept of "truth" is to cult members. Much of the offenses spewed here - that cops were "ransacking their homes", were "yanking their children out of their arms" - may simply be fabricated to buttress their case as defenseless victims, as they fight for even the tiny, tiny piece of happiness that they have been allowed in life, by their male "owners": Access to their kids. Really: If you had nothing else, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, not even control of your own body, your own MIND, what's left for you to value in life but your children? These poor people need a way out. Or if it's too late for them, their children need a way out.


Good grief! Are these people hurting anyone?? Are they bothering people to become part of their religion?? Are the children starning or homeless?? LEAVE THEM ALONE!!


I don't understand how these people can be living for God.
They certainly don't seem to be living for the same God as I am.
My God, the Heavenly Father of Jesus Christ does not condone this stuff.. he doesn't condone polygamous relationships or segregating yourselves from the world.

i don't understand how they can believe to be following Him, yet doing all this stuff that he teaches against.


I am not a Mormon or member of any sect affiliated with Mormonism, but after reading "Escape," by Carolyn Jessop, Ex FDLS wife of Merril Jessop, I know that the children's individual mothers love their, and the communities kids, but the fathers have a very distant and mentally abusive relationship. The family in the book had one wife that was very abusive to the other wives, and their children. She would often beat a toddler (under 3) till it would stop crying due to fatigue from crying. If this isn't abuse, what is abuse.
And M. Jessop would place a wife that he was upset with in a job that would seperate her from her kids. This would mentally terrorize the woman, as she wouldn't know if her children were getting proper care and meals. The wife, Carolyn, had 4 dangerous pregnancies, and 1 handicapped child, these were attributed to her disobidiance, and not being "In harmony with her Prieshood Head. (husband.") I feel that it is one right to practice a religion of their choice, and worship as they choose. But the religions, and religious leaders should follow the laws of the land.

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