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Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Rob Barns

This is typical of our repressive Iron Heal ZOG. This was a very illegal act by the Feds and Texas enforcement officials. They should all be arrested and charged with kidnapping at once!

Mark Hansen

The United Nations Convention on Genocide defines genocide to include inflicting on a religious group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction even in part, and "forcibly transferring children of the group to another group." I don't condone child abuse,and if there is a perpetrator he or she should be punished. But it sure looks to me like Texas is guilty of genocide.


"polygamy is illegal" WHY ?

The strangest things about child abuse is the ability of people to ignore most child abuse and focus on this group. Why is it not illegal to tie little baby boys to tables and mutilate their weenies ? Subjecting them to extreme pain ? Why aren't all parents with circumcised sons rounded up and put on prison ??
Thousands of poor children go to bed hungry every night because their parents can't afford food. Nobody Cares.
These FLDS people are dangerous to the corporate consumer establishment. What if too many people were to find out how happy these people are and start imitating them. Corporate America wants women to feel insecure about themselves and compete for men and buy cosmetics and sweatshop clothes and get boob jobs and work and pay taxes to support war in Iraq. They sure don't want them living in harmony in self sufficient communes sharing the same husband. These people were not hurting anyone they are good people the don't drink or use drugs they love their families. They don't commit crimes.
Humans mature and can have children at age 14. This is a biological fact. Get over it.


I just saw this article for the first time, and it correlates well with what the mental health workers testfied were prison / concentration camp conditions. Word and pictures of this never made it out of the small world of polygamy geeks, this NEEDS to hit the national news, especially now we know it was after CPS found evidence of NOTHING, no 13 year old pregnant girls, no abused boys.

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