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Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Tex Cougarguard

People - let the legal system work here in Texas. There are many facts not yet made public. The FLDS are being well cared for and are not in danger of further abuse. Remember, polygamy is illegal in TX and, as opposed to Utah, we like to enforce the laws of the land.

What Rights?

I would like 2 point out The Fourth Amendment "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." AMERICA is FAILING and will 4ever go down hill If we as a people don't stand up for our Constitutional Rights...Our Forefathers fought lived and died 4 our freedom. Is this how we repay them?...


Tex, correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding was that the polygamous marriages were performed by the church, without any kind of legal state recognition. That being the case, how can they prosecute them for polygamy when they're not legally married? You can't prosecute Hugh Hefner for his essentially polygamous relationships, why would they be able to do that here? Texas is apparently a state where religious persecution is acceptable, even when it means a trampling of constitutional rights.


if they were truly protecting the children and intended for them to remain with their mothers, they would have removed the MEN instead. Or in the very least, they'd allow the other mothers access to their children. Even if it was during a set visiting hours.
Even my foster sisters were allowed to visit with their abusive biological parents before they lost their parental rights.


These women are not allowed to do anything on their own without the men telling her what to do.
So, with that in mind.
These women were well trained as to what to say to the reporters. The men know how to get sympathy from the public is to use women and children as their weapons.
I have no symathy for these women.


Joyce has a point. Many of these women are victims as well and now accomplices to any injustices performed on the children around them. The children are going to cry, because they are away from what they know (even if it is abusive). Now I find it hard to believe all these families had abuse happening. But at the same time, I'm sure we don't have the full story. The fact that there may have been many underage children pregnant or with babies, has to be investigated, even if the initial warrant for the 16 year old was fake. It wouldn't have been that bad if these women weren't supporting a crime. But if one crime were committed, and no person would speak on it at all, it shows as being part of a problem, instead of an innocent bystander. Truthfully, I'm not sure what to think. Are the Texas rangers bigots throwing down on a different religion? Or are the Rangers busting up a large brothel? Hopefully the truth comes out. If the Rangers are to blame, firings and compensation. If the FLDS, the saving of children.

To: The Texan

A DPS trooper asks you who the children with you are and you say nothing. And the trooper is supposed to walk away at that point? You just declared the child an orphan and the DPS has the legal right to take them from you and find the legal parents. What don't you understand about that? Staying silent under these circumstances makes it much, much worse.
The evidence is no one claimed the child as theirs. Or is that too obvious? The child is put in protective custody. Not your version of that.
Don't mess with Texas. It's even printed on the garbage cans down here. We have DPS troopers down here, good people. If this were a police state the FLDS would never have been here in the first place.
This is an abuse investigation and thus far the FLDS have pushed it in the direction it is going. They're the problem, not the authorities. Stop making things up. How old are you anyway?


Polygamy is illegal - the Texas authorities finally cracked down on it. This should have been taken care of years ago when the polygamists first came (before they proliferated/grew in numbers). Bottom line though, is this is NOT a polygamy issue - Warren Jeffs is a convicted child molester and he's the "prophet" and leader of this group. He sets the example and the men follow it. Poor misguided people. Is bad that authorities in Arizona and Colorado have allowed this polygamy/pedophile group to exist so long in their states - it should have been taken care of when it was a small problem. I'm glad the situation has finally come out in the open.


They took the cell phones away from the prisoners too. Sounds just like what they are accusing the FLDS of doesn't it? Cut off all contact with "outsiders" so that your CPS form of brainwashing, scare tactics and physical sexual assauts couched as "exams" can work in privacy?
Some of the women did interviews via cell phones, so the "advocates" of the children asked a judge to order the removal of cell phones so that the prisoners could not be contaminated by "outsiders".

CPS is evil and out of control. Children suffer much more physical and sexual abuse once they are taken into CPS "protection". Do some research, look at the statistics of abused children in CPS care --MUCH MUCH higher than in normal population.

To: The Texan : 2:43

I'm old enough to remember when the Constitution actually meant something and the government required evidence before taking anyone into custody. I guess rights and due process don't mean anything to Texans anymore.

I'm all for prosecuting child abusers, but the fact that Texas probably violated the Constitutional rights of ALL of the FLDS members at the ranch means that any case brought against the few real abusers probably won't hold up in court.

the other texan

Religion is not an excuse for child abuse. If you can't see the problem with under aged children being forced into sexual relationships you also have a problem. These poor woman are so indoctrinated and brainwashed that they can't see that the authorities are attempting to help them.

the Ogre

"People - let the legal system work here in Texas. There are many facts not yet made public. The FLDS are being well cared for and are not in danger of further abuse. Remember, polygamy is illegal in TX and, as opposed to Utah, we like to enforce the laws of the land."

I agree there are many facts not yet known, but I do not think the FLDS are being cared for well. The overcrowding is wrong. If the state only had this to accommodate these people, then they should have waited until they had the facilities to support their ill-planned and ill-conceived raid.

I wonder if they are being protected with state sponsored abuse like the destruction of families.

The final straw is enforcement of the law. This is farcical to say regarding a state that has to largest death-row in the nation. Yes, Texas likes to enforce laws, but the heavy-handedness it manages crime is no less wrong. This is the state where preemptive strike George governed. Not a lot of thought coming from our dear pres and none from the state that bred him.

I guess I'm heartless.

First I want to say, waaaa, 2nd I want to say, when I read this, it reminded me of Katrina, these poor people all stuck in one place. Oh wait, big difference, the Katrina people were robbed, raped and even killed, they had no clues where their families were, oh, and they didn't have this Utopia to return to, being this little shut off world with everything that is wanted. I am sorry, I do feel bad for these children, but I feel worse for the girls when they reach age 12 and have some wrinkled old man take them to bed "spiritually". Let's see, if we weigh this, a week, a month away from home and family vs. child rape, I think I know where my sympathy goes to.


At the time of the Short Creek raid, Americans were shocked by such storm trooper tactics. In the era of waterboarding, this sadly is no longer the case. The state of Texas is moving forward with their efforts to destroy these families. Will no one stop this evil?

Why are the sources ...

... all identified by first name only? If the women are that terrified to own their own identities, then no wonder there's such confusion in sorting out whose children belong to whom.

The accompanying video today includes a mother saying she goes every day trying to see her children but they won't let her in. I'm wondering, Deseret News reporters: Is she one of the ones who refuses to give authorities her first and last name as well? Is the strange secrecy part of the problem here?

As I see it, a little communication will go a long way to sorting out if any crimes have been committed and reuniting the families involved in this situation. Merely existing as "Dorothy" won't cut it. In fact, it's just as fishy as a phone call from an unidentified 16-year-old.

If these women are this terrified and mired in secrecy and groupthink, is it any surprise this 16-year-old girl was as well?

how do we know this info is true

It's funny how people who insist the initial phone call is a "prank" or a "ruse",assume that this report, which is based on nothing but supposed phone calls from people who use only their first names, is correct. All hearsy, all rumor. Nothing verfied.

I don't have a problem with the polygamy, excpet of course FLDS's attempts to "bleed the beast" with their welfare fraud. I do have aproblem with 12-14 married against their will. With people who think that people can do whatever they want as long as it's "their religion".

I've been following the doings of the flds for years. Not many people cared about human rights and civil rights and due process of all the "lost boys" kicked out of flds, the members of the church, who when they dared question Jeffs, lost their wives and children b/c they were "reassigned" to people of Jeffs choosing.

If this "raid" had resulted in another Jonestown you would probably be bawling about how the government failed these people.

I just hope that the girls who want to leave can leave and the moms who want to leave get full custody of their kids.


I think many people here need to be aware that there were no polygamous marriages taking place in Eldorado. The men legally married to one wife would only cohabit with another woman without a civil marriage of any kind. It's no different than Hugh Hefner shacking up with six teenage girls. The only crime that has been alleged is child abuse, and that charge has not been shown to be substantiated in any capacity. They believe different things than most of you, and in this country that's not a crime. If you claim that they need to be rooted out for their beliefs then you need to find another country to live in where your rights are more important than someone else's.

love the lord

This is downright ABUSE! To hold Americans hostige like this.And keep mothers away from their babies.These people Never were in a compound until DCFS took them to this one!! They are trying for all they are worth to find anything to prosecute this unpopular religion.These poor little ones being harassed day after day.
These children are taught the Book of Mormon, Bible,Book of Jasher(to name some) And they strive to live ALL of God's laws....SOOO why are we as a society so against them??? Do we truly believe the bible to be the word of God? They believe in Prayer ,Faith in God,and Purity in all things. How can you justify this when there is no evidence a crime ever occured?? ATROCIOUS... Let them worship how where or what they may. And let them "COME OUT OF THE WORLD ,OH YE MY PEOPLE AND BE NOT PARTAKERS OF HER SINS". Every person in this society has free agency to leave at any time they want to.. But they are happy serving God and have the assurance that their path is pleasing in his sight. WAKE UP TO WHAT REAL ABUSE IS!!! But please do not harass innocent people like this!!


If they have evidence a child, or children, have been abused, why haven't they arrested the ABUSER and leave the rest of these people alone? It is interesting to note that Marleigh Meisner, the spokesperson for CSP, was also involved in the Waco raid.

This is a tragedy

created by a lie!

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