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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Everyone is forgetting one thing.

Polygamy is against state and federal law.

When they broke the law they opened themselves up to the authorities. It was inevitable that they would be held to account in some way. The FLDS have brought ALL of this on themselves.
Merril Jessop is a cruel and ambitious man who cloaks himself in a fake "holiness" and refuses to be humbled.


This is Texas telling the FLDS to get out. I'm sure they'll listen after this. FLDS, and other promoters of polygamy and forced underage marriages, can go live in other states, particularly Utah.

I'd rather they stay out of mine. I applaud the governor. You elect yours. I elect mine.


So barely 15 years after the murderous attack on Waco, where dozens died in a self-righteous attack by government agents, the government was again at it. Without search warrant or prior public hearings, the Children Welfare Department scooped down and dragged innocent children away from their mothers.
This outrageous attach should be the incentive for a long overdue review of this governmental agency, that for so long has been allowed to trample on the God-given natural rights of every American, guaranteed by the Constitution.
Let's take back our country from the Nanny State, before it destroys us.

Richard H T

I think it is far past time on cleaning out the polygamy cults. Too bad there have to be so many kids born to these perverts. These men are not normal men in any respect.


Read the book by Merrill Jessop's ex-wife. Good grief people. Merrill Jessop should be locked up, along with the other men.

Due Process?

Some Quick Observations:

* This raid was precipitated by an alleged call from a girl that authorities can't produce or even prove exists.

* There's no way of knowing who made the call--if a call was indeed ever made.

* The alleged call allegedly named a man as the criminal, but women and children were rounded up and taken away while the men remain free and uncharged.

* Mothers with ID and birth certificate in hand are being denied access to their children.

* Hundreds of women and children are being detained without charges (if only they were Muslims, we could accuse them of terrorism and send them to Guantanamo).

* Authorities have taken all cell phones from those women and children being held. This in a country where even convicted murderers get one call.

* These and many other obtuse miscarriages of the law have been widely publicized by a media that, rather than asking questions, has merely consumed and regurgitated the news.

* Millions of Americans have followed this story without a thought to the fact that those involved are being denied their legal rights as American citizens.

Whatever happend to us, America? Seriously?

Big Brother

This is target p[ractice. Wait until you are part of the next "undesirable" group that the government wants to "explore". It won't be long because it seems eveyone has got some politcally incorrect something that is unappealing to someone else, and anyone can call anonymously about you and report SOMETHING-- everything from dog control, to child abuse, to tax fraud. Have fun people, the roller coaster is just getting started.

And BTW I pary for these innocent children!


Just because they did not get married does not mean that they are not breaking the laws against polygamy. They chose to do all of this in a state with common law marriage.

Three elements must be present to form a common law marriage in Texas.
First, you must have "agreed to be married."
Second, you must have "held yourselves out" as husband and wife. You must have represented to others that you were married to each other. As an example of this, you may have introduced you partner socially as "my husband," or you may have filed a joint income tax return.
Third, you must have lived together in this state as husband and wife.


If sodomites and lesbians can have their practices protected why not CONSENTING(18 and older) polygamists?

Sound Familiar

Whether you agree with their religon or practices or not; the bottom line- this all starts with a phone call from a girl that STILL HAS NOT BEEN IDENTIFIED.

Just like the WMD in Iraq... we went in on a supposition because we 'knew they were there' and did we find any...and was America judged for it.

I believe America will be judged yet again. Sure they've found 'other crimes' but we've violated these peoples Right to Privacy on an accusation that can't be substantiated.

I suspect they lived apart because they knew their way of life was not mainstream; and frankly I'm glad. I can think of quite a few religious beliefs and practices I'd love to see disappear!


It's been known for years, if not decades, that the FLDS sexually exploits children in the name of their so-called "religion".

I would think that Law Enforcement would have their collective act together on this, and when they've completed their interviews of the women & children we'll get further details.


Last I checked it was a federal offense to practice polygamy. We had the military sent out to Utah after us, so why have these idiots gotten a free ride up until now? I say, they're lucky it wasn't Waco II. Get counseling and join America, guys.


Wow. They refused to address allegations of sexual or physical abuse, yet they have no problems accusing the government of abuse of power. I don't know if that's an example of irony or idiocy.


As soon as the government starts creating Death Camps, then we can start using the term Nazi. Until then, get a grip.


It seems reading comprehension is a problem here. Yes, the initial raid was made because of anonymous complaints - but the government has the responsibility to protect children and this girl seemed legitimately traumatized. But, keep in mind that the authorities also had inside informants who could substantiate the claims.

But the most important fact here is this: once the Texas Rangers were inside the ranch, they discovered widespread abuse and many underage girls who were pregnant. At that time, they went back to the judge and asked that the warrant be expanded and the judge agreed that the facts warranted a total search of the property. Once the Rangers determined the extent of the abuse, they saw no other recourse than to remove all the children.

These were NOT "jackbooted thugs" who went in with guns blazing in the middle of the night!

The parents are getting their day in court and CPS is working hard to lessen the trauma to these children. They have provided counselors and lawyers.

The reason cellphones were confiscated is so the parents at the ranch can't "coach" their children on what to tell the authorities - again this is for the children's protection.

Rev. Craig X Rubin

My church was raided too. There is no freedom of religion in America. This raid is crazy.

I am not a polygamist...my wife would kill me...but what happened to due process?

They can't find the person who made the complaint. The man who the complaint was made about is from another state and has never been to TX.

These people cost taxpayers nothing...now, they cost $60,000 per day. Where is the freedom and justice?


Sounds like classic FLDS behavior was going on at that ranch, putting their own religion ahead of the secular law. Sorry, but the rights of adults to practice their religion as they see fit are superseded by the rights of children to grow up without being abused.

When you have teens becoming pregnant, children are being abused. That's a fact. Can anyone here say in good conscience that you don't believe the FLDS accepts polygamy and sex with girls under 18? You know they do. They are the reason much of America considers LDS a lawless and non-Christian cult, and you contribute to this perception when you defend them in any way.

Russ from MI

I accidentally posted twice early but I'd like to add I totally disagree with chilren or anyone for that matter being forced into marriage or raped or any violations of someones personal freedoms. I just have not heard any proof of that anywhere yet and seems to me the government acted without due cause. I mean what if your 16 year old gets mad at you and decide to throw out some accusation without any proof other than that should the government be allowed to come in and ripp your home and life apart.I think this is a severe abuse of power. I think its scares me anytime our government starts saying your guilty without any evidence other than a phone call.These cases like this set a terrible precident. I also want to know whats in the water down there in lonestar state 1st Waco now this.


Seems to be a lot of people on this site support polygamy - Thank You for your Love! As a 50 year old man, I can now breathe a sigh of relief. So can my two 14- year-old wives who love me. They chose to be with me when we fell in love 5 years ago. I'm happy to say that we're expecting. Even better, their pediatrician told me that we're expecting boys! Amen and thanks for the supportive words. I'll read them these letters and maybe some day, we'll teach them to read the letters on their own. God bless!


What happens is that we no longer see each other as fellow human beings. We see each other as a label or category. i.e. black, white, asian, Mormon, Evangelical, racist, loser, illegal immigrant, terrorist, etc, etc. It makes it easy to disregard each other that way. When a human becomes an object, we don't feel as guilty letting them get abused.

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