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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Human Puppy Mill -- Ha -- Good one.

Add "private brothel for dirty old men."

While you're yowling about violation of rights and the constitution and crying crocodile tears for the children parted from their mothers, think about the deflowering of a twelve year old girl by a fifty year old man -- and the mothers who let this happen to their little girls.

That this kind of sexual abuse and slavery could be ignored for so many years in America is what is disgusting.

Actual Texan

Well said.
But,if you defend the mothers by saying that this is what they were raised to believe, therefor they couldn't act against it, then you can't say the men are all pedo's. Same logic must apply

jerry in cleveland

i wish the kids in my neighborhood were cared for as well as the kids in this compound. its more of a crime to see whats going on with abuse of children in the ghetto's across america. kids are starving and left alone with no clothes while the parents are out doing drugs and gangbanging. all this with no religion. this whole thing in texas seems absurd. i can see why people are comparing this to nazi germany. a police state. let these people go home and live their lives. and for all you judgemental people who think you have a say so over someone elses life, who died and made you god?? is your life so great you can cast judgement on others? i don't think so... what is freedom anyways? we don't practice it in this country. i was just told by my state that lap dances are now illegal. costa rica, here i come, the usa is no longer a free country. oh yeah!! is it still ok to say merry christmas? i think some places will arrest you for that.


The problem these people have is that they are the wrong religion. Had they been Muslims, the Feds would have hightailed it in the opposite direction.


aww, shux....was ridin' over there on my horse, to join up....dang


How I know this is really about religion:

One allegation, made against one man, somehow resulted in the kidnapping of 400+ children, and only because there werent more. Did they arrest any suspects? The allegation was made against one. Lets throw in some more just for good measure. Lets just say they found evidence implicating 10 men. Instead of removing or arresting 10 men, they kidnapped over 400 children. Logical? No. Persecution? Undoubtedly.

How convenient for the government that they had an allegation upon which to base this mass kidnapping. How convenient that they were able to ransack peoples homes and all they found was a bed in a Temple, when they havent even found the rumored whistle-blower. How convenient that so many people are so quick to condemn these people for their lifestyle, their beliefs, etc., that they will be willing sycophants for the Texas Gestapo.

They believe in polygamy! They must pay! They believe in removing themselves from society! They must pay! Some have left the group and made accusations against them! Never mind vetting those accusations, They must pay!!

If this was about abuse, they would have arrested a few individuals. But its not.


Any 20,30, 40, 50 etc. year old man that enters into a "spiritial marriage" with a child of 13,14,15, 16... is a problem.

Rufus T. Firefly

If this were a compound with 1700 Muslims in it the "Brilliant Ones" in the press and the Universities would be falling all over themselves defending them. The out cry would be deafening, there would be riots and bombings.

The same thing is practiced all over the world in Islam by hundreds of millions of people and no one bats an eye. At least the FDLS isn't raising sucide bombers.

Just wait till the lawyers figure out how to hold TX accountable for trashing these people's rights. Where was the emergency? Tx is going to have to pay big bucks for this screwup. This has been going on for decades! Could have been handled much better.

You may not like the polygimists but remember this: First they came for you and I did nothing, then they came for my neighbor and I was silent. Now they come for me.

Mark Naperville, IL

First, The government should have left those kids with their mothers and seperated all the men to another area in the property. The next thing to do should have been to conduct the investigtions to see who committed a crime. Take away the criminals and leave the others alone. I am not sure why the liberals are mad at this sitauation as this sounds like the dream of a 60's hippie feee love communial life style.

Religion & Pedophilia

mothers who allow grown men to have sex with and marry their children are enablers and cant see the damage. i would err on the side of caution and remove the children as well. most all women love and want to protect their babies, but even women outside of polygamy have a hard time recognizing or removing themselves from abusive situations that involve them or their children. if its all they know, then it's not abuse in their eyes. i'm not judging their religion or way of life. i really dont care. but its no secret that incest and pedophilia are alive and well within these ranches and that is something that should never be okay - no matter what religion.

kelly wisconsin

read Krakauer's Under the Banner of Heaven and then you will understand that Texas is brave enough to end the generations of mothers and daughters that are brainwashed. These mothers are understandably distressed about their young children, but it's time this abuse was ended. These girls are in for a shock when they reach puberty and then where will the concerned mothers be?


I have no problem with what the State did. There are so many nut jobs hiding behind "religion" that the police could not take a chance. Remember Waco, anyone? A lot times these religious sects like to hide because they know they are doing something wrong. Protect the kids first at all costs.


The white man's burden is to end slavery and polygamy. We can't compare ourselves to Muslims and Africans and others. Monogamy is a better way. I concede that we probably cannot end it but they must not abuse their children and they must be free to leave.


Way to go, Pat. Round up the MEN and carry them off!! THEY are the abusers, not the brainwashed women and children.


Let me make sure I understand the legal logic of the State of Texas. They want to take all 416 children because they need more human rights. But they want to take all 416 at the same time because the state does not want to spend even 5 minutes for each attorney which would be like 70 hours of testimony. OK. I get it. Each individual is not even worth 5 minutes of the State's time. Who is the Cult here? The FLDS or the State of Texas? The state could careless about each individual (and this because they bit off more than they could possibly choose, so now they want to screw up hundreds of lives in their arrogance).


I would like anyone that is complaining about polygamy to think of the benefits that it would bring to the black inner-city where positive, male role models are all but non-existent!! Is it better to have 1 willing and able man to stand ready to father or is it better to be hanging out on a street corner with the homeys?

To all of you who's objection to polygamy boils down to: It's illegal or it's yucky. Wake up!!! If you are willing to accept 2 married men/women calling themselves a family and cannot deal with this, you are in some serious need of examining the vacuous lack of logic between the ears.

To all the trolls: I am not a polygamist and will not become one. I, however, do have the ability to think beyond my narrow scope of experience. To you liberals, if it truly 'takes a village' to raise a child, why is this so bad? The only thing in here that I am against is children under the age of consent getting married. Past that, I hope that they have a rich and rewarding life! (Hint to the clueless: It is not just about money.)


eThe facts. Sheriff stated he was looking for a reason to enter compound. Sheriff had plan for raiding compound BEFORE a complaint was issued. Sheriff did not have informant on "inside". He had someone who advised him about FLDS. No "victim" has been found. The criminal in the complaint has not been in Texas for over a year as far as anyone knows and has not been arrested. If pregnant teenagers equals abuse, then we need to arrest all the teachers at the local compound, oops I mean High School.
Arrest warrants have been thrown out because they searched 414 1/2 Main St. instead of 414 Main St. Yet one anonymous complaint justifies searching 100's of homes. The evidence so far a bed in a church. How many priests/ministers live in the CHURCH.
Whether or not someone is guilty there WILL be charges. Texas must justify it's actions. They will tell the children they can't go home until they admit to being abused. They will plant thoughts then reinterview them until the child believes it to be true. I have personally seen US social services do this. Want proof? google Wenatchee and abuse.
Who isolated women/children by taking cellphones? Texas.


How are you people so sure anyone's rights are being trampled on by the State? Maybe you've all been tainted by my Commander in Chief and the lies that got me to Iraq and are now hesistant to trust the Gov.

It's so basic to me. If there's even a threat of a child being abused, whether or not there's evidence, you move in. It's just like how you can joke about a bomb at the airport. It's so serious that you take action right away. Read, "Escape". It tells of the abuses this cult practices on women and children.


Polygamy is nothing more then to control women. These particular men think they have the right to control women so that they can have multiple sex parters, and then these perverts try to make the rest of the world think that God Almighty said that it was just ok for them to do this. However, God did NO SUCH THING. Polygamy is not Christian. It is the worship of the deceptive devil himself.

Religion based on deception.


To IN IRAQ "If there's even a threat of a child abused, whether or not there's evidence, you move in." Have you happened to read the scientific studies that detail the effects of the trauma on a child whom is removed from their home? While the gov't is sorting it out they are moved to several "homes". The studies say after the third move the child has been PERMENANTLY harmed. This harm is often worse then any harm from the alleged abuse. Apparently you have no problem administering known harm to a child whether or not there is evidence. Once the state takes a child they MUST justify there actions or risk lawsuit. The caseworker tells the child the counselor the child was abused. The child tells counselor they weren't. The counselor recommends children remain out of the home because they are not "opening up". Caseworker goes in front of judge and says removal was justified and that the counselors do not recommend children going home. I have seen this with my own eyes. WAKE UP!

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