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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Another Waco?

These children were taken because Texas officials drew a correlation between this compound and the Waco stand-off, where many children died.

I'm not condoning what happened here, I'm just saying, if you were in a position of authority in Texas, wouldn't you take actions to show the public that you learned from a previously horrendous outcome?

Now, just like Iraq, they are stuck with all these problems and bad PR. Now its time to start frantically looking for a way out while saving face before it costs you dearly...


I suggest we cut the children in half so that the state and the parents will be satisfied with their portion.


Are women really so stupid as to be brainwashed by a few men? Are you feminists who sit hear repeatedly blaming the men for these problems really advocating the notion that somehow men are smart enough to outwit all of these poor witless females? Wake up please! Everyone is culpable... the men AND the women.


What I want to know if why did it take the Texas officials so long to investigate/break up this horrid situation? 400 children? When it takes 9 months to have a baby.. MY LORD... this has probably been going on for quite some time and it is ashame.

Nation of Laws, if you go back and read your American History you will see that the federal government did regulate something called polygamy..... going way back. The Federal Government also regulated and set up laws prohibiting the marriage of one man to more than one woman.. These federal laws have been around for quite some time and even though the prohibition of polygamy is not written into the constitution there are federal laws making it illegal.

A sickened American

How could a DNA test prove anything? They marry their girls off to cousins and then those cousins who have children, marry other cousins. Their DNA is warped.

This is a sick, sick, sick 'religion'. That marries perverted, filthy 50 year old men off to virginal 14 year olds. That's not religion. That's abuse.

50 year old men taking away a child's innocence has nothing at all to do w/ their 'GOD'. It has everything to do with perversion and selfish lust. period.


This video appears to be scripted, staged and rehearsed. The photography is fine, but the content and acting is absurd. I suspect it was written by their attorneys or male leaders. When Monica dabbed her nose with a tissue, it looked totally fake.

The point is not whether the parents get their way without cooperating with the law. The point is the safety, physically and mentally, of the children.

Anytime you have hundreds of children, some will be ill, some will require medication, and one or more may have to visit a hospital, no matter where they are.

Yes, the change in their normal circumstances is bound to upset them and their parents. And, close quarters can be stressful. However, security and legal issues must be considered as well. CPS has been generous and practical in allowing the mothers to come and keeping them all together more or less. Would they prefer that all the kids were placed in temporary foster homes without the moms and with TV and so on? How would they group them with little information about who they belong to? The kids are also getting free legal and medical care.

The complaints are irresponsible.


I keep hearing from whats being posted here that this is only an attack on a religion.

Wake up people, there are reports of YOUNG teenage girls that are pregnant or already have infants probably fathered by men in thier 40's and 50's. They believed in marrying off young girls as soon as they reached puberty, 12/13 years old. The majority of the children are girls.

This looks like a FLDS compound for the sole purpose of creating child brides for older men. They can claim that this is religous persecution all they want while they are in prison for the rape of a child. They will get out of prison as Level III sex offenders for life which will pretty much put an end to the FLDS.


Anytime you want to know WHY something is happening, all you have to do is "Follow the money". In other words who profits or benefits from the action. Is this another case like the Duke Lacros team where the team where the DA is running for re-election? Does someone with influence has a score to settle whit the FLDS church or one of it's members? Was this action the repayment for a campaign contribution? Hopefully the media will, "Follow The Money" and come up with the answer as they did in the Duke case. And, I hope that those responsible for what happened are made to pay and pay dearly for their actions.

E. Zach Lee

Texas has arrested 400 children and almost no adult males. This is so backwards. Since they cannot make a case against the men, they arrest the kids thinking they will not have to come up with a case against them. At least they are not killing them like they did in Waco, yet. Thank goodness for small tyrants.


We are indeed a nation of Laws and Loopholes. Laws we must obey or else, and loopholes for the government's convenience!

Duffy Spies

It is the responsibility of the United States Government to protect the freedom of religion this country was founded on...not to persecute people or make laws against people based on their religious beliefs. The reason the United States is here (besides attempted extermination of the natives) was to guarantee religious freedom. Just because you don't agree with a religion doesn't make it any more important than your own beliefs. Grow up, people! Remember what our country is here for!

hey Ron B.

First of all , one is suppose to be obeying the law not practicing polygamy which is against the law...you just gave Utah and Arizona away. As they probably have been letting these people vote over the original natives of both states. What a farce! Yet worse happened to the red man and nobody gave a hoot! So run your double standards some more but don't expect no allegiance here amongst the people who fought for the rights to vote for the people who really needed it and were locked out. I bet these guys were voting way before 1954 and that is what really irks me as my children's granfather wasn't allowed too yet he recieved high medals of honor way before that time. So you all can cry a river but these are sick , sick people who look at a child with lust and can't control it! Who's the Savages and who's the Dogs?

Land of the Free?

FLDS is a cult - but in America we have freedom of religon.

Polygamy is against the law - so if Texas wishes to prosecute one of the MEN, so be it.

But rounding up the women and children and forcing them out of their homes? What crime have these women and children committed? If the women have consented to forcing their underage daughters into sexual relationships, then prosecute them too!

But until these ADULTS have been ARRESTED and CHARGED for a CRIME, then how can law enforcement force these mass evictions!?!??


Could someone explain the concept of "freedom of religion" to me?
Asking this in regard to the adults there not the kids. Or has it gone the same way as Freedom of speech?


The government agencies and its employees at this point are the criminals. This was totally unjustifiable. This proves suggests that no one is safe from this type of criminal intrusion.

US Citizen

Well, I guess we should be thankful they didn't just drive a tank right into
the house , inject flammable gas and simply incinerate the women and kids
like Waco.


How come these sites all have polygamist on them trying to change everyones mind that sex abuse of children is just ok? You guys are all nuts! The FLDS church is a sexual, abusive, immoral cult, not a religion.

George Green

The only blessing for the Mothers and children is that Clinton and Janet Reno are not involved.


Here's the problem: the government KNOWS they overstepped their bounds...but they're too stubborn to back down and lose face. Therefore, this is just going to get uglier and uglier. They will eventually decide that they have to bring a whole raft of charges to make the raid seem justified - and then a year later, nearly all of the charges will be tossed out as baseless.

The sad thing is that there were probably at least a handful of children that NEEDED some sort of intervention...but because of the ham-handed way that the government handled this, they will have needlessly traumatized many perfectly safe children, and probably won't even be able to properly help the ones who needed it most.

Duffy Spies

F E A R Y O U R G O V E R N M E N T ! !

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