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Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Armchair quarterbacks?

What a wonderful age we live in with all the information we could ask for readily available through the media--internet, TV, paper, etc. Problem is that we end up relying upon the often biased and sensationalized reporting of a few.

Before criticizing the authorities, you'll need to go back and sit in on every conversation/interaction leading up to this point--phone calls, meeting with the leaders on both sides, living on the ranch and in the community, etc. You'll also have to be present for the initial "raid" and go see for yourselves the current living conditions.

As a communication "fan" I would caution everyone to make sure they have an accurate picture of BOTH sides of the story. Yes, this has got to be a stressful, frustrating, confusing situation for many of the kids involved. The FLDS adults that are used to this lifestyle will obviously see themselves as victims and cry foul. However, the same laws that they claim protection under also protect others (ie. innocent children.)

Authorities already admitted they had no idea how big this was going to be. Still, if they waited and someone else got hurt, there would be more outcry. Tough situation!

Concerned in Ohio

Regardless of right or wrong of removing these women and children, looking at these cell phone images they need better living conditions immediately. Overcrowding like that can only lead to spread of illnesses and trauma. If the state is going to take children they need to provide them with a decent place to live


So they live in cramped quarters. Big deal.

The children take a long time to go to sleep at night. Big deal.

But to allege that the children were touched inappropriatly is most likely a flat out lie.

These women are lying and saying they don't know their birthdates.

Only 30some have given their birthdates. Why lie?

If there is one thing we all know is the records are very important. The FLDS women know when they were born!


While it would make more sense to arrest the abusers and leave the women and children at the ranch, it can't be done at this point. The authorities have no right to arrest any of the men before they've made an investigation. Some of the men may be single, widowed or only have one willing adult wife.


"But to allege that the children were touched inappropriately is most likely a flat out lie."

Children who are taught to be as modest as these children have been, would feel violated by an intrusive examination. Heck, I would have been! Those children will probably refuse to see a doctor ever again even if they need to!

If the biggest problem is that the children and mothers won't say who is who, do some DNA tests. That would have been a lot less intrusive and could have been done on the premises without taking anyone away.
As far as women lying about their own ages and birthdays, how many women like to admit their ages?

Gas Chambers

I'm just wondering when they are going to send these people from the concentration camp to the gas chambers.....

Now that's a scary thought.

I'm not condoning the bad things some of those that call themselves FLDS have done, but the state of Texas has gone too far. If they can do it to them, what's to stop them from doing it to anyone else.

Breaking the Law

It really doesn't seem to even come down to abuse or religion, etc. For whatever reason, these people were breaking the law; practicing polygamy. A call was made, allegations set forth, other laws might be being broken? Okay, start searching. Oh, look, NO ONE WILL ANSWER OUR QUESTIONS! Well, the children may not be able to tell who the parents are, but the parents? So, we haul them all off. I do not like what is happening. As a mother of four young children, I can understand the stress of caring for a child in the situations these mothers currently face. However, it really come down to laws being broken. Let us hope it can all be worked out to the best advantage of everyone from this point; abuse or no abuse.


I always get angry reading these added comments. I am amazed at the lack of compassion for everyone involved. It is never easy doing something unpopular but when it comes to keeping children safe from sexual abuse, but right is right. Living in a polygamist environment in this era will never work because it is illegal. FLDS can always move to Mexico like the "Church of the first Born" did. Most of the Le baron's killed each other. The only difference between this group and a family with a father that is a pedophile is that there are more of them. There is much to be done to have a healthy end. Why don't we all focus on making sure that every momma has a healthy daddy to go with all of their kids. Sending the mamma's and kids home with daddy is just wrong. The adults need to prove themselves not the authorities. I will pray that the mothers hearts will be touched and someone will come forward and end this.


"The mothers said the children have also received physical examinations from medical workers and it has been traumatic to some. Some of the children have come out crying and screaming," she said. "They were touching their bodies in inappropriate ways."

What do you think the little 13 year old girls went through on their wedding night!? You didn't care about trauma or inappropriate touching then...

concerned citizen

I have to agree with a prior comment that "their right to silence" has brought this down on their heads. If they had spoken up and stated what was happening in their homes it could have been determined who was being abused, and since this was not done. it has to be determined that they are all at risk especially with the obvious child brides, in the shelters women who are obviously 13 years old with two children. SICK.


So, Layola, you say," that to allege the children were touched inappropriately is most likely a flat our lie".
Wake up! Children are abused in foster care all the time. Who is going to protect these innocent children from "state" predators?


These women are most likely saying what the men told them to say before they took away the cell phones.

The FLDS women have been raised from birth to keep quiet and to not have opinions of their own. To believe that they are suddenly on their own complaining about the living conditions when they have for years endured rape, beatings, families "reassigned," young teenage sons ripped from their families and abandoned in the desert, adultery as a way of life, being forced to lie as a way of life to fraudulently get state funding, and son on, is just insane.

These women we are pretending that they are being neglected and that any illness has been caused by the state. How likely is it that no child was sick when they were rescued from the compound? A dozen have chicken pox they brought with them.

My tax dollars are supporting those kids AND women right now, and they are complaining about it. I'm a single mom with one child supporting them with my sweat. Texas had no idea who may kids were out there. They didn't have to let the moms come. Grow up, ladies! Protect your kids!


Though this is the Deseret News website, I REALLY hope we have all been smart enough to consult more than _just_ the D. News for information before posting our "informed" opinions on this website. Anyone with ANY powers of intelligent reasoning can see that the paper's entire coverage of the YFX Ranch situation in Texas is biased. Virtually the _only_ people quoted about the situation were members of the YFX community. No questions were asked about those women's position in the community, how old they were when they were married, how long they've lived there, etc. Emotionally manipulative statements like "I know with Heavenly Father's help I will be able to get them back" were the main bulk of the articles. The authors deliberately crafted the description of medical exams to make it seem that the children were being physically/sexually abused by examiners. Yeah, I'm sure it IS scary to have a stranger doing a rape test on you when you've never even been taken to the doctor before, but that doesn't make it ABUSE!! The entire Sunday, April 13th edition of the D.N. was a disgusting display of propaganda parading as "journalism."

Wondering 2

Wondering | 11:03 p.m. Apr. 13, 2008
So, Layola, you say," that to allege the children were touched inappropriately is most likely a flat our lie".
Wake up! Children are abused in foster care all the time. Who is going to protect these innocent children from "state" predators?

Are you part of the solution or the problem...the kids were examined by healthcare workers not groubbled by an old man. Not all children are abused in foster care...get to know some foster families. This is an investigation, some of you sound like you are afraid what the physicians, investigators, gals, social workers will find out.


You could have left the women and children together on the compound and you wouldn't have inflicted the psychological damage that you are now doing to those poor children sitting for hours on end looking at each other pitifully with nothing for them to do and crammed into a huge barracks room together like rats in a cage.
Are they even allowed to go outside and get any fresh air and play? I highly doubt it!!
The way that this was handled by CPS and Texas is horrible and they are inflicting worse harm on those children by having done this, than they would have done had they stayed there. There are babies, toddlers and children of all ages there all crammed together...tell me how this is healthier and better for them than where they were before? The teenagers maybe not, but the small ones?? This is horribly medieval treatment of VICTIMS!

This is SO wrong - 2

ROUND UP THOSE PEDOPHILES INSTEAD!!! - and let the women and children live their lives - if they need a group of people to oversee that they are ok and no men make it onto the compound, then so be it but for gods sakes let the kids live some semblance of a normal life!.
Government idiocy run amok once again.
Where is the outcry for government turning into Big Brother? We all read this as kids and thought it could never happenwell it certainly has!
If we let this sort of thing happen and don't stand up against it - trust me - we all could be next!


This is really sad. These young mothers and children are in a sad situation. I know that they feel lost and alone. But if they can find there own voice and let go of there fears then maybe the truth will be able to come out. I have read that by the time they are born they are not even allowed to cry that is taken from them. They are taught that they have no voice they must do as the leader of the flds says. Then think of the lost boys. That should have been looked into a long time ago. A true parent does not kick there child out, just because the boys can't reproduce or be a slave to the older men. This is really sick. Everyone should be allowed to say when they want to be married or to whom they want to marry and if they want to have chldren or not. I do believe this is the United States of America. My head is just spinning and so many sad and emotional feelings for the young mothers and the children. We all have a voice and I hope they can learn to use theirs.


If polygamy is illegal in Texas, who in government allowed or approved the construction of this ranch, the largest polygamist ranch ever build in Texas?

These government officials are not stupid, they were fully aware of the polygamist lifestyle. They understood the risks from the get-go. Stop playing ignorant about your deliberate choices to accept these FLDS folks. Blaming others states for your decision is another huge mistake.


I can't believe that this has been allowed to continue like this. Animals have more rights than these people that have had thier lives torn apart!!!
And allow the mothers back in for petes sake! those children NEED thier moms. And the MOMS NEED thier children!!! This is NOT happening in america is it? It sounds more like Russia, and that These HUMANS have NO RIGHTS!!!


I'm from Oklahoma and I'm a Mormon and today I heard that the children are lying to the DHS workers. I was surprised but praised them and applaud them for standing up to the Satan worshipers. Amen and my prayers are with them.

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