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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The problem is the sexual abuse of children. Everything else that is being brought up is a smoke screen. The mothers agreed to talk if they were not asked questions about sexual abuse, therefore they have nothing of substance to add to the discussion.

There is no easy way to protect children when it is the parents who prepare the children to be raped. To allow it to continue would make us guilty of the crime as well, in the eyes of God.


it is stupid government telling their people how to live. They want to live the way they do, it's their business. Law enforcement officers should respond to 16 year old case only in her family, not rest of families!

Govt presumed all families are stereotypically guilty of one 16 year-old's rape, therefore all raids are justified in their own eyes. Not my eyes.


Why would you publish such a one-sided interview? What purpose does this serve? Would you publish an article about the government's claims when there was no willingness to address questions or "undesirable" topics? Clearly these folks were polygamist child abusers, they need no sympathy.


I personally think this is another case of the government out of control.I mean it makes no sense to remove anyone except girls ages 13-16 that was the issue.I mean it starting to come out now the guy accused has not even been in texas since 1979 and so they dropped the warrant and no arrest is Being made.I gather my kids up and we stand in a big circle and everybody takes their turn praying we do this everyday.I imagine someday the goverment will consider this brainwashing and conditioning.I hope people realize what they are advocating more intrusive government and more government control.Today its some kids from a sect in Texas tomorrow it will be your home your kids and you'll wish you stood on the side of freedom because by that point it'll be gone.

just a Lutheran

i am praying for all involved.
too much pain to think about,
too much recovery to go through,
but these people must begin somewhere.
Jesus, heal the broken hearted and set free the captives, as your Father has sent you to do.


I find it interesting that the Deseret News chose to paint the FLDS church in such a glowing light after years of writing negative articles about it. Opportunism at its finest. The people of Utah and the LDS church can't stand FLDS either. Thus, they moved to another state where they thought they could be less conspicuous. The facts of the case are that a child made an outcry of sexual abuse against a member of the compound and that the alleged sexual abuse is widespread throughout the compound. What the news doesn't tell you is the mothers were all given the opportunity to leave with their children when the kids were removed and some of them chose to remain with the men instead. Funny...none of the women interviewed express any concern about the sexual abuse allegations.


"...So did I miss the story where they took the boys away from the catholic priests? Or the one where they took the Muslim kids away because they had more than one wife?..."

Nope, you didn't miss it; but you might have missed the fact that it isn't a part of their 'program'. Child rape is not organized nor is it condoned.


Simply put, religions must abide by all the laws of the community they live in. They were not abiding the laws, hence the children were taken.


While it may suit to justify the Law Enforcement communities actions in this case that 400 children, some so young as to be NURSING, were taken from their homes and separated from their mothers, who now allegedly are not allowed time with their children even when documentation is presented that proves the relationship, It is a false justification that pregnant underage girls were found , or even underage mothers. I am sure that these eager Lawmen could have found pregnant underage girls in Houston or Dallas, or by subpoenaing medical records at any abortion clinic, as was recently attempted to be done in Kansas. That deal caused a huge public backlash because the guilty parties were not a religious group. If these folks would have been abouting the children to avoid any evidence that anything was happening, it would have been ok and they still be happily molesting each other with no consquences... At least the LDS folks had the good judgement not to resist the confiscation of their children, so that no state sponsored cremations resulted.


Texans...when will you rise and take back the state that used to be yours?

These folks might appear different, but so do Baptists, Jews, Catholics...and Gun-owners, Hunters, Constitutionalists, etc. Show me their crime!

How long will God-given rights be stolen? How long will yall allow the prejudice of bureaucrats to trump the rights secured to you by generations of vigilance and sacrifice?

With apologies to Neimoller:

In Texas, they first came for Davidians,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Davidian.
Then they came for FLDS,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't an FLDS.
Then they came for gun-owners,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a gun-owner.
Then they came for Conservatives,
and I didn't speak up because I was a Moderate.
Then they came for me -
and by that time no one was left to protest.

Can't happen in Texas? It just did (Again!)! And y'all do nothing!?!

Sam Houston said, Texas has yet to learn submission to any oppression, come from what source it may. Today, hes apparently wrong! Where are your cajones?

This ex-pat Texan living temporarily in Virginia is ashamed that this tyranny is unopposed in Texas.


It was only a matter of time before someone wrote a sympathetic article in defense of the pedophiles and their servile, submissive wives. Oddly, there is no mention of the fumarase deficiency caused by inbreeding, the techniques similar to waterboarding that they use on their children to force them into obedience, or how they expel many of the male children from the sect to eliminate the competition for the young girls. Inclusion of the above would bring a whole new meaning to the statement, "We love our children".


Earlier "Pat" commented that they should have taken the men out of the compound and left the women and children. I couldn't agree more. Who in our country allows men to be married to 7 or 8 women, whether true marriages or "spiritual" marriages. These men wanted unlimited sex with young girls and all the babies they could make to keep them under control. But, Texas got it backwards. Remove the predators, not the prey.

John Gilbert

Wether the government was right or not. the article is clearly bias. No mention of older teenage girls taken away. No comment from any male, just 30+ and older women. If the article had comments from a teen girl taken away that was having sex since 13 or 15 you might feel different. Point being it showed a side of the ranch, which is fine, but don't allow that to cloud the fact of sexual activities in the ranch of minors with men. None of this is good. Its a sad situation that a group of men are responsible for.


So many people are claiming that since polygamy is still on the books as a crime, these people are fundamentally criminals who deserve the treatment they're getting. In most states, adultery and cohabitation are still on the books as crimes (or at least they were until recently), and yet, no one expects the police to round up the 90% of Manhattan and Orange County CA who are living "in sin".

What about the man who has a wife and kids and a pregnant mistress. Should they round up all his kids and throw him into jail?

If there is proven child abuse, punish the abusers. Otherwise the law should be upheld (or ignored) equally.

Also, when I was a foster mom, the state wouldn't remove any children from a home except the one who had actually sufferes abuse. Even then, the goal was to get them back home as soon as possible. Let's see some evidence of abuse other than a few sensational minutes on Nightline or Montel before overreact.

You'd think our government would've learned the lessons of WACO.


It's the filthy old men that need to be removed- not the children from their mothers. I can't believe that was the course of action chosen. How ignorant.
I think polygamy is wrong on many levels, but if a consenting adult chooses that lifestyle then so be it. On the other hand, they should not be forcing little girls (or FORCING ANYONE for that matter) to wed and bear children for old men. There's a difference between choosing that life and being forced into it. It's the use of sexual and marital force and deception that is a crime here- not the polygamy.

Quick to condem

People seems rather quick to condem the government today, yet you don't have many facts. How many 12 year old girls have to be found pregnant before you change your mind? How many pregnant teenagers did they find? Is that just cause for pulling the at risk 9-12 year olds out too? What about the emotional toll of breaking up families? Depending on what is happening that we don't know about, taking every child and the mothers could be the most benevolant solution.


I would like to know more about the Texas officials who initiated this action.


The tyranny we fought a revolution over 200 years ago we have now created. An unsubstantiated phone call from a 16 year old, and American authorities March into a community and take away the children from their parents. If we are not outraged and fight for these people, the government will come for our children next! Freedom of Religion my foot!

Thank God the Mormons are peaceful people, and the Clintons are not in the White house or: we would have had another Waco.


The most troubling aspect of these comments is the defense of the FLDS cult and its obvious, clear and convincing abuses of human rights and oppression of women and children.

Those commenters complain about "the government".

Can you imagine what our government would be like if FLDS believers were in control of our government?

Can you imagine what our lives would be like if we lived under an FLDS-controlled government?

THAT is frightening to conjure.


Churches are safe in America but cults are not. God bless USA

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