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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Here's a question, why doesn't the FDLS church allow the women to have multiple husbands? They don't because polygamy is about male domination and control. Also keep in mind the allegations of child abuse are not new, the state has been hearing these stories for years. This was just the straw that broke the camels back.


These are the same "law-abiding" people who have children with all of their "wives" and then use them to make welfare claims for the "single" mothers, and yet operate in such a way that they individuals have no income (it's all within the church), so that they don't pay taxes. Wake up people. They've had it coming for some time. Their "prophet" is in jail for abusing children right now. You can't possibly think Warren Jeffs removal would change their culture?


Wow, no proof to substantiate the abuse. Yet, they simply go in and kidnap the children.

I am a born again Christian that does not agree with the beliefs of the LDS or FLDS, but I support their right to raise their children as they please (without abusing them, of course). The government, as usual, has grossly overstepped its boundaries and totally ignored these citizens constitutional rights.

I hope the state of Texas gets sued BIG TIME.


I can understand the concern from LDS members, especially in Utah. But the fact remains that it is illegal in Texas, as in most if not all other states, to take a 16 year old and, without her consent or approval, put her with older men for the purpose of "marriage". That is statuatory rape under the law. The YFZ people should be the first to want to comply. They are taking on the definition of a cult. If it looks like what it probably is in many cases, it needs to come to an end or at least changed to where it is legal. Living apart is not the issue, holding people captive against their wishes and having sex with underage children is.


Wake up folks. These children are held under running water as infants to stop them from crying. The child rearing theory of control thru brain washing is used.
No Baptist or Catholic or Muslim or whatever is allowed freedom to treat children or any citizen abusively. These 'mothers' have been endoctrinated and brain washed by men who are power mongers. Who knows what the women and children have been programmed to say. Love and well cared for could mean anything in the language of this church.
Please, folks, may no mistake. Merrell Jessop and others are scripting these women. These are no innocent pioneer women....they are pawns of dirty old/young men.


My guess is there never was 16 year old making this call. Either it was done by law enforcement wanting an excuse to raid or it never happened, your pick. I think this entire episode is a travesty of justice. Is this lifestyle any more harmful than one of drugs, promiscuity, alcoholism, or any other of a number of modern day social ills that the youngof this sect is immune from?

The Dean

No one is talking about the father's of these children not paying or paying child support towards these children if they are collecting welfare benefits from the state of Texas. If the mother's are recieving welfare benefits (cash, food stamps and medical )the state has a right to step in to protect the taxpayers interests. I see welfare fraud and non-payment of child support. These mother's may be collecting welfare from more than one state which is illegal. This may come down to checking DNA of all the father's on the ranch to fine out who the father are to which children.

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America is the land of the free. I find this controlling, brainwashing pratice of pologomy sick. Why are they so clueless? In the name of God, they are being controlled and not experiencing love between 1 man and 1 women. The sickest part of it all is that at age 14, 15, 16 they are marrying and having sex with 40,50 year old men. This is disgusting. It is bad enough if the girls were being mated with boys their own age. It is rape- they are under 17- rape, rape, rape.


How can anyone excuse the horrendous and reprehensible behavior of these FLDS men? And what about the adult women who have been complicit--FOR YEARS--in enabling the repetetive rape and forced "spiritual marriages" of their underage daughters to perverted old men? HUH? How innocent do these mothers think their daughters will be after a trip to the temple mattress? How is it that a felonious sub-culture is allowed to flourish in this country, today? The FLDS is an abomination and should be held accountable (like any other church in the USA) for their illegal behaviors. If these little girls were anywhere else, or belonged to any other religion--they would have been removed from their abusive environment LONG AGO!!! Just because these little girls know no other home, does not mean that they should be returned to the place of their abuse. How crazy is that? WHERE ARE THE BOYS AND YOUNG MEN OF THIS COMMUNITY? We see NO EVIDENCE OF THEM! That's because boys and young men are systematically exiled from the only homes they know when they begin to pose a threat to the perverted older men of the community. The older pervs don't want competition!

Texas Pro

As has been documented over and over and over again, this is not about worshipping a god, or separation for moral cleanliness sake or any of the other PC drivel that has been posted here. It is about several men demanding absolute power. Their women are brainwashed to fear the outside world. Their women and children are brainwashed to think that it is their duty to service the men at their every sexual whim. Young boys are thrown out of the camps and villages in order to make a surplus of young women (read that young teenage girls) for the old men.

This is no different than a Jim Jones cult that is psychologically controlling his masses to do his bidding. Beatings and sexual abuse are common.

You need to become better informed about what this cult is and what it is doing. Abuse in the name of god is first of all not of God, nor is it ever anything but abuse.


I feel sorry for children and mothers, I can't even imagine having my children taken from me. I would be on the brick of insanity. But polygamy is wrong in many aspects. It is bad for women, it is bad for children, but they don't know any different. It is normal life for them. But not knowing that it is wrong and still doing it, doesn't make it right. Without knowing it (or not wanting to submit to law)they or mostly their men called it on themselves. They should learn from mistakes of their past, not us. They are Americans and they need to obey their country's law. My prayers are with this peole. Lord may open their hearts to the Truth.

Jenny Bea

It's nice to see that everyone cares about these children, but I want to play the Devil's Advocate here. These people are isolated from society and raised to believe VERY BAD things about the world. Who knows what the husbands told the wives and mothers to say to the media, under some sort of threat. While I agree with most comments, I think that we should just slow down and see what happens- after all a Judge issued the warrant. No one is purposely breaking the law here. The police aren't Nazi's. Having no idea what goes on and what's said behind their closed doors, let's be thankful that for now, everyone's okay- even if depressed. This will all work out- but you can't go just on what someone said. Again- you have no idea what pressure the men put on the women to say what they did to the media. They could be telling the truth, they could be doing what they were told by their husbands. They could be brainwashed. We just don't know- and at the end of the day, I'll pray for them. I'm sure they'd genuinely appreciate that.


Pray for the children. How very sad.


If these mothers really loved their children, they would be glad they have been from such a perverse "religious" sect. They are child molesters and enablers. Spare them no sympathy.

No one cares if a woman is stupid enough to want to be a polygamist slave. What people SHOULD care about is the abuse of underage girls and the abandonment of underage boys.


The woman wouldn't speak to the poilce, so they lost their rights immidately.

Just think what the outcry would be if the police did nothing in response to the 16 year old girl's phone call for help. It would be , "Where were the police? - they got the call, they should have went in" , afterwards.

You whiny libs would cry and moan either way.


Strange how the government has yet to produce the "16 year-old girl who called authorities." And why would they take ALL the children based on an unfounded allegations? Texas CPS has enough problems and cannot be trusted. It is state sanctioned kidnapping and state sanctioned religious harassment, nothing more, nothing less. They came for immigrants, now they've come for the children, who will be next? Welkome to AmeriKa.


Three Words:
Certified Birth Certificate.

Visit the county office, pay $20 and have them notarize a new copy of the birth certificate.

Sure its a hassle, but the police won't likely reject that document as a fake when it has todays date - right next to the the county clerk's signature and seal.


What a biased article. Full of weeping and wailing. Nary a mention of polygamy, which even in the mid 19th century was widely recognized as an outdated relic of babarism.

Anyway, as for the comments talking about "innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt (IUPGBARD)" in rebuking the public and media, the only people required to observe that standard are the justice system, specifically the jury. THE PUBLIC AND MEDIA ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DO SO.

IUPGBARD basically means you have to ignore common sense. But the reality is that extremely unlikely claims are ... extremely unlikely. The desperately stammered explanation by the wide-eyed creepy guy holding a dripping knife while standing over a corpse in an alley MAY be true. But almost certainly not.

And unless we're in a jury, we don't have to pretend he's innocent. It's perfectly all right to draw the obvious conclusion.


=====Use your IQ not your emotion please. Please think with your head not with your heart. If anyone knows what the constitution says, knows that this search was illegal, as was the subsequent removal of these children=====

Nope. WRONG! Once it is proven, or even highly suspected, that underage children are being forced to have sex with adults ALL bets are off. The Constitution protects them too doesn't it? This atrocity happens every day at this compound, and these people deserve what they get and have created this situation. The State of Texas is doing the right and responsible thing in moving to protect these children from the monsters that lurk behind the secret walls.

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