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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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bill brady

This has absolutely nothing to do with religious freedom, family values, care of children, etc. ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

1. Polygamy is against the law ! ! !
2. Sex with a minor is called RAPE ! ! !

End of discussion


In this day and age it truly baffles me that anyone believes that a polygamist lifestyle is ok. Is this not one of the things we outlawed many years ago? If you do not abide by the laws of our nation you have to pay the price. I do believe that the men in this sick lifestyle are completely to blame. What man would not like to have sex with young, ignorant, girls who are always told to "keep sweet"?
I believe that all of the men in this compound should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The women and children may then have some hope of a normal life in society. It will of course take years of counseling, and education to bring these people into the 21st century. My thoughts and prayers are with all of the children who have been so violated by the people they trusted.

Land of the Free??

This reminds me of something George Carlin (comedian) once observed: Americans have no RIGHTS, merely privileges that are "suspended" when convenient for the government. He reminded us of the "rights" given to the loyal and patriotic japanese-american citizens in WWII, and the pattern holds true today. It doesn't look like you have freedom of religion!

Wonder how many innocent, untouched children are now going to be beaten and raped by the foster families they have been put with?

Good thing the government took away their phones so they can't dial for help...


Can someone be charged with polygamy if they are living with multiple "wives", but not married in the eyes of the law (no certificate)? If that is the case, we can arrest cohabiting people in every large city in America.


Umm.. sounds to me like this is good excuse for old men to have sex with young girls and get away with it. The moms were complicit by allowing their young teen daughters to be raped by pedos.


Freedom of religion? Mass removal of citizens? All based on an allegation? For these people, FLDS, there is no America. I hope the Texas government pays dearly for what they have done. BTW- isn't our current leader from Texas? Makes you wonder!

Troy McClure

These people are abusing their children just by the simple fact they are sheltering them from normal lives. It's bad enough that some will have genetic defects from inbreeding. Lets also not forget that these so called "Americans" refuse to serve in our military! There is nothing normal about this group, how they live and what they do to their children. The government should step in and end this abnormal indoctrination that the pedophilic parents are engaging in.

Ron B.

I see the issue clearly the clue is throwing out the Constitution that gets in the way of preserving power when a good ol boy systems power is threatened by outsiders. As the increasing numbers of outsiders (Fundamentalists) are perceived as a threat to the local good ol boys that have run that rural community for generations they feel threatened as they will start losing elections. They of course need a way to dislodge them before they took over their community with their voting power. Hence the creation or perceptions of some vague and phony conflict. They build up the Fundamentalism vs Feminism conflict to preserve the local good ol. Boys power and control as the low population in the area soon tips the balance of votes to the outsiders who are of the Fundamentalist church and once in office will change the good ol Boy system and they will no longer be in control.


This article is pathetic. They "interview" the mothers while the mothers refuse to talk about abuse...which is the HEART of the whole matter. This is irresponsible journalism. Journalists should present all angles of a story, not let their interviewees decide what is "allowable" to talk about.

Texas had reports of abuse...from the caller AND from informants. I guess all you sympathizers want the government to ignore abuse reports.

It sounds to me like the law enforcement officials showed up and NOBODY claimed to be the mothers of the children. Does anybody else find that a little disturbing...oh...and exactly how did Texas take children from their mothers when the mothers wouldn't claim the children. Texas had reports of abuse and found hundreds of children with no legal guardianship.

...and Why wouldn't the mothers claim the children???

That one's pretty easy. If a mother is 20 and a child is 8, then claiming the child is also another report of abuse...and that is EXACTLY what they are finding out about these children.

Good job Texas!


I think many of you are forgetting the idea of "enabling" in which you can be guilty of a crime for allowing it to take place.

Take for instance the bartender who serves beyond a persons limit and that person kills someone while driving drunk. The bartender has been proven liable in this country for doing nothing other than his job (serving alcohol). There are times when a reasonable person needs to have some judgement of right and wrong.

Marrying your underage daughter away to an older man is child abuse, plain and simple. Even though the mom is not directly involved in the actual deed, her actions are criminal at best.

Think of it like a woman selling her daughter into prostitution. Even though the mom thinks it is the right thing to do at the time(for money or whatever) does it make the act a morally correct act? In no circumstances can I think of anytime this would be morally right. I know it goes on, but it is not right.

This is why Texas has taken the kids from the men and women of this compound. They are both guilty of the abuse, just in different ways.


Are you people serious? This isn't about freedom of religion. It isn't about religion at all. It's all about domination and control of women. You can't, in the name of religion, force young girls to marry men four times their age. How sick is that? The woman who had an 11-year-old will within the next couple of years give her little girl away to be raped. Maybe you think that's OK. Most of us don't. Thank God someone had enough courage to do something about it.


I have sympathy for the families that have been seperated however polygamy is illegal. The polygamous groups have been allowed to continue this practice for too long and should not be able to live outside the law.


I have nothing kind to say about any sexual and physical abuser. I also have nothing kind to say about governmental abuse of constitutional liberties. All I can say about the authorities in Texas is this: you had better be right!

Marko Ramius

Well, the allegations had to come from somewhere. And even if they aren't guilty, shining a light on what exactly IS going on over at that ranch is the first step to them being left alone in the future. Nobody's been bothering the Amish for what seems like ages -- perhaps the FLDS in Texas can share that same certainty after this farce.

James Staley

It is iteresting how many wifes and childres a Man does have and I have never read any thing about how many jobs the Men have. How do they Pay for the up-keep of all the children and wifes. I heard that the welfare department pays them every month and the more children that they have the more money that they get. If this is true the goverment should be able to go in and do what ever, to see when their money is going.

Ann Arbor


Wake up people! "A bed in the sanctuary so that marriages (often to juvenile girls) could be immediately CONSUMMATED"??? This is about SEX. Religion my foot.....


As a former narcotics detective I swore out scores of warrants based upon the testimony of a single CRI--confidential reliable informant--whose veracity had to be specified in the supporting affidavit. We could not act upon a single phone call without corroborating evidence such as a follow-up drug buy(s), either by an undercover agent or the CRI.

However, when minors are possibly involved in a criminal activity (abuse), the courts are much more inclined to err on the side of child safety because exigent circumstances now exist in the court's mind.

So yes, an anonymous phone call from someone purporting to be an abused 16-year old mom can be all it takes to get the ponderous wheels of justice/injustice rolling. It sucks, but it's the best system we've got compared to other forms of law in other countries. Freedom isn't free because someone had to pay.


Does anyone believe that the Government had proof that child abuse was goin on for years and never did anything about it?.Better think long and hard about this .It might be your Daycare or Church groop next,be very carefull about where you leave your children while you are at work.


I feel sorry for the children, because they have no control over what's going on. But remember, both the mothers AND the fathers were taught that this was an acceptable lifestyle. The younger, second- or third-generation men were brought up in this community and taught that this behavior was not only acceptable but expected. So yeah, I feel sorry for the men and boys too who were taught the behave in a way that is truly horrible. The same people that taught the women that being a child-bride to an older man was normal taught the men that taking multiple child-brides was normal. Everyone was brainwashed here, not just the women.


the children are relly not thair's that place was like a big orfange to me it seams a littel scandeles dont you think?

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