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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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An Actual Texan

before we all start shedding crocodile tears, lets review a few facts that this article fails to mention. Like the nearly 200 women who left of their own accord as soon as the opportunity presented itself. Like the 14 & 15 year old girls forced to wed against their will AND AGAINST THE LAWS OF EVERY STATE IN THE UNION. Like the prisoners of this sect who were never allowed outside the compound and were lied to about life outside. This article sounds all warm and fuzzy, no doubt a condition of entry into the compound

RE: Due Process?

You read a news story and think you clearly understand the situation. You have no idea what is happening, and I wouldn't put it past the FLDS to make up a bunch of nonsense. Everything is hearsay at this point, and you are eating it up.

Due process is required BY LAW. I trust my authorities are doing the right thing, and I refuse to accept that a news story has every single little detail about the REAL situation.

Like I said, I elect my officials. You elect yours. I'm happy with the decision. Child abusers are not welcome in Texas.


The problem with a lot of these compounds is that they abuse the children. How do they have so many more daughters than sons? What happens to the sons? Many girls get raped. Kids dont get their own free will. Not saying that this happens everywhere, but it does happen at a lot of these places.

The problem with this case is that an anonymous unproven tip ended up with 400+ children being unlawfully taken away from their parents. Anyone can make an anonymous tip without any proof out of hate or jealousy.

If anyone ever took my kids away from me for no good reason, I would definately take matters into my own hands.

I would do everything it took to get my kids back legally for 6 months to 1 year. After that period of time, if I don't have my kids back, I will do whatever it takes to get them back. By "whatever" I mean "Anything goes including revenge".


Hey Texas-
"FLDS and other promoters of underage marrage, can go live in other states, particularly Utah"

Utah is the one PROSECUTING the REAL perpatrators like Warren Jeffs! DUH!

Actual Texan

whynot -
OK, 18 & over. What about the 14 & 15 year olds forced into marriages? Oh, thats right, the article didn't mention them. Like it didn't bother to mention the 200 women who immediately left of their own accord, like it didn't mention the sect founder who is in jail for child molesting. Sorta makes you wonder what else the article just failed to mention


So what's next on the agenda? Will the Texas authorities be raiding inner city slums and rounding up unwed teenage mothers who are collecting welfare and living a dangerous gangster lifestyle? It seems to me that the social environment that exists there is pretty damaging?

How about going to migrant labor camps and rounding up any children who are there? Their parents are most likely illegal aliens and prefer working to education. Many of these children get caught up in gangs and graffiti. I don't think that would past muster with the baptists either.

Maybe the authorities in Minnesota could round up the children of Muslim immigrants who are being taught anti-American propaganda by their Imams. We don't want them to carry on the the belligerent actions of their parents: Muslim cab drivers who fail to pick up fairs with alcohol, or Target workers who refuse to allow people to purchase pork chops or bacon.

Would they raid a scout encampment and round up all of the scouts if an anonymous caller alleged that he was a scout being abused by one of the leaders? These actions are just plain wrong.

Liberty is life

Plural marriage should be legal for both men and women. The government should get out of our bedrooms and our private lives so it can concern itself with real problems like... well... government tyranny. But I guess that's really up to citizens to solve. Too bad voters shunned Ron Paul -- the only forward-thinking Republican seeking the presidential nomination.


Let me explain something to those of you who think that this is simply resolved by prosecuting this group for violation of antipolygamy laws.

Look, you couldn't prosecute these people for polygamy, even if you tried. That is because only one wife would ever be registered as a wife with the state. In the eyes of the law, the other wives could only be considered live-in affairs at the worst, and as we all know, the law is quite comfortable with affairs and divorce, but not with plural marriage.

In the end, if anyone goes after them for unlawful cohabitation head on, would not the antipolygamy laws from the 1800s most likely be struck down by the Supreme Court on the grounds of equal protection under the law? After all, if you go after the polygamists, you have to go after everyone that is cohabiting outside of marriage.

You see the problem? People who don't want polygamy to be legalized have a vested interest that an unlawful cohabitation charge against a polygamist group never sees the light of a courtroom.


As a mother and grandmother I feel deeply for the children envolved. I'm sure they are afraid and feel very lost but they must be protected. I have been listening to the interviews of women who left the FLDS and if what they say is true all of these children were at risk. I'm sure the mothers love their children, but most of them were raised to believe that what they are doing is right, so they are not capable of making decisions about the welfare of these underage girls. To question whether her underage daughter should "marry" a much older man and become his second or third wife would mean she would have to question her whole life and everything she has been taught by her mother who was some older mans second or third wife. The main goal has to be to protect these children from men who are nothing more than pedophiles. If the mothers are not emotionally equiped to do it, the government must.

actual texan

OOh, wow, craig rubins church was raided and he can't figure out why. Maybe it's because you consider Marijuana a sacrament. Religion or not, pot is still illegal in Texas. Rev Rubin, do I need to use smaller words or CAN YOU HERE ME NOW?

How Dumb Are You?

How is it that so many people are able to ignore the systematic abuse within this cult/group? Forcing young girls to marry, kicking out young boys to limit competition, consumating marriages in the temple? If this community existed without calling itself a religion, the entire nation would be up in arms about allowing a community of pedophiles to exist. Stop falling for the PC crap - this is child abuse plain and simple, not religious freedom. The investigators followed the appropriate procedures, did not violate the constitution (you would know this if you actually understood the constitution, which most of you apparently don't), and are trying to prevent a continuation of abuse.
How sick are you that you would allow this abuse to exist?
I don't care how much the moms and dads cry. If you plan to marry off your 15 yr old girl to anyone, you are sick and belong in jail.
Why did they build compounds? Because if they didn't society would catch on sooner to their sick child abusing society.
I am disgusted at you all. You should be ashamed at yourselves. How can you just abandon these children? Sick.

Roxan Shores

The mother said that she did not know why they took her children. Well, yes she knows. She knows that the lifestyle that she has chosen and put her children into is illegal. Mr. Deseret comments how nice the homes of FLDS was. Well yeah, this immoral world (to quote Hal), this lewd and abusive government has been supporting all wives except wife #1 and all children for years. Does God condon theft by deception. Of course they do not live in the main stream. If our government programs don't ask, these sects will definately not tell. I may cost them several big, modern houses, a temple, several acres and all the perks. If they chose to live this lifestyle; I do not want my tax dollars supporting. The government doesn't support me in the manner that these people have become accustom to. They should have to pay back the money with interest and penalties or live in some other country that approves or allows that lifestyle. Such as third world countries with no government aide programs. I blame all of the adults that preach right from wrong to their children.




Remember Waco.
It all begins with the "government" being concerned for the "well-being" of the people in the compound.
When the para-military arrives with tanks and assualt vehicles, then it had to have been the fault of the folks in the compound.
This will happen to every church in the US when the NWO forces them to bow to the AntiChrist.
It is just a matter of time until they reach your house.


First they supported the mobs as they raped, murdered, pillaged, and drove the Mormons
But I did not complain because I was not a Mormon

Then they stormed Ruby Ridge
But I did not complain because I was not a member of the Weaver family.

Then they laid siege on the Branch Davidians
But I did not complain because I was not a Branch Davidian.

Then they took Elian Gonzalez away from his grandparents at gunpoint, to return him to Cuba
But I did not complain because I have never lived under the boot of a communist dictator.

Then they came for the innocent children of the Yearning for Zion community
But I did not complain because I am not FLDS.

And when they came for me, there was no one left to help me.


Sure, polygamy is against the law, but none of the children being held against their will without charges are polygamists. Their parents may be, but they're just little kids. And the men who ARE polygamists have not been charged or detained. Never mind that we can't find a plaintiff in the case, let's punish the innocent without due process and let the perpetrators walk--is this the American you're telling them to join? I guess they would need counseling to get onboard with an outfit like that.


this just proves there are just as many right wing nuts as left wing nuts in this country


This is an abomination. One charge, made by one supposed 16 year old girl who has yet to materialize, has somehow justified the kidnapping of over 400 children. This revolting disdain the human rights is the work of a communist or fascist regime. Karl Marx would be proud at the precedent set for the ease with which the government may abduct your children. No proof. No credible accusation. And the accusation doesnt even have to be made against you, just somebody who lives in your neighborhood. OH WHAT THE HECK!!! TAKE ALL THE CHILDREN!!!

I can hear Janet Reno lamenting that they didnt manage to bring in the tanks and flammable gas so they could burn down the whole place and any remaining victims, conveniently hiding their lack of evidence.

Oh, but were clearing the world of those pesky cultists!

Define cultist. All religions start as what some would consider a cult. For many people (including some who have posted here), a cult is any religion which you find disagreeable.

Who makes some people such authorities, that they can pass judgment like this? You must be arrested, kidnapped, shot, crushed, or burned alive because I dont like your religion.


A sick world with a few sick people. No religion involved. Just sick perverted old men who like to have sex with little girls. Somehow this makes these old never minds feel a bit more important as OLD man. Well, not men by any means. Real men don't have sex slaves. No real religion has sex slaves. Only the gutters of city slums.


Notice the "child" angle the FLDS church is trying to take. They're distracting us away from their unlawful acts with their innocent, abused children. They must be paying big buck$$ for their lawyers. That's good spin advice.

As for the Due Process, I'm sure the authorities are following the rules with this situation being watched on a global basis.

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