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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Your right warren jeffs

is closer to being a Pimp than a prohet , he was caught in a ride, digging the scene with a ganster lean, sun roof top , money in a bag ooh oooh

kristen A.

I think this whole thing is ridiculous honestly...and i dont think god put men/women on this earth to have multiple spouses. That is insane...and not to mention a good way to spread AIDS and other STDS...apparently polygamist people aren't aware that this disease kills you and won't go away. If they were honestly concerned for their childrens safety they wouldn't let their children live that way either. I mean really how could a man live like that...and why would a woman accept that lifestyle.Im sure if they wanted to they could leave and choose to not live like that.


It is not just the men, it is the women who are the more spiritual and who most believe and want to practice polygamy, they have a deep sincere believe in mormonism, most of them like and prefer their live style and believe that it is God's will. Who can prove them wrong.

Hopefully the State of Texas

"It is not just the men, it is the women who are the more spiritual and who most believe and want to practice polygamy, they have a deep sincere believe in mormonism, most of them like and prefer their live style and believe that it is God's will. Who can prove them wrong."

... can prove them wrong if part of their belief involves the seemingly necessary "lost boys" and forced marriage of young girls to keep the men meeting the 3 wife criteria for going to ,,, where is it? ... their version of heaven?


The reason that all the kids were taken is because when they were asked who the kids' parents were, no one would answer. The kids said multiple women were their mothers, none of the men would claim to be the fathers, some of the women admitted that they said nothing.

When everything's on the up & up, families & parents have no problem identifying & owning up to who their kids are.


"The Texas authorities are doing the right thing - giving many who are too scared to speak up, an opportunity of getting out of that judgmental environment where you are not allowed an opinion of your own, you are forced to agree with old, perverted men."

Careful. You might be labeled a feminist.

V. Carter

I represent two of the children. CPS painted with much too broad a brush in applying abuse to all of the children in the community. CPS needs to be held accountable for their actions and it is up to individuals to voice their complaint to make a change. This is just WRONG. It is my understanding that the children need and want to be returned to their mothers, but no one will listen to their story. Additionally, CPS complained to the Court that the mother's would not identify themselves, but then there was evidence in court that the mothers offered driver's licenses and birth certificates, but CPS said they did not want to view the documents. CPS has way too much power and usually very little education. They just have to have a college degree in ANYTHING and 90 days at their school, and then they are ready to investigate allegations of child abuse, interview child victims, and refer the case to law enforcement. Turnover is high. The living situation in the coliseum that I viewed was horrible, and the thoughts of the babies crying at night for their mothers is heartbreaking. Write your Texas legislators and Governor Perry! Please.

Playing God

I think it was wrong for the Children to be removed from their person. This phone call could of been investigated while the children and their mother remained.They should of removed the men from the compound and questioned them until they got some answers. This is not abuse it's about a life style that America is outraged about. And yet they close a blind eye until now. Why punish the parents and the children. This could of been handled differently. It's shameful.


Those of you crying religious freedom I want to ask what about the rights of the young girls these old perverts had sex with? What about them? Huh?


FLDS is an authoritarian religion (um, like LDS?). Do you supporters have any problem with,
1) Women "reassigned" to new husbands?
2) First cousins unlawfully marrying producing children with genetic disorders?
3) The lost boys?
4) Mothers refusing to identify their children to authorities?
Perhaps this trauma to the children is a necessary first step to a life of liberty, or else the girls will become baby machines (18 kids anyone?) and the boys will be tossed out on the streets of SLC and Las Vegas. But then, I must be punch drunk.


WOW-everything here is about how wrong the state of texas is- I think there are alot of people here not seeing the bigger picture--Underage girls being married off--HELLO!!! Being forced to mary older men, that is not religious freedom-ITS SICK!!!
Having no choice to make any decisions for yourself-what to learn , what to wear, what to say , how to live--again having no choices is not freedom of any sort.
While I am no way saying ALL these kids should be taken from thier parents, most should be because the parents are so freakin backwards in thier thinking. I mean, come on why so many lies to hide the truths??



i care

Its not the living apart that cocerns me it is the way women are taught they are baby making machines and young boys are either thrown out or trained to abuse women no matter what age. all of these child are going to have too learn a different way f life. your family tree has to have limbs not just a trunk. Then everyone wonders why they have handicapped child .


Maybe a few of you ought to read the new book Escape by Carolyn Jessop.( a former member of the FLDS.) you may have different thoughts regarding religious freedoms when it comes to mental, physical and emotional abuse to women and children all in the name of God. Theyre religion is nothing but a mockery! I was disgusted that this has gone on in our society and we havent done anything until now! Those women and children are entraped in a world of hostile abuse of every kind. meanwhile remember you are paying for thier so -called religion with your tax dollars they fraud the government out of to support thier wives and children they dont claim. It kills me that alot of you dont call this abuse!! way to go Texas! Finally a state ready to stand up!

Harry Winsor

Our Zionist Social Marxist government is OUT OF CONTROL and must be STOPPED!


Remarkable. In one sentence poster Harry Winsor has framed the concern for the children at the TFZ Ranch (Harry, the Z stands for Zion) in anti-semitic and, excuse me, ignorant, terms. Uh Harry, "Social Marxist" is just a little redundant, don't you think?

Texas Veteran

Perhaps we should wait on all of these comments until the truth comes out. Religious freedom is a right in this country....but not at the expense of our humanity. If these children have been forced into marriages and childbirth with multiple husbands....then they are at fault and must be dealt with. We do not live in the stone age anymore. Our ancestors had to practice polygamy(for lack of a better word) in order to create a wide enough gene pool to ensure the survival of the species. That is not the case any more. My personal opinion... we just caught a bunch of dirty old men. If you disagree... thank a veteran for keeping your right to free speech... FREE


So typical of criminals to try to hide rape, pedophilia, incest, and polygyny (no polyandry going on here) behind the freedom of religion clause in the First Amendment. Their "religion" is a complete fabrication so these men can exert control over other humans whom they set up to be their sexual slaves. To the men in control, it's about one thing: them getting all the sex they want. So many cults boil down to just perversions of religion for overt or subtle sex purposes. That's not true religion, folks.

This is no religious freedom matter. It's human slavery, rape, pedophilia, incest, and polygyny. Government authorities have been studying and investigating this group for decades and have the evidence. The DNA results will further support their case. The children don't even know who their fathers OR mothers are. If this kind of behavior were discovered on a single-family basis, or if it were a stranger who kidnapped another person, everyone would be up in arms to prosecute and convict the perpetrator. However, throw on a phony "religious freedom" charade, and suddenly smart Americans fall for the trick. Unbelievable.


> My guess is that they wanted to live apart so as not have their children influenced by the immoral world that we see around us.

Except the FLDS are the immoral ones.

> Maybe for the same reason the Amish, Mennonites, etc., want to live apart.

However, they don't. I know, as I live near Amish and Mennonites. In fact, the more conservative Amish encourage their young adults (older teens, early 20s) to jump headfirst into "Yankee" society for a couple of years to see what it's like, to determine if they want to leave the Amish life and join western society instead, which they are FREE to do, if they so choose. The Amish don't fear real education for their children and grant their children the God-given, human right of self-determination. This is 180 degrees opposite to your claim.


"What I don't understand is why the FLDS were so secretive about their lifestyle? If it was so wholesome and God-fearing and honest and wonderful, why not just live in mainstream society and just practice your religion like the rest of the Christians do?" <---This is why they do not practice in the open.

I think this is completely outragious. I cannot believe that everyone is touting about abuse of the women and children by these men --tell me something- what makes what the state is doing any better than the abuse they have supposed to be suffering from. I am not saying this is something all people could do but honestly this is something that I am sure the average person could not relate to. As far as teh dress- why is it considered so horrible that they are dressing modestly and not behaving so trashy. Here is another point- if this guy was fooling around with one or two other women no one would say a word-but because he is calling these women his wife he is a criminal. I think the world has gone mad.
Where is the 16 yr- there is none- it was a HOAX!!!!!

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