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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Let justice be served. The sheer magnitude of cases means that this isn't going to be over in a few days, but I believe the ones being hurt, the ones in danger of being hurt, will be saved. And those committing the crimes will be punished.
By the way, the crying mothers are just as responsible for the abuse as the men because they allowed it to happen. If a woman lets child abuse happen to her child in any other situation, they would be arrested & charged with neglect, if nothing else. Why should this be any different?


This Texas government officials vs. YFZ FLDS religious zealots offers further support to my decision to abandon my returned LDS-missionary, temple covenanted past in favor of agnostic/atheistic belief. In this incident I see further proof that the worst atrocities of one group of humans against another are usually done "in the name of God."

Our Founding Fathers, the wisest of whom affiliated with no particular religion, advocated altering or abolishing a government that interferes with its peoples unailenenable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If polygamy were legal, then its supporters could practice in mainstream society rather than creating isolated communities of inbred, brainwashed believer. If prostitution were legal then the high-libido male could obtain a sexual balance to compensate for his partner's inadequacies without having to brainwash young girls to accept an pervert's desire. Abolish socialized transfer payments and then there will be no opportunity for welfare fraud.

In a society of true liberty, a productive, benevolent man should be allowed to care for all he is capable of. A dead beat could neither provide for nor attract any mates.

Liberty is natural.. give us liberty.


As I read this all that keeps going threw my mind is my three little girls. The idea of a 16 yr old BOY touching my 16 yr old girl makes me sick much less a 50yr old man. A song from my childhood keeps going threw my head.



I wonder when the government will wake up to the real threats to our society, and look in on other religions, sects, terrorist sympathizing organizations and their "beliefs". When will the government break in on the Muslims and separate the mothers from the children in the "sharia law" society? These FLDS folks aren't trying to gain control of society outside them as are the Muslims. Priorities need to be examined. I guess that all depends on who gets to set the priorities.

To cdub

Get your head out of the sand. Waco is non-sequitur. The only comparison is the idiots at the head of both organizations. They're Wac(k)o.

How Polygamy Hurts My Child

When I was a single parent having been left my child's father, I tried to get food stamps and temporary assistance so I could meet my child's special needs and find a way to start a home business to support us. My child's father had threatened to take my child to a foreign country if I named him as the father. So, I was reluctant to name him. I was told that I could not receive assistance if I did not name him. I was also told that my child could not be homeschooled if assistance were provided for him. But, the public schools could not meet his needs and refused to consider accommodations.

I am still a single mom and have been paying taxes for years, as I did before that brief period when I needed assistance. I am paying for those men's children that they won't acknowledge and for children of the women who choose to or are forced by men into polygamy such that they have too many children to support and don't work outside the home. I would like to stay home too, but I work partly to pay so they can.


If the state of Texas was looking at this ranch and gathering info for 4 years ..maybe they are guilty of child abuse by letting it go on for so long. But it seems that 4 yrs is a long time to decide to raid the ranch and only after someone made a snitch call. Judge not lest you also will be judged!


To Polygamy hurts my child-
Didn't you read about the hundreds of thousands of dollars those lazy buggers have been paying to government in property taxes alone?
What really hurts your child is having to grow up in a country where citizens so willingly give up the rights of "others" in the name of safety "for the children". "He who gives up essential liberty for temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety"

Mr. Ed

I have been attempting to understand this situation based on an understanding of the fallen nature of humankind. Looking at the various players in the scene, for starters we have the polygamists accused of statutory rape. Unregenerated man throughout history has sought out sex with females of all ages, males, animal species, and inanimate objects. Is it believable that underneath all that pioneer charm and piety lurks machinery for the satisfaction of lust? Sure. We have CPS accused of vague, unspecified wrongdoing. CPS is widely considered to be as corrupt and inefficient as any other bureaucracy. Does CPS have a financial interest in increasing their clientele and their visibility? Sure. Then we have law enforcement. They are accused of acting on a whim, arresting and detaining all the wrong people, and violating their rights. Law enforcement is hanged if they do and hanged if they don't. For "rescuing" (detaining) 400 children, have they chosen the group that exposes them to the least risk? Sure. White nonconformist fundamentalists. Their selection of this group appears strategic. Society is conditioned to dehumanize groups such as FLDS by mass media. LE gets to appear brave while not offending vocal special interests. Not exactly brave.


Hmong practice polygamy and marry underage girls.
US doesn't stop the Hmong.
Its only white groups that must be stopped from having children.

rj in cache valley

The Texas "Authorities" entered the compound using a warrent that was based upon what appears to be a fabrication. The party accused in the warrent was known to law enforcement and in constant contact with an officer of the court over 800 miles away.

And now these 'Authorities" are attempting to terminate 400+ child/parent relationships?

There was no probable cause. A simple computer backgound search on the accused name would have yeilded the accused mans probation officer's phone number. One computer check on the name of the accused before a 100+ person blitzkrieg. Is that asking to much? NO! A single phone call to a probation officer before abducting 400+. Is that asking to much? NO!!

The Texas "Authorites" did not make a good faith effort to corroborate the grounds for the search warrent. QED the warrent was illegal and invalid.

What is next? I hope the Amish in Pennsylvania are hiring lawyers. I hope home-schooling parents who teach their children "Creation" are ready to loose their children. I hope all the LDS in this country are ready to have their temples searched because one of the "North Temple" protesters picked up a pay phone.


Polygamy is already defacto legal in the US. Why else are all the babydaddys with multiple children by multiple women still allowed to roam the streets?
Like it or not there has also been a defacto repeal of the statutory rape laws as long as the acting male is also underage. We have legalized underage sex for children in imitation of chimps who practice play sex when young since of course there is no god, and we are all just smart animals anyway.
The fact that young girls lives are just as ruined by having a baby with a thirteen year old father as with a 50 year old father is overlooked by our society in the pursuit of some sort of mythic feminist quest for sexual parity. Which until men start having the babies is just that, a myth. If abuse took place the men need to be prosecuted, but by golly we better start locking up the baby daddies also. The law is supposed to apply equally to all, and it doesn't anymore.


This entire situation was and is clearly being handled wrong. Assumptions, allegations, jumping to conclusions, acting on instinct, we are doing everything that law school and our constitution would consider unethical.

Motivations - I understand that - and I am a sociology major, I am usually fighting for the underdog, and agreeing when people disagree, but in this case, the prioity is backwards.

The priority should be the aspect or the practice of Polygamy. This is the main issue, this is what is causing poeple to see the "bad" things that are apparently going on, but the attention is directed to the wrong individuals.

Like a former commentor wrote, the Men should have been questioned from the begining. If we are worried about the children being abused and scared, our recent actions have only made that worse.

come on now officials, get with the program, is this how you would execute a large scale project in a corporation? No! It would be a mess. There is no planning, no structure, no order, and absolutely no regard for human rights! what the heck is that??? America - let's not give others ammunition to judge us more...let's THINK before we ACT -


I say do all that you can to put an end to all sex cults.


The DMN can practice all their un-american censorship to protect the church from american free speach but everyone knows that mormonism is responsible for these terrible events.

Texas family code, people!

For all of you who are so outraged about what's happening,Google the Texas family code.
you'll see that everything CPS did was not only perfectly legal, but it was legally required of them.

We're not fools....

These people are doing their job, and there was good reason to do it. It's not all a bowl of cherries at the ranch. I think they are desperate to invite reporters in and give those rehearsed speeches, all with the sobs, clutching of foreheads, and so on. They are being dishonest in acting that way, and I think the children deserve to be raised in an honest, ethical environment. Obviously, it's the abuse and neglect that is the heart of the issue, but the playacting doesn't help.

I hope the brethren

are aware of some these blogs by members , they are down right scary...i will keep an eye on my daughter of 13 as we travel the state..it pays to read between the lines.


I think its pretty obvious that the women have been put to the front to bear the consequences...where are the men?...this question was asked of them, and they all avoided the question...I think they have all been brain-washed, and its difficult to believe in this day and age that ppl can be so blind as to the nonsense thats being forced down their throats..


What I don't understand is why are the men the only ones allowed to marry so many wives? Why are the women ruled over so dominantly? Did anyone see Larry King last night? The men wouldn't even come out!! They made the women speak and they wouldn't even answer questions about where their husbands are at! Texas has spent so much money on welfare paid to these people. If their lives are so pure, why are there "sex beds" in the churches? You could clearly tell these women are brainwashed!

I can understand them wanting to live apart, and worship God, but God condemns multiple marriages, and if they so worship God so much, why last night when they showed inside their house, are there pictures of Warren Jeffs everywhere? Why not pictures of God or Jesus?

I am glad I am not one of them b/c I would be danged having men tell me what to do whey they got to screw around with every other woman in the "ranch!" All this is is a big pimp parade and the children are paying the price!

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