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First look: Quiet is unnerving as FLDS members seek answers

Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Oh, some here want to grow rich by suing. While no seated judge is gonna just welcome in rabid lawsuits against the state. Sorry. Call it a big toss out the windah.

As to the "mothers" ... I seem to think that originally, birth mothers WERE NOT WITH THEIR CHILDREN! This Monica was "out." So, young mothers did get OUT of the compound. Leaving in charge women who call themselves "mothers."

When the authorities as the "mothers" to identify their chilren; they went silent, instead. Maybe, a dumb lawyer told them that trick?

The authority actually has VESTED POWERS. And, they proceeded against this cult. Good luck to ya on your lawsuits. Hey. You can go to Vegas with your winnings, and then really, really grow rich.

I feel sorry for the girls. As to the men, involved? Good luck trying to find them. A big clue, too, was the "mothers" with fake birth certificates. This cult knew how to protect itself; yeah.


"And what about the Hundreds of lost boys that get sent packing every year because they are competition to the old bulls?"

Where's the beef? By what many have posted here they are the lucky ones for having "escaped."

No god

nut jobs ... Polygamy is a crime. None of these people should ever get their children back


I've tried to write what needs to be said to all of this, but Anonymous said it so much better,
"Polygamy is wrong on many levels. If abuse is happening, it should be stopped. If underage marriage is forced, it should be stopped. However, in a society that allows (and often celebrates) gay relationships, gay "couples" adopting children, out-of-wedlock births and rampant divorce, for the government to punish every member of this society is ludicrous!"

In America we can have sexual relations with whomever we want, male or female, have children with whomever we want, in and out of wedlock, and it's not punishable by law. But get married to more than one woman and have children and it's worthy of a government raid. As anti-polygamy as I am (it makes me sick), there is something seriously wrong with the Texas government taking over 400 children from their homes. It's hard to believe that they were ALL being abused.


>>The one thing that has confused me about this story from the start is how the grown women (not the girls) would continually tolerate the abusive system portrayed in the press.<<

Maybe it's not an abusive system. Maybe the press got it wrong. Maybe these women are perfectly happy in a polygamist society. They appear happy. Their kids seem happy and well adjusted. I'm sure they would prefer their kids live in their life style as opposed to what you might find in the ghettos of some of our larger cities.


"I want the world to know that there is a nothing stronger than love and there is an inborn, God-given love between a mother and her children, and all a mother wants for her children is the very best" Monica said."

I can not believe how many people are supporting these women after the things they've allowed. The very best? Is the very best being secluded from the world, married off as a child, cast away as a teenage boy, given a high likelihood of a genetic disease because of inbreeding? Aren't all these things illegal? You can argue these things haven't been "proven." I say I've seen enough to make my mind up that this does occur at SOME level. It's darn sure enough to take these children into a safer environment for the time being.

I don't feel sorry for their crocodile tears. The ones not allowed to go should have spoken up about identities. Why so secret?

Kudos to officials.


What is wrong with polygamy? Aside from the abuses practiced by "religious" people, I can find no reason in my experience to deny any people the right to live as they please as long as it causes no harm to them or others.

Warping social norms of what constitutes harm for religious purposes (underage sex, statutory rape, etc.) is the only danger I see. If these people followed the law of the land instead of supposing that God wanted them to have sex with 13-year-olds, we would not have a problem with polygamy; it would be just another alternative lifestyle.

It seems more likely that it is the oddball religious aspects of the practice of polygamy that have always thrown it outside the mainstream rather than the practice itself.

Keep the Kool-Aid in the fridge and obey the law, folks.


What have they done? They can't produce the alleged accuser and it seems to me their worst offense is dressing funny and getting married young. If that is against the law, let's start rounding up the freaking Muslims.


They need to appeal to both the governor (as they are doing) and John McCain. President Bush has nothing to lose at this point and John McCain will have to make a move!

The second amendment provides for a civilian check on excessive government. It is time for the leaders of our country to enforce some common sense or risk civilians taking up arms to defend themselves against such ridiculous actions by overzealous judges and police pawns.

I applaud the people of this church for their restraint but at some point there must be a time for action to take back their children.

Wake up America!

To John

"1. If the mothers had answered the police, they would have been left with "their" children.

They refused to answer (as did the children).

It is their fault."

No one is required to answer any questions (even the Miranda Rights says they have the right to remain silent). And especially without the presence of their lawyer. And especially if they've committed no crime. The exception is, of course, if your in Nazi's Germany.

"2. Don't even try to compare these people with the Amish. There are two reasons to hide: to beark the law or to stay pure. They sure as heck weren't the latter."

Why not compare? Both groups want to be separated from the rest of the world... And apparently for good reasons.

greeting from CT

Brothers & Sisters,

Ask the questions:

1) At what age were both the parents when the child was born?

2) How many half brothers and sisters does the child have?

I, for one, have zero doubt in my mind as to what will be found.

Do DNA testing to determine the true parents...
Map out the "family" trees...
End the speculation...

Certainly, you could ask the Mormons for help.as the Genealogy records are quite rich.
The Family Search database must be of some value in this situation..if not, why would this be?

Lastly, I was in Utah during this raid and was absolutely shocked at the local news reporting. As an East Coaster, our friends in Texas are doing the right thing if it saves generations of children in the future, without question. Laws are laws, so I'm surprised at the emphasis on this story by local papers and the overall discussions locally at the time.

The ultimate step to recovery is admitting the problem, not hiding it. Wasnt this already agreed a century ago?

From Missouri

Give me a break Texas. Lets follow the basic rights given to us by our constitution. Don't try and force you ways upon people with strange beliefs. If they're sexually abusing kids, arrest the pedophiles. Don't try and judge how parents are raising their kids. Only step in if their is a true victim like any other complaint that may be received.

Unreal, in America?

John George

I am sure if nothing is found to substantiate the raid, something will be planted to ensure this doesn't come back on the government as a blunder. Remember Waco and Ruby Ridge.


Children who are pregnant and mothers who have had children when they were children themselves is plenty of proof for me. Molestation and grooming females for sexual abuse is very hard to get any proof of - think about it.

These woman are just another example of people being abused and perputrating that same abuse onto their off spring - Their perception is Skewed, read about it so you will know what you are talking about folks.... You are dealing with SEXUAL abuse victims when dealing with most of these parents - they are not the ones to be directing these innocent children's future - try to remember that!

Enough is Enough people. Thank God TEXAS drew the line....

Don't Mess with Texas!


Sounds like we Floridians have lost Janet Reno to a higher calling!!!!!


Leave these people alone. If there are crimes, run them through the system. This is nothing but religous persecution.

All you self righteous types can just go fly a kite. Of course the good people of your state might decide that is wrong and take your children away. That would be "justice," NOT.


We don't have all the facts. But if these are all the facts, Texas should be funding the FLDS for the next 20 years after losing a MAJOR lawsuit, so they NEVER violate family rights and privacy again. This is the most frightening thing, knowing some lib judge activist can order that my kids be taken from me because of some anonymous phonecall. That's spooky.


I live in New York, am a Columbia University grad student, and have lived my whole life in liberal, secular America, but it hurts me to see children taken from their mothers to be put in state custody and create future monsters like all the failed liberal programs created here in New York. I hate the trumped up sexual allegations, too, that always fits into the whole demonization, Stalin, etc always used trumped up sexual charges. I really think it will be impossible in the future to live life as we see fit and not as some unelected commissars see it.


"The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule."
- H.L. Mencken

Christian Mom

You know, it's pretty sad that the women and children are being punished. First of all, even if a 13 year old girl got pregnant and gave birth to a child, the state would have absolutely right to take that child. What is the basis for these children being siezed and put into foster homes, with strangers, and then denying the mothers the right to see their children? Was it because of some alleged phone call from a 16 year old girl? She may have a point about what was being done to her, but how does that make it alright to take over 400 children from their mothers....because of the acts of one person? You know, if you want to get something done fast, don't bring in the courts or the feds, they'll take forever. The kids will be adults by the time they are returned to their mothers. Whoever made the decision to raid the place and separate those kids from their mothers should be prosecuted for overstepping their authority. This situation reminds me of the Waco incident, although it's not violent. It's was just as invasive, however, with all being punished because of one man.

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