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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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It is Illegal to practice polygamy in the USA.
It is Illegal for a man to impregnate a minor(really a child themselves) in the USA. Thats called Statutory Rape. In my book it just plain Rape. Someone needs to pay! Texas has done whats best for these young Children in getting them out of that environment. The proof of these mens Sin is in the bellys of these young girls.
Now mysteriously some of these mothers appear with tears trying to rally support from the people of the USA for their sins. Where were these mothers when the raid was going on? Now days later they come home to check on their children? Give me a break. Sure a mothers love runs deep, but a mother that would want one of her 13 yr old daughters to be impregnated by a 60 yr old man has gotta be sick in the head. Im sorry but that is cold hearted.
Laws have been broken, both judicial and moral....God Bless Texas for caring about America and little Children.


I too am concerned about the abuse that young adolescent girls and boys face in this sect. But is it right to wrench the young toddler childern away from their mothers? What harm are we doing to these kids by separating them from their mums. If this had happened to me when I was a child, I don't think I could ever have recovered. I think the government has gone too far.

Is there someone we can contact to help these poor children? My heart just aches for them.


I'd imagine if the alleged accuser is still alive, and in state custody, that there are very good reasons for not parading her before the media.


I feel so sorry for these children, forced into having sex with dirty old men with multiple wives sounds like a horror story. I hope the govt finally puts a stop to this sex abuse.


This makes me sick. How can they separate families like this? What country do we live in? Even through the many things our government has done, this it the first time I have questioned whether we are free any more.

It is a sad day for these families and an even sadder day for America.

MR. Gail

When the law breaks the law. Then there is no law!


Not knowing the extent to which certain unusual practices were "forced" it is hard to comment on how I want this case to resolve. What I do know is that the Government has taken upon itself to ignore the rights of individuals and groups.

Widespread abuse of the scale that warrants the forced removal of hundreds of children couldn't be hidden or destroyed. At the very most, if sufficent reason existed to believe the teenage girl's calls were genuine a detailed search of the ranch would have been in order.

Not this.. Not in America


I cannot believe when I read people say Texas is "violating these freaks' constitutional rights." Child RAPE is not a right, it's a horrendous crime. Dont mess with Texas, and dont mess with kids.
Americans should be and are permitted to worship whatever Diety they choose. They should even be permitted to have their stupid "plural families". Just dont rape young girls.


No one has proven to why having multiple wives is a crime. Sure, I understand we live in a Constitutional Republic and we are under duress to live by the laws. I dont mean to shatter your comfort but just because something is a law doesnt mean its right or that a valid study was done to support the need for such a law. The only thing I can tell is Utah was forced to drop polygamy in order to join the union. Thats simply not proof in as of its self. Please educate me and Im not looking for your opinion. I want proof.


Take the children to San Fransicko and bring them up among the wierdos there??? It's no wonder that this group wants to be secluded. All you have to do is look at TV for a day and you'll see more depravity than you'll see in 10 years on that FLDS compound. If you want to charge someone. Charge the men, --after you have proof. Texas is the 'Wild West. Not as wild tho' as SF. This is becoming a Godless country. Surely there has to be a reckoning some day. The whole thing is sick. Pity all those little children.


Why weren't all the Catholic schools closed down when the priest scandel broke?

joe shmoe from U.S.

Well, I'm not big on the whole combine thing, but it looks like there is very little proof so far as to a mass child abuse thing going on there. Maybe it was just one isolated incident, so the question is..will the state now take every child that lives on the same random street as one who was abused? This looks like a case of discrimination against religion, which is supposed to be free here.


How is polygamy any different than someone getting married 3 times and having children in each relationship? Or even having children outside of marriage with several partners? Isn't the end product the same?

Maybe someone should target some politician with children and call in some claim similar to this situation? Or perhaps target one of the posters above?

Indeed, this is very much like 1938 Germany. The masses site idle while Marxism disguised as good intentions march forward unopposed.


I attended Jordan High School in Sandy in the late 60's and early 70's. There was a compound of Jeffs who lived up 9400 S. not far from the mouth of the canyon. We had a lot of the Jeffs and Allred kids who attended school with us. Most of them did well in school and graduated with the rest of us in their class. My how these groups have changed, I understand they don't educate the girls past the 8th grade now...how sad. I guess that's one way to have submissive women.

RG in Arizona

I notice that the terms Nazi and Hitler are thrown about already. And now:
"If anyone knows what the constitution says, knows that this search was illegal, as was the subsequent removal of these children."

Sorry but both state and county courts issued warrants. It is to be determined if they were correct. Quite a few of us know our Constitution well. Emotions run amok do not help.
But following Warren Jeff's actions in Arizona we do know several women trying to leave his compound has disappeared. I have had the privilege of assisting a run away bride from Colorado City. Their lives are hard and not at all akin to the Amish or Mennonites.
Let's keep the emotions in check and let this play out in the courts. All involved will get their say.

Mud Flap

Before you judge whether or not the authorities in Texas were right or wrong in their actions against the FLDS compound you should read "Escape" by Carolyn Jessop, one of Merrill Jessop's many wifes, who was born and raised to believe in plural marriage. Carolyn Jessop tells a story that will shock you! The FLDS is nothing more than an American Taliban the way the abuse women and children and claim that the edicts come from God directly to their prophet. I dare you. Read that book!!!


I've seen cases where immigrant families practice polygamy. They avoid prosecution by calling the extra wives "aunts". Would authorities also go after them?

London, England

The papers here sure have got the story scewed. This story's half way around the world. Sympathy seems to be building for these people. I wonder if this might back fire with your local Government and national government. Awful abuse of power, and the Judiciary Branch of government seems to have no moral or constitutional base in Texas. American citizens really should be a bit more alarmed about this. They seem to be having a bit of yawn session instead of a support rally.

Jim from MD

Is your church government approved? It appears the lessons of Waco are now forgotten. I don't like the tone of the media which is from day one has demonized these people with code words like compound and cult. Remember that this country was founded by religious extremists. Its part of our fabric.

The unspoken criticism I hear in these media reports is that the government is upset that FLDS is teaching their kids that their first loyalty is not to the state. Beyond that they are criticized for being self sufficient, fertile, and dowdy dressers. The media goes nuts over the polygamy and patriarchal authority aspects while it blindly supports gay marriage, homosexual teachers, and criticizes the Boy Scouts for keeping poofters out of their ranks. The FLDS has a right to be secretive about their affairs. People have been hounding or killing them for 175 years for their non mainstream beliefs.

I don't think the 16 year old girl will ever be found. She never existed in the first place. I could see through the smokescreen from day one.

Finn Nielsen

An observer from Helsinki, Finland writes: History will compare the taking of these children from their families to the taking of native American children from their families or the taking of aborigine Australian children from their families ... a horrible example of cultural arrogance ... a human rights atrocity.

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