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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Come on people - wake up! I can't believe the total stupidity of so many posters in this thread. You CAN'T round up the men because there isn't yet concrete proof of who committed the crimes - the men would be out in 48 hours and then the women and children would be in worse danger!

It was imperative that they remove all the children to keep them safe and to find out exactly what was happening to them. There's no way any of the children or the mothers would have talked while still in the confines of the ranch. Their fear of retribution and punishment would have prevented the authorities from getting any useful information.

If this had been a Jim Jones type tragedy, then so many of you here would be screaming "why didn't the government step in and do something!"

Oh - and you stupid libs - this has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the fact that President Bush is from Texas. Making comments like that just shows your stupidity.

This article was written for the express purpose of gaining sympathy for these evildoers - and I have no doubt the leaders of FLDS were behind it!


Most of the commentors here are missing the point, The state of Texas did not move in because they are polygamists ( I mean, really, how long did it take to build that compound and everyone knew they were FLDS) It is the fact that these disturbed leaders are ordering underage girls into marriages of much older pedophile men.That is the true crime in all of this, If they want to remain polygamists, and all parties to a polygamous marriage are adults, who cares, but if they are forcing kids into marriage then that is revolting, and violates dozens of our laws designed to protect children.


Where are all those Republicans who were upset at the Elian Gonzales and David Koresh situations? They remain silent now. This is what happens when you want the government to take care of you---health care, schools, pay your mortgage, etc. If you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind.


Since when is child rape considered free expression of religion?


This is not about religion as some have commented. It is strictly about childhood sexual abuse.

For all the women in the audience, when was it right for you to be given away by your parents at the young age of 12-16 and offered to a 30-50 year old man as a bride? Is this not against everyhitng the women's right has fought for over these last centuries??

(an illegimate bride at that, as some have also commented that many of these men don't actually marry multiple times rather they just co-habitate with them).

For any guy here that thinks marrying a 12-16 year old (or co-habitating with them if you will) is normal, you probably are already on the sex offenders database already.

Wake up people, it is not about Gov't vs. FLDS, it is about sexual abuse!!

John N

(1) If my religion compels me to kill you, am I free to practice it? Freedom of religion isn't license to break the secular laws.

(2) Polygamy leaves a "bachelor herd" with little hope of marrying. Young men with no prospects are dangerous.

These are not laissez faire lifestyle choices. These actions have consequences which are destructive to the culture as evidenced by other current world affairs.

Fifty year-old men bedding barely post-pubescent women isn't love, it isn't pedophilia as (biologically, at least) these aren't children. It is perversion. Even in countries where arranged marriages are common and successful, you do not have this arrangement.

(Where are all the feminists decrying the lack of 14-year-old boys being married to fifty-something women, he asked satirically?)


First, I think that the very small children do belong with their mothers - especially if there is no evidence of abuse. That said - I don't care how many wives a man wants, but those wives should be over the age of 18 and enter polygamy without being forced. This sounds like a bunch of pedophiles who are hiding behind religion to have sex with girls. These thirteen and fourteen year old girls are brainwashed and told that it's the only way they'll ever get to Heaven. Disgusting. I think that the mother in the article that complains that authorities are ignoring the law is laughable - their whole lifestyle is built around ignoring the laws of the land. Again - marry as many adult women as you can talk into it - but leave the little girls alone.

they're nothing but thugs...

Well...look on the bright side: the last time the government raided a church compound in Texas, a lot of men, women, and children ended up dying as a result. I think that, too, was done in the name of "helping the abused children".
It's sickening to the core, but at least they haven't killed anyone or burned the place to the ground (yet).


Do you people read? This is not about religion. This is about sexual and physical abuse of children.


Is the government funding this organization through some program or welfare payments ? I got that impression through one news report. Crimes against children trump finances. What do these people do for a living ? Does our government make this possible? Follow the money.


I think this is just difficult in every sense.
Do they promise underage girls, yes, I was "promised" at 7 YO for later when I was 14, but my mother got me away. Even then at 16 they tracked me down and sent pictures of the man I was "promised" to. So I know that part is true.
I don't much care what happens to the parents, they knowingly set this up and supported it.However, traumatizing 400 children just cannot be the right answer.These children will never feel safe or trusting again.

I think the power of the State went a little crazy, and I hope somebody has some common sense soon. But do you send them back to this totally controlled, restricted, unrealistic situation?

How do you give them back trust, safety, normalicy?

Time for a modern day Solomon.

Why haven't these cults been treated like James Jones or David Koresh? Because they are clean and polite, its different? A cult,is a cult, is a cult, is a cult.


Right on, Nation of Laws. You have said it all. Find the girl, if she exists. Let the others have their God-given right to their religion.


I feel so torn on this issue. As the mother of 2 daughters - 2 and 4 years old, I can't imagine being apart from them and not knowing if I would lose custody of them. My kids are my life . . . I feel for the children involved - how scared they must be -and the parents who are worried about losing their kids.

But on the other hand if there are underage LITTLE GIRLS being "married" to older men, in my opinion that is nothing more than a pedophile raping a little girl and that needs to stop.


This from the lawyers for the no longer great state of Texas
"Attorneys for the children told the judge this weekend that cell phones needed to be removed to prevent 'improper communication, tampering with witnesses and interference with the attorney-client relationship.'

So, I guess the "stolen children" no longer can have contact with their mothers.


Wow! Another raid by jack booted thugs against women and children is Texas. Well at least Janet Reno wasn't there to send in the tanks this time around.
Funny thing, Muslims are allowed to have multiple wives. Do you think none of the practicing Muslims in this country are taking advantage of it? Of course they are. The fact is the authorities will NEVER take action against them.


Yet another group that have replaced reason for belief in yet another version of the 'sky god'. This time using him to endorse their claim on reproductive rights with groups of females. Where did we see this before? They should not be allowed to brainwash their kids. But then, this kind of 'unreason' (belief in a sky god) is so widespread and persistent in this world, that chances of a cure seem remote.


From what I've read, "What Rights" is correct; they investigated this girl's call (sobbing, obviously distraught), and found young girls pregnant, and (supposedly), some with several children already. One of the church elders is apparently serving time in Arizona for conspiracy to have sex with a minor.

Regardless of whether or not you think freedom of religion extends to polygamy (if you read Nonie Darwish's book you'll see how polygamy has destroyed trust and families in Muslim countries), an underage girl pregnant is WRONG; don't tell me laws were passed to target this group. Sex with youths is wrong and has been wrong for a long time.

If the authorities saw a pattern of this on the ranch, that's surely probably cause for a complete search. The reason the kids were taken I'm sure is over concern that instead of stopping this pattern, everyone knew about it; speaks of complicity in committing the crime (sex with a minor).

Jack J

Adult males sexually abusing under-age girls is illegal, a felony! What part of this do FLDS members not understand? The issue here is NOT polygamy, though that is also illegal. Its about adults abusing children sexually and trying to justify it by citing some bush "religion"! I salute the Texas officials, they're doing what had to be done. Its going to be a long, tough case, because FLDS will attempt a cover-up. But they won't succeed.




It was wrong to remove all the children from their homes. These little ones will be traumatized by this government abuse for the rest of their lives. The investigation could have taken place without removing the children from their homes.

I remember when Florida CPS was out of control under Fl. State Attny. Gen. Janet Reno and all parents were guilty until proven innocent. Many children removed from their homes on the flimsiest of allegations.

I remember Waco and the Branch Davidians. All killed by the government on exagerated charges so the BATF could justify a bigger budget.

I remember Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge, Idaho. FBI shot his son and wife, because 'they were those religious gun nuts'.

As a home schooling Christian, I wonder when my door will be knocked down and my children taken away because of an anonymous complaint from someone who doesn't like me or the way we live. And if I resist, and am killed, I won't be there to help you when its your turn.

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