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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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My only question to everyone on this site that is stupid enough to post a comment about "innocent until proven guilty", is if Polygamy is against the law, how are they not guilty. Texas officials did the right thing when they removed innocent children from a harmful situation. The cult known as the FLDS. Yes, they are a cult, why would they feel the need to build a giant compound if they weren't doing something illegal and wanted to try to get away with it. You people really need to wake up, quite being small minded and look at the big picture.

Barbara W.

It's a good thing that these children who have been brainwashed since birth, that they as well have been removed from this polygamy cult. Hopefully the authorities can get the children to open up. Although, it may not happen because they have been taught WHATEVER since babies. This is a horrible episode of true brainwashing and physical abuse in the worst way possible. Hopefully Texas authorities will win on this.

Total deception

Why do polygamists marry underage girls?
Does any thinking member of society who believes in equality for the sexes in terms of education and opportunity, feel that raising young women for the pleasure of old perverted men who would be kicked out of the mainstream church is correct? Forget the religious part, it's just wrong on many levels.
And trying to justify by blathering on with everything else wrong in society does not change the fact of underage females being forced to marry
"spiritually" It's called statutory rape.
Please; it is nauseating that some people can defend this by any measure.


The right of Religious beliefs???? Are you people stupid? Who cares if the children are married at such a young age or have kids by the time they are 14, 15, 16. I can't believe that people are sticking up for that kind of abuse! I say that it is high time that something was done about it.
In our world old men who sexually abuse kids are listed on websites and most of them have went to jail a time or two. I don't get why some people are wanting to support them!!!


I have a hard time as a LDS person finding anything righteous about polygamy. This the part of the LDS history that I do not accept in anyway. And I come down through two polygamy ancestors. Somehow none of this sounds right to me, and I feel like perhaps Joseph Smith was deceived by Satan.

Dee in VEGAS.

what a shame that these Men of the FLDS church have taken advantage of these young GIRLS. Every FLDS MAN found to be guilty of sex or marage to a minor child should recive some good old TEXAS style justice. DEATH fixes all abuse to childeren, it is the only way to stop a PEDAFILE for good. GOD bless TEXAS for protecting those childern. Sell the ranch they all live on to pay the bills.


GOD BLESS TEXAS for protecting those young GIRLS. We should HANG anybody who harms a child in any way.


I agree with Texas. I only wished Utah had of stepped up to this long ago. Maybe things would be better here in Utah and people wouldn't be trying to protect these foolish polygamist men. I know a bit of the ugly side of polygamy. I believe it is abusive rather anyone in Utah wants to believe this or not. Some need to pull the wool from their eyes.


Mormon children today, your children tomorow.

It's just one more step towards destroying the White Race and Christianity.

It's interesting to me, that Elizabeth Segal, a Jewish lesbian who's book, "An Introduction to Profession of Social Work - Becoming a Change Agent" has done tons of research into the Mormon religion. In her book she spews anti white, anti male, anti heterosexual, anti family, anti Christian, anti Protestant, rhetoric.

I am looking for connections between her and this case. Is it being ran by some of her 'students'? Is she directly involved in some official capacity somewhere along the line?


By the time the state of Texas looks at all the evidence, including birth certificates and testing DNA if necessary, it most likely will have plenty of evidence to arrest several men on charges of statutory rape. My view is that if women knew what was going on, then they should be considered accomplishes -- alleged accomplices for now, of course. Thus, they should not be allowed anywhere near children, especially children that were the result of polygamous relationships. I believe that that non-polygamous men who sire children by various women and then don't support them should be in the same place as where the polygamists ought to be -- in prison until they vow to change their ways.

Warren Jeffs the Prophet

How come no one has mentioning on here that Warren Jeffs, who was the Prophet of the FLDS church has admitted that he was a false prophet. He was thier leader. So this says these FLDS polygamist are all living a lie and are as well adulterous child abusers. Warren Jeffs even admitted to incest with his sister, and who know who else. These people are wicked and BAD!

Go for it TEXAS! You have my support!

Pot, meet Kettle.

FLDS are attacked for polygamy.
It, polygamy, is against the law of the land.

Illegal immigration is against the law of the land, also.

Yet we give it a pass.

How many children have been harmed because of this? Living in shadows, mom and dad on the run full time...never encouraged to assimilate.

It's a given the FLDS women are psychologically duped, but how is this different from Islam? The Burka? Male theocratic psychosis running amok.

Islam allows 4 wives and as many secondary wives as one desires. There are MULTIPLE occasions where it is going on here in America. Where is the outrage?

The U.K., Germany, and Canada have already shown to be clear in allowing Islamic Polygamy to stand and thrive.

If we are going to 'enforce' the 'law of the land' can we PLEASE be consistent and enforce ALL OF IT. Illegal Immigration, polygamy, etc. None of this 'buffet style' picking and choosing.

Give the land to the women and children, and IMPRISON the MEN and however many complicit women are there also.

Irrated American

What have the authorities in Texas done? They have these poor children begging to go home. Let them go!!! If these children choose to tell you they were abused and by whom, then arrest and prosecute that person. These children have suffered enough though the Texas Government that does not have the right to expect these children to live outside of their domain. Shame on you Texas!!!! You now have the EYES OF THE WORLD UPON YOU.


Has anyone stop really listen to the press thier has been no arrest,Why? they can't find the 16 year old girl ,WHY? and the town been watching them for 4 year,why did they allow this to go on for 4 years? cause it not true, maybe it just away for them to get them off thier land so that THAT TOWN CAN TAP IT FOR OIL?But i see everyday how these kids are kept and now i think they are in prison it is horrible how the cps has got them, I have listen very closely to whats going on, they need our help, and we has americans need to keep our noses out of very one bussiness, please america help me help them,I live right down the road where they are housing these kids and i tell you it is horrible.


Pat said the right thing. The men should have been taken and hauled off to jail and questioned. The women and children should have stayed put on the YFZ Ranch and questioned there. Was there child abuse going on?(Older men having sex with underage Girls). I believe there was. I believe the women were being forceably (brainwashed) into believing that their children had to be married and have children as soon as they were able to have children themselves.
Rather than fight the YFZ on polygamy charges, the lawmakers in Texas probably thought this would be a better and quicker way to get into the YFZ Ranch and close it. Will they ever find the 16 year old girl who made the phone call???
I read the article today (4-14) about the Texas CPS confiscating all the cell-phones after the images of the sleeping arrangements hit the papers yesterday. They (CPS) are just trying to CYA as best they can.
People should say a prayer for the kids who are caught in the middle of this mess.


There are neither Andrea bathtub-killer Yateses nor Susan drowns-her-kids-in-the-car Smiths in the FLDS communities. Also, FLDS children do not have autism at epidemic rates found in mainstream society. FLDS children don't need Ritalin. FLDS children don't deal in drugs, much less even use any. And FLDS children don't go postal and kill each other at school. In fact, where regular society is over-run with every stripe of inbred, FLDS communities thrive healthily in body, mind, and spirit. There are messages here for all the anti-family, anti-male, anti-religion, dim-witted travelers. Maybe the home kitchen is healthier than fast food. Maybe home-schooling prevents child assassins. Maybe family life is an antidote to the wretched Britney "crotch" Spears of the world. Perhaps you haven't noticed, but the only overweight FLDS women are the anti-polygamy activist rejects who need make-overs before appearing on TV news shows. From my viewpoint, America needs more communities like this and less of bankrupt mainstream society. Sure, the FLDS may have some bad apples, but certainly not as many as in mainstream society. When we judge, we judge ourselves. I think every lawman and official in Texas responsible for this raid should have their children taken away from them.


OK i just wnat to point out a little fact, my daughter is a senior at lake view and the baby rate here is extremly high,thier is a girl on her 4th child and many more ready to pop out a baby,she is not married nor have a job so who do you think pays for her 3babys right now thats you we do, at least these people were not on the welfare system,And so what if they don't live in the 20th centery, good for them,Let them have thier kids back, if it wasnt for you anscetors who who old maids at 16 you would not be her today. they live in the old ways,and people to this day still have pre arranged marriges, but you need to stop and think were they really married to this men, i dont think spiritaul is a marriage in the real world.I use to be proud to be a texan now i'm ashamed.and why hasn't anyone being arrested? for rape or abuse makes nosence, and how many kids a negelated here in S.A. everyday?100's Why isn't cps doing something about that ?This make me so mad,


Okay, so if a girl under age 16 gets pregnant, it is "child abuse". So, why aren't the parents of all the pregnant teens in Texas removed from their homes as well? At least these girls are married! These poor children, taken away from their mothers, it is a disgrace! CPS is always making mistakes in this state, they take away the wrong children and leave other children in horrible abusive situations. A mother on drugs is an abusive situation! I have yet to hear of any real abuse that was going on, give these mothers back their babies! And by the way, I don't agree with polgamy, but how is it any different from homosexuals and adulters with children? I love the state of Texas, but this is ridiculous!


Well, it's pretty obvious from the comments on this story that the people of Utah have more problems than just the FLDS. They have a lot of people who are in serious denial about polygamy and child abuse. Warren Jeffs is in jail in Utah, then Merrill Jessop tried to set up the cult again in Texas, but the Texans stopped him. These women and children from Eldorado are going to need a lot of help to get deprogrammed and reintegrated into more normal society, and I hope that they will be welcomed back in Utah, and that the LDS will send missionaries and social workers to help them get educated. Jessop and these other older men need to go to jail with Jeffs. It will take a while to sort all this out, so be patient, folks.

comment 1

I don't get why everyone is bashing TX. They are following protocol, as best they can. 90% of you people don't GET that the children were removed to PROTECT them. If abuse is reported & evidence is found to support it, CPS in ANY state would remove the child. You keep complaining that what the state did was so wrong and shame on them & these children should be with their mothers. Right or wrong, that's not how CPS works. They are looking out for the best interest of the children, in the long run. Yes, being away from someone they've known is traumatizing, but if the efforts of CPS save one young girl from becoming a slave, then good for TX & CPS.

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