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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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so marrying 50 year old uncle bob,when you're 14 is totally cool with you people . NO!


What's wrong with this picture is that pedophilia
becomes systems, couched in terms that this is the
Lord's wish. Which no one can ever argue you against. So very young girls are taught to endure
sexual contact with relatives, even fathers, and
people even have to wonder why a government would
have the right to step. Comparing what the Texas
authorities did to Nazis shows an apparent ignorance
about Nazi atrocities. The Nazis took your children
away and gassed them. Hardly whats happening in Texas.
At the end of the story, the founding men of this
church thought this would be a good way to sleep with young girls and God bless us for it.


The events in Texas match my personal experience with child protective services, the county sheriff, and the school attendance review board in the Conejo Valley Unified School District in Ventura County California. I am a homeschooling parent with a PhD in EE from Stanford University and a BS in Physics from MIT. The CVUSD designated my 8-year-old son a "habitual truant" and presented absolutely terrifying police force to him and his mother. When my child responded to this terror by crying and vomiting, the school district dropped my child from school rolls and pretended he did not exist. Since then, my "habitual truant" received an $80K merit scholarship at Johns Hopkins University when he was 17 and he is just now graduating with his MS in computer science. I predict that the dishonesty and abuse of child protective services towards some of the best parents will have catastrophic social consequences. Those children will remember being taken from their families for the rest of their lives.

Bryan Abbott

Fear not! These kids will be ingesting MTV, HBO and the internet in no time. If they just dive into our multi-cultural philosophies and accept that having two moms or two dads is A-OK but having one dad and two moms is wrong, then we will cure what ails them. What they really need is a steady diet of moral relativism, poor manners and a complete lack of motivation. Just think of the progress they will make once we teach them to hate Christianity and to worship musicians and bumbling idiot actors. Maybe we should be happy they didn't cook the kids like they did in Waco? Seems we didn't learn any lessons last time. God bless these kids and God help their families. And if any of the men are guilty of child abuse, prosecute them. Certainly good families have been destroyed in this unconstitutional pursuit of "Justice" Shame on Texas. Shame on that judge!


Before you get outraged by the removal of children & women, wait until you see the evidence presented at the trial. There is a big difference between manipulating, frightening or forcing young children into a life of subservience and sexual abuse and freedom of religion. The Texas authorities are doing the right thing - giving many who are too scared to speak up, an opportunity of getting out of that judgmental environment where you are not allowed an opinion of your own, you are forced to agree with old, perverted men. Let them get out of that and start putting things into perspective. When the investigation is over, those that are innocent may return. Those that have committed crimes will be dealt with fairly, by a jury of their peers. Justice is finally being done. The older perverts have freedom of religion. Imagine a 13 y/o girl in this sect. No options, no say over her future. If she disagrees, forced & blamed. Allow HER freedom of choice. She has no outside education or support to get away from it. This raid & investigation is overdue. God bless Texas authorities.

howard hofelich

This is a crime committed by government. We need to clean our government out of all these do gooders who want to make gay marraige the norm. I am a Catholic but I fully support the FLDS and I hope they sue the bejesus out of Texas and win.


The people at YFZ Ranch keep talking about how they cant believe this can happen in America?


It doesn't seem like the freedom they are asking for is being given to their own children. Marrying off underaged girls into a polygamist relationship(which is illegal in every state they operate) and teaching young boys that this is the only way they will go to heaven is wrong. Its fraudulent. And while this kids and the women and children will suffer, they have to due to their brain washing, it will help some others get out and stop the repeated cycle.

Makes you wonder

So did I miss the story where they took the boys away from the catholic priests? Or the one where they took the Muslim kids away because they had more than one wife?

Peter Gee, Nairobi, Kenya

It is incredibly ironic that the Daily Mail in England is leading a charge of demonizing the situation of the FLDS in this ranch incident, whilst at the same time turning a blind eye to Britain allowing "creeping sharia" in government mandated programmes to pay welfare to up to four Muslim wives and allow Muslim wives to join another wife if both come from abroad.

The Government is extremely wrong to separate these children from their mothers and a gross abuse of Government power. They have the right to look into allegations of sexual abuse, but not to destroy the lives and relationships of women, children and whichever men are innocent.

I'll bet the majority of those on this forum who are attacking the FDLDS are themselves totally ambivalent over Muslim polygamy and if from the left, would never dare tell a Muslim that their religious family life is an "abuse" etc and support abortion, state fosteriung and other anti-family programmes. Hipocrites.

Amish, Mennonites etc who wish to leave in peace away from the world should be allowed to do so as long as direct abuse is not involved.

a critic

nice pictures of hands. they are so informative. so different from any other hands. bravo.


In response to Hal, 12:32 pm April 13 (first page, last comment) -

The Amish and Mennonite seclude themselves, but do not cut off the outside world. Outsiders may enter, provided they follow some simple rules (no picture-taking), and most Amish and Mennonite villages trade with the outside world. They are not strictly self-sufficient. Obviously it's not illegal to cut out the world entirely, but cutting out the world is not usually done to protect children from the world. IT is done to hide questionable acts from the authorities. Never, ever, in the history of any sect, has any sect found it necessary to cut off the world entirely and not had something illegal, immoral, and often sexual going on behind closed doors, not even when the first Christians were praying in the catacombs.


When people behave like animals and they break the laws of this country in such a heinous way then they should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. I noticed only 2 people were actually arrested, there were warrants for the search and after entering it was decided there was an imminent threat to the children at which time they were removed in a very legal way. The children were potential witnesses in a case who were in danger of being manipulated and hurt. If there was no crime the children will be returned. Now if a crime has been committed I hope everyone wishes that they be punished to the fullest extent of the law and that the sickos who commit crimes against children rot in the pits of hell.


OK, let's assume polygamy was being practiced there.
Why is this criminal, but having children out of wedlock is OK? How many children in America have been abandoned by their fathers or traumatized by divorce, yet the government can't seem to get a handle on these social problems.

Leave it to politicians to make a mountain out of a mole hill so they can portray themselves as heros. From what I've seen, most of them can't manage their own lives much less tell others what's best for them.


boys who are over 18 are thrown out because they are a threat to older men. who are these older men who don't want to be threatened? and what is the threat? the battle for the women, especially the younger women and girls? does anybody see a problem here?


If the children weren't being abused before, they certainly ARE being abused now.


I dont know what is wrong with all of you?? There were SEVERAL PREGNANT teenagaers which prove there is child abuse going on inside this cult. I am appalled that anyone can sit here and say we should not have gone in and taken all the children. We need to protect them first and foremost above anyones religion. How dare anyone say getting a teenager pregnant is ok!! I am ashamed that no one on here has any morals!


This is one of the few things that the government has done that's right! These people aren't abusive? Not in their own eyes, of course. Their god wants them to marry off 13 year old girls to 50 year old men. They don't deny it. This isn't a case of people accusing them of doing such things. They freely acknowledge it and don't see it as abuse. They also throw out young men so that there will be enough women to go around. What kind of loving parents throw their children out?


At puberty (could be as early as 9 if not earlier), these mothers willingly hand over their daughters to be "married" and sexually abused. duh.

Mother of 3

The media can spin a story any way it feels will get the best reaction and this has absolutely higlighted the natural feelings of mothers for their children without taking in to account that these same mothers are party to some very shocking abuse. As a mother I understand the distress such a forceful separation would cause. Let us keep in mind however that the women interviewed were unwilling to talk about underage marriages or any of the alleged abuses related to the siege in the first place. My heart is with the poor 16 year girl who already has FOUR children! It is a very traumatic time for all involved but better to save the children from such a future, not forgetting that their mothers were allowing the alleged abuse to continue. Those mothers would do better to find some help for themselves in order to better protect their children.


Sex without desire is painful for a woman; sex without desire is rape.

A judge is convinced that there *is probable cause* to believe that the women have been victims of rape while the young girls are at high risk of rape.

Current thinking is that rape isn't a wholesome thing. Current thinking is that child rape is particularly heinous. Current thinking is that the government has a duty to protect girls who are at high risk in their homes.

If you don't like the way Texas handled this, lobby to make child rape legal.

Let parents mentally torture their little girls, making them believe that they'll burn in hell if they don't have sex with a man they don't desire the moment they get their first periods.

Make child rape legal. Let 50 yo men take frightened, pubescent girls and rape them. Yes, child rape is mostly ugly, but out in the country with girls who are first properly conditioned to believe that this is the way to earn Heaven in the afterlife, child rape could be a beautiful thing.


Stockholm Syndrome.

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