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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Dave in DC

It's all about power and money. There is a small core of men who run the cult - that is what it is - a cult because behind the curtain, there is a small group controlling the mass of souls. Who gets to decided who is going to marry who? How about, when or if they want to marry? The people outside of the Core dont have choices. They live in the comfort provided to them by others without any worries. Their dues is a loss of rights that the rest of civilized free citizens would not put up with loosing. Children should not be exposed to that environment.

The authorities should do everything possible to break this cult up. They can start with pulling their tax exempt status - federal and state.

Fed Up American

My father fought in WWII to protect our rights. I have always been taught that we live in the best country in the world. Now as a 44 year old father of two I can say I am truly concerned with the blatant disregard of our constitution. Our system is failing us daily in the name of fear. Everyone is convinced that we must be protected from the evil when everything I see points to evil government control WAKE UP PEOPLE! Every day another right is taken away. We as a nation are more worried about Britney Spears Rehab than our freedoms. This is just another example of "abuse of power". Innocent until proven guilty, only if you can afford $1500.00 for a lawyer.. other wise you sit in the cell until your court date Im tired and disgusted with what our wonderful nation has become. I most go back to work now, I have to pay my taxes on the money I (like you) work for....

Invisible, Apparently

I am a teacher, and I am also a very devoted mother. I homeschooled my child because the public schools would not meet his advanced needs. I was a single parent at the time and still am. My husband had left me. I am chaste. I complained about a day care I temporarily had my son in so I could raise capital for a work at home business. They had left multiple bruises on him. They knew a person in CPS and had me threatened. That traumatized me and my child. So, I had a bad experience with CPS and don't automatically assume they are doing the right thing.

However, CPS is doing the right thing in this case. The parents are not cooperating at a normal level. It is not normal for parents not to claim their individual children and state their parentage. What American parent would not produce a birth certificate and any other proof of parenting to get their children back? What parent wouldn't try to bargain, offer to live independently, etc. to get their child back? These people are playing the victims, but they are making their kids the victims. Get real, folks.


Anything I have every seen regarding these people and their practices are very abusive to the children. You girls, not women, are forced to marry old men. Their mothers stand by and let it happen. I saw a television documentary where if the young boys get to a point where they are threatening the old guys positions, they are to pack a bag, taken to the out skirts of town and told to leave. No money and no place to go they ended up on the streets in prostitution. So I think the government did a very humane thing going in there and removing these children, giving them the opportunity to come forward if they are being abused and have to opportunity to escape that awful situation. It isn't like they went in there without a complaint being made.


Amazing how my comments never get posted on this site. I am respectful, well-spoken and coherent. But, I do not support the FLDS crimes. Is there a proscribed limit to the proportion of negative versus positive comments allowed in regards to FLDS?

I would like to say, again, that the FLDS members are breaking the law in many ways and also refusing to cooperate with authorities even in identifying their own children.

My tax dollars are paying to feed and house them, just as they were when they were at the compound. I am a single mom struggling to pay my bills. Should I feel sorry for them for having to sleep on cots for a couple of weeks? Did they expect the Hilton Hotel? Who even knew there were that many children unknown to the state in there?

I am not a proponent of heavy state control, but children deserve basic protection of their rights to be safe and to be taught truthfully. Parents are obligated to obey the laws of the land or change it through political action. These people have taken no responsibility for these things and want us to feel sorry for them. Grow up.

The Dean

Unbeknownst to many people the state(s)have the legal right to protect all children till they are 16 years old. This is written in state(s) law.


That was the most boring "exclusive" story I've ever read. "Collectively, their hearts are broken but their spirits undaunted." Uh. Terrible. I love all the constitutional scholars out there protecting these sexual abusers. Dopes.


Wow...a lot of people here are defending these people. The main issue here ISN'T polygamy, it is child abuse. Someone made an outrageous argument that the ex-members of this church are naturally going to trash this group because they had to hate the group to get out of it. That makes as much sense as saying that naturally an ex-drug dealer who rails against his former profession is only doing so because he had to hate it in order to get out of it. Nobody is mentioning the bed discovered in the sanctuary of this place where young girls were having sex with older men. As to the constitutional argument, there was probable cause. This place has been under the government microscope for years, and they held off this long before doing anything. This shows an extreme amount of restraint on the government's part.


They deserved it. it was the right thing. There is no where in the bible or the law that condones sexual acts with underage kids. disgusting perverts.

mary, small town Pa.

My heart breaks for these Mothers and children. Where is that abused 16 yr. old? The evident abuse is the with the Texan bureaucrats who, like predators , compromised the innocence of bonds between a mother and her child. Who are we to judge a lifestyle we may/may not agree with or lack understanding of? How dare they! And where is the outrage??


THEY DID THE RIGHT THING in removing these women and children. It is NOT the same as removing one man from a woman and children. How could they protect all those women and children from the male rapist molesters in that compound when it is so large? No one was sure what the heck they were doing to children and women in that place. To make the mistake on the side of caution was the right thing to do. If they had not taken them, and something happened to them (some other men came for them and spirited them away, beat them, etc. Oh how you would all be in a rage over that!!!!
I do not care for the faulty system we have in public services, but at least these kids could have a chance to experience freedom, free will, choices, opportunities, and AVOID RAPE by some old pedophile.


I don't believe this would have happened if journalists would have been permitted to photograph what was taking place. Sunlight is the world's greatest disinfectant.


A sad day in America, in which our society has dilapidated to such an extreme that the government is illegally seizing hundreds of children from their rightful families.

Imagine if the local police suddenly barged into your home and hauled off your kids to an undisclosed location.

No matter what religion you practice, even if it none at all, keep your thoughts and prayers with the welfare of the children, not with the government's fascist binge.


Remember folks, the government owns you. We have given them the power. They, at any time can take away anything you think you own, including yourself and your family. The burden and cost is then on you to get any of it back. A sad reality, and this is one more example. Let's get these power hungry fools out of office and close down these over-powered agencies. Vote correctly and make your voice and monetary support work from your locality on up.


I feel for the innocent among this community, but if they are not going to cooperate with authorities and turn in the rapists among their men, there is little that can be done to protect those who will be raped.

If they truly loved their little ones, they would speak up and out against the rapists and not protect them.

Mother's, grandmothers, aunts who allow their daughters to be raped and then do nothing when justice comes knocking are accomplices to crime.

save the kids from rape

I am glad the women LOVE their children. But how is it love to give your BABIES to old rapists and tell them this is God's will? Mental abuse? THAT is mental abuse. To LIE and tell a child God says you must be sold off and raped as a child by an old man , that is the worst mental abuse there is. Are they handling it just right? Probably not. Bet they could use some help, so go help. An evil world for sure. But God is good. Brain washing, sexual abuse, these are evil things. "Better a millstone was tied around their necks then to harm the least of these (children)". Who will say rape is not harm to


Let's mark this day as a symbolic date of Complete Decline of the United State of Arrests.


If we regard a POLYGAMIST to be a criminal notice who we would also be calling a criminal: Abraham, Jacob, Elkanah (father of Samuel the prophet), King David (a man after Gods own heart) to name a few. You cannot find any word of condemnation in the bible for their POLYGAMIST life style. In fact Hebrews Chapter 11 stated that all these men received a righteous report. They would be in prison in America.

Whats the point of placing our hands on the Bible in public swearing in ceremonies and in court when most people including Christians hate the words written in it? Notice this:

Exodus 21:10-11
10 If he marries another woman, he must not deprive the first one of her food, clothing, and marital rights.

Read also Deuteronomy 21:15-16

No condemnation from the bible. In fact our Savior said that Abraham and Jacob would be in the Kingdom Matthew 8:11.

The real crime of the polygamist is the same crime the Jews committed in Germany: Be Different.

If the mothers and girls were normal wearing short, skin tight clothes and exposing their chest, attracting one or more boy friends, (having no husband), on welfare they would be FREE.


There was proof that many of the girls taken away from the ranch were under aged and pregnant. Polygamy is against the law even if your faith believes in it. It's the same as Sharia law being criminal here and for good reason. These woman are not given an education, made to marry men old enough to be their grandfathers and having children. It's not exactly a healthy situation when a small number of men control such a large population and then make the boys leave so they aren't competition. That's not religion, that's a cult.

Yes there are pedophiles in other religions,and in schools, homes, etc..., but other religions don't believe in it because those responsible are breaking their own religions rules and the laws of this country.

YFZ=Sexual abuse

Are you all actually defending this group? Are people so easily swayed? Throw a couple of heart-wrenching sob stories up there and suddenly it is the state abusing its police power?

Never mind the fact that among the children taken into custody were numerous teenage mothers. Never mind the multiple calls from girls inside the community to family violence centers.

Its just all a giant mistake because a mother wants to be with her children, right? Whatever. In this country we allow freedom of religion, bu the state has an overarching interest- to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Every single one of those "happy little girls" wouldn't be so happy when they were forced into marriage at the age of 14 or 15. Imagine that happening to your kids, and ask yourself if you'd be so sympathetic to a mother who knowingly lived in a place where that happens to everyone.

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