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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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So, some stranger calls the abuse hotline knowing the authorities are hot to get their hands on these people...? What a joke. Texans are nothing more than a bunch of hair trigger rednecks waiting to get these "polygamists". I've yet to see a single young abused girl. I'm sure if we wait long enough, they'll "plant" something on these people.


hey remember how this all started, with a phone call from a girl who was 14 married to a 60 something man. truth be told it was probably a fake phone call, the feds have been tearing it to bits for years trying to figure out how to get in there, now they have some phone call but havent been able to find the girl or the old man, sound a little funny to you it does to me


Polygamy is illegal. We can debate the merits of it, but it's illegal. What more is there to debate? If you don't like it, write your congressman (as if he cares).


The polygamist embarrassment has gone on long enough in our country and now is the time to put an end to the brain washing of women and children by evil men for their own ends. Before you start saying mindless and ridiculous things about a police state and calling people Nazi's, read some of the books by the women who have escaped the FLDS church.

FLDS are the Nazi's, not the police who are doing their job, not the people who care about the children. I've seen the pictures of the beaten children on the news, I've seen the cases tried in the courts, and the convictions of child rapists who call themselves Men of God.

The time has come for the FLDS church's sinful and barbaric ways to come to an end.


**And the best their defenders can do is say: "Other people abuse too!"**

The point being is that the "other" people are never called to account for the abuse.


Notice whenever the police raid a home or a Church with the help of the media they change the names of these homes or Churches to a "compound". This supposedly legitimizes their Nazi actions.
I am ashamed of my government. No better than a banana republic.


What you do not hear is that these "poligamists" are only "legally" married to one woman. How is that any different that someone who has kids with more than one person? I do not agree with poligamy, but I have more respect for someone who fathers kids with different mothers and stays there to support them than I do for the million of others who don't. The difference is that it is easy to point fingers at "them" as being "abusive" because they are a religious sect, but then ignore the deadbeats having kids out of wedlock and not sticking around, which are far worse.


since the 1953 raid on short creek Arizona there hasn't been such an abuse of constitutional rights. We pride ourselves here in AMERICA on certain inaliable human rights, such as freedom of religion.
1. Amendment #1 Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
2 As Americans, we think it's a tragedy what's currently happening in Tibet, but we willingly accept this horrible violation of human rights in our own country, shame on us!!!!!
3. Amendment #4 speaks of the right of people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures etc.
The state of Texas will lose this fight. America should be embarrassed and ashamed for allowing such an absolute violation of civil rights.
Where is the A.C.L.U in this matter? The FBI wasn't called in to raid the Catholic church when there were a few rotten apples in their group, why should this be any different? Target those that are at fault and leave the rest alone! It is disgusting that dogs are given more rights than these people.


This seem so much like the fate of the "Branch Dividians"...This just another example of governemental abuse of the rights of Christians...had this same Nazi-type taactic been applied to anyother sect, the news media would have never allowed us to hear the end of it!

May God have Mercy on us all..and may he protect these FLDS familes as they attempt to find recourse the legal system...and should the government fail toprove its case, I pray a jury will award them billions in punative damagees. ANd the overzealous bueaucrats be fired on the spot!


What is WRONG with you people. These so called MEN are abusing young girls for there own gratification!


The only difference between this and Waco is that the government burned Waco and the people. Seperatting children from their mothers is wrong. I agree with the concept to arresting the men and leaving the women and children on the compound. I find it egregious that people cannot punish a child, but the state can tear a family apart. Does the word traumatize have a meaning in this situation?


((When the authorities as the "mothers" to identify their chilren; they went silent, instead. Maybe, a dumb lawyer told them that trick?))

No one is required to testify or provide evidence against themselves... even in the streets of a "compound."


Things like this haven't been done since the Nazis: just to come in and round up a whole town based on a group's religion, and trumped-up charges. LDS denominations are historically the most-persecuted religion in this country.

My hope is that they've screwed it up big-time enough to really get some recompense for these people! Just like in the 50s, the gov is gonna turn the public to the REAL victims' side.

This will either probably end with a big ca$h check to the REAL victims--that community--or end in a hail of bullets or consuming fire. These ppl have nothing left to live for anymore. It's silly to think these ppl will continue to put up with this BS indefinitely if no one stands up for them. I bet that's just what the government wants. Itching for another fight, hungry after 13 years from Waco? To see if they can snuff out another entire religion in a fit of violence (to "protect the children"! ah! yes--of course!), even if it be a smallish misfit religion. Just for the thrill.

Maybe your religion or community is next. Where are there not abusers?



Um, there WAS no 16 year old pregnant girl calling for help from a cell phone. That was a very simple harrassment technique .. the equivalent of anonymously reporting that a neighbor (or school board member) you don't like has child porn on their computer or are beating their wife. By law, the authorities HAVE to respond even though the accusation is anonymous. Let the lawsuits begin. Although 'progressive' judges have re-interpreted it for the 'greater good, the Constitution explicitly forbids anonymous accusations and this whole episode is a reminder of why.


What people are noticing, I hope, is that CPS practices are entirely able to circumvent rights defined in the name of the constitution.

Jim Eagle Feather

I was shocked that the mother's and other Mormons were shocked. The authorities have been acting this way for now up to 35 years. Likely even before most of these mothers were born. I see they are in the dark about the news or even old news about this nation. They think this is 1960 or something. Have not not heard about Ruby Ridge where a mother was shot out from under her baby (that she held) by an FBI sniper? And their pleas to America - they might as well spit on a forest fire, as much good it will do them.


This reminds me of waco I am so suprised that they did not ask janet reno back in for techniques on how to burn the place down. Why go after our own people when our unguarded borders are teaming with terrorists tying to sneak in.


Savages - they're nothing but savages. If they want to be heathens and practice polygamy, well fine, but not with children present.


What law has THIS mother broken? These poor children are being raped by the very establishment that is aiming to protect them. Who is to say their religion is wrong? If there is abuse, then get THE abuser. This sounds so fishy anyways. Wher eis the girl that made the accusation. Did they prove she was even there? They should have gotten HER only and then determined what was going on. THIS MAKES ME SICK! SAVE THE CHILDREN..FROM US!


Another Waco-style disaster created by liberal- and power hungry law-enforcement -officials in the making. The only abuse and neglect I can see here is on the part of the government. What happened to facing your accuser? The Governor needs to step in and stop the madness now.

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